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  1. sophie1

    sophie1 Well-Known Member

    Hi everyone!

    My name is Sophie and i have recently found out i am pregnant with my 1st baby, due date 25th June! I am sooo excited but my weight is my getting me down. I finished uni in June and during my time there managed to put on about 4 and a half stone :mad:

    I currently weight 16 stone 7 although over the past few weeks this seems to have fluctuated up and down quite a bit, last week the highest was 16 stone 10 :mad:. When i first found out i was pregnant i visited my midwife who told me my BMI was 39 putting me in the high risk category, meaning i would also need appointments with a consultant. I have been given extra Vitamin D to take as well as aspirin to reduce my chances of pre-eclampsia. Has anyone else had similar?

    I have read that if my bmi is below 30 i will no longer be classed as high risk, this seems a long way off and i am sure it is probably unachievable whilst pregnant :confused: I would like to try and loose 1lb a week so roughly 2 stone by due date, so hopefully I am feeling better about myself and labour may not be as risky :). I am going to follow slimming world loosely, i usually have porridge/fruit for breakfast a sandwich and 3/4 bits of fruit for lunch and then a slimming world recipe dinner. My job often makes it difficult to stick to plan 100% so I am just going to aim to stick to everything when I can. I would love to be able to see in New Year next year as a size 10 weighing 10 stone :D:D:D!

    I hope everyone else is having a lovely pregnancy!
  2. Emmaline

    Emmaline The Tortoise

    Hi Sophie, Congratulations on your pregnancy!
    Can't answer your question tho' apart from saying that when my D was pregnant she kept to a very healthy diet which helped a great deal anyway.

    All the very best to you and hope things go well.
  3. sophie1

    sophie1 Well-Known Member

    Thank you Emmaline, I am sure a healthy diet will help loads and will leave me with more energy after i have the baby. Well done one your weight loss you are doing amazingly!

    Food diary for yesterday:

    Breakfast: 2x crummpets
    Lunch: cup pasta thingy, banana, 2x oranges, plum a packet of mini cheddars
    Dinner: 2xbrown toast, 2x grilled bacon, mushrooms, beans and 2 egg whites
    Evening snacks: 3x small xmas tree chocolates, 3/4 haribo

    I have no idea how this is points wise on slimming world but everything for dinner was grilled/cooked using frylight so was slimming world friendly.

    Hope everyone else is doing well xxx
  4. Lexie_dog


    Hi Sophie

    My BMI is currently 38, so I am also classed as 'obese' mother.

    However, I had a problem free pregnancy with my first BUT I watched my diet for sugar like a hawk. Sugar is a big issue in pregnancy, the lower sugar/higher fibre options you can eat as your main food choices the better.

    I am currently 17 weeks pregnant with number 2, and have lost 2lbs taking me to 15st 5lbs since my start weight was 15st 7.

    I take my prenatal vitamin and take a highe dose of vitamin D, for pregnancy but also because living in GB/UK we don't get enough sun exposure to maintain good Vitamin D for bone strength,

    Good luck and I hope you have a happy healthy pregnancy.
  5. Jess<3

    Jess<3 getting to that 6st loss!

    Popped to subscribe. x

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