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My journey to being 50: in May!

Hi everyone/anyone who reads this!;)

My name is Claire and I hit the big 50 on May 15th.:sigh:
As a youngster I was very thin, but after 3 children and a hysterectomy at 32 I gradually started putting on weight.
I am a "yoyo dieter" and can lose the weight, never keeping it off though!:(

I am currently off sick from work due to stress and anxiety, as the result of being bullied for 2 years by a colleague and then victimised by management for putting in a grievance. I am quite a strong person but also quite vulnerable at times and finally I could take it no more. Unfortunately I had a bit of a go at a girl I was training and my manager came down hard on me, so since that day in November I have been off sick.:cry:

I absolutely love my job and want to go back, however the bully seems protected ( everyone dislikes her as she is very strange!) so it's difficult!
Anyway I have slowly put myself back together and a month ago started " Slimming World" on line (wasn't confident enough to go to a class) and started walking the dog, daily, doing fitness DVD's and generally trying to help myself feel better about "me".:)
I feel much fitter, still a long way to go, but it helps my mood.
My children are 25( just qualified as an accountant, still at home) 23( living with BF in London doing an MA) and my baby 20 (in last year at uni in Guildford, comes home every 2 to 3 weeks). Been married 26 years and hubby wonderful,always there for me :)
I hope to record,my food diary, fitness and moods and my countdown to returning to work (?)
1:Return to work end March/April p/t
2:New dress for Andre Rieu concert, April
3:New outfit for birthday celebrations,May
4:To complete Couchto5k challenge

Thanks for taking the time to read this, will post food diary later for today.
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Day 1 of diary:

Had a good day.Love weekends when hubbie at home with me.
Extra easy day:
Breakfast:Wholemeal bread toasted with tin toms.
A further piece of toast(not sure allowed) and bovril.
Lunch:Tesco light choices tomato soup (big mistake!) 9 sins.:eek:
Mandarins and melon
Dinner:Steak,jacket potato,low fat cheese 42g,mushrooms,egg,tomatoes,baked beans.
Melon, small bag maltesers (5 sins)
Pink and white:2 and half sins, oops!
Very little milk as coffee black
Total sins 16.5:confused:
The tinned soup was big mistake but hunger got the better of me when out food shopping and shortness of time:I always make my own soup!

Did DVD for 45 mins and got bronze award:D

Any comments gratefully recd as not always sure I get it right!;)
Day 2 of diary

Nice, peaceful Sunday. Enjoyed the cricket this morning, England won :)
Bought Kellogs Bran flakes yesterday but wasn't sure if they were correct ones for HEb?
Extra easy day
Breakfast: 2 Weetabix and milk from allowance

Lunch:Homemade lentil/tomato soup with celery,passata,tin toms, chilli powder,stock cube,onions,so all free I hope!
Mandarins and apple

Dinner:Roast,chicken,carrots,cabbage,brussels,peas,gravy,roast potatoes.
Not sure how many sins so counted 6 just in-case re fat from chicken/gravy/peas?

Stewed apple:2 sins
Custard:4 sins

Total 12ish sins


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Hey holiday girl :)

Sorry to hear about your bad time at work, hope you are feeling better than you did back in November, it can't be easy for you I'm sure.....I don't understand some peoples need to be a bully!

You have joined a great forum here and it is so helpful, especially if your struggling.

Looks like you food diary is ok, on your day 1 when you put about the extra bread, how large was the loaf, if it a 400g one then your ok to have the 2 slices if it's a 800g one then it will need to be syned.

Everything else looks good though :) sometimes tinned soup is the only thing I fancy, If I cant be bothered to make my own I tend to have the weight watchers soup as they aren't too high in syns. Also, as a quick fix tomato soup, I get a tin of chopped tomatoes and heat gently in a pan and add some paprika and mixed herbs with salt and pepper and it's so yummy!

If you need any help with anything let me know :)

Good look and welcome!
Day 3 of diary

Nikki, so happy you replied, was feeling a bit lonesome!:eek:
I think you are right about the bread, 2 slices are fine :)p)
Today, is beautiful outside,sunny and blue skies.Took Holly dog for walk over the heath, the yellow gorse bushes look beautiful.Still chilly but the walk made me feel cheery.
Was let down by lady from MIND who was meeting me to discuss how I can return to work. Very disappointed as I had got myself ready for the chat, mentally, and had made notes. Can't see her until next Monday which is another week! A long time when off sick! :(

Extra easy day
Breakfast:Bran flakes and ryvita with summer fruits and milk from allowance.
Was really tasty.HEa and b choices

Lunch: Home made soup left over from yesterday and bacon/mash/mushrooms and scrambled egg as extra hungry after the walk.

Haven't decided on dinner yet, depends on hubbie and son and I can work mine around them!:)
Day 3 contd:
Well I have changed my mind, I am on a Green day, having decided what's for dinner
Quorn sausages,jacket potato and beans, low fat cheese as HEa.
Think that all fits in and then I can have my sins whilst watching TV tonight.:)
My walk must help too,about 2 miles, though the weight doesn't seem to be coming off!
Have pains in my feet today, along the outside(?):confused: and my ankle is swollen so may have to take it easier tomorrow! ;)
Was hoping to start couch to 5k but wont yet.
Day 3 contd:
Sins;Maltesers 5
Pink n Whites 2.5
Skinny Cow mint lolly:4.5

12 sins plus fruit!:eek:


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That's a shame amount your meeting hun, it is such a long time when off sick isn't it, it gets rather boring!

Looks like your doing well on the food diary front. I've got weigh in tomorrow and have just seemed to be snacking all day today! Hopefully a good week though.

Don't get disheartened if the scales don't move, my weight through the week is up and down like a yoyo a lot of the time.

Great walk today with dog :) I must get back to the gym, had 2 weeks off from it on doctors orders due to sinusitis. Feeling sluggish now. Oh well on to another day and see how I feel.

I love how you can enjoy a nice choccie bar in the evening with a cup of tea,mmmmm.

Keep up the good work :)


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Oooo and also I really want to do coach to 5k! I can just about manage 1k at the mo!
Day 4

Nikki, atleast you can do 1k, that's more than me!:)
How was your weigh in, it was today?
I still haven't started the couch 2 5k, need some running trainers really!
I walk the dog in my daughter's very pretty wellies (so amazingly comfy) but may look a bit odd running in them, hehe!
Beautiful day again so walked the dog about 3 miles. We live on a modern, huge, quiet, but lifeless estate of houses, but the countryside is only a short walk away, thankfully.
Bought some flowers for the garden, bulbs for summer flowering and pansies for some pots.
The neighbour decided to spray his fence and didn't check that my washing was out, son's 2 white work shirts pebble dashed with green. Currently on a boil wash:cry:
Breakfast:Bran flakes and ryvitta HEb
Nat yogurt.
Lunch:Soup from yesterday, all free veg
Snack:Batchelors pasta pot, free.
Dinner:Leek and potato casserole and sw quiche, bacon HEb,cheese,HEa,rest free.
Pancakes, homemade, just one with sin free lemon curd (wow it was yummy)
Not sure on sins:5 max?:confused:
Might sneek in some maltesers or might be good later!:D
Lost 5 pounds Hun!! So excited! Sounds like you have had a good day hun! The only thing looking at your at you diary is that you had 2 HEBX? But ha bacon too? Did you syn the bacon? Because of your leek and pot soup.

I really want a dog to walk but don't think this will happen soon :-( ready to go back to gym now :)

When's weigh in hun?


Oops sorry just realised your second HEB was your bacon...duhh. Think the vodka had gone to the head when i wrote that last night!
Last edited:

I think I got confused re food yesterday, had no further sins so hopefully it will balance out!
Wow, your weight loss is brill. Can you give me any tips? :)
Do you have a diary on here?
You must be soooo proud of yourself!:D
Day 5

Drove into town, not to anxious at all so was really pleased with myself.:) Had appointment re MIND to start CBT (cognitive behaviour therapy) which sounds quite cool actually. I am open to new ideas and if it stops me constantly worrying/being anxious, then all to the good.He was a nice man and feel this will help and I will come out of this whole nightmare stronger and happier as a person.
Met a very good friend from work who is due her 3rd child in 5 weeks. Lovely chat for 2 hours in M & S coffee shop, resisted all the lovely food!:p
Feel very happy and positive today, really want to go back to work.
Occ health report still advises to re-deploy me but I want to sort out a few issues and return to the job I love.
Hopefully communication will start soon to return gradually.
Extra easy day
Naughty as it was nothing!:D
S/W quiche and beans
Alpen lights and yogurt HEa and b.
No exercise today except sit up challenge.
Weigh in day seems ages away, Saturday!:(
:hug99:Hi holidaygirl, sorry to hear you have been having such a bad time recently. It sounds though as if you are starting to feel a bit better.Thats good. And fresh air and exercise will help too. Keep at the slimming world its an excellent plan and if you keep bobbing on here there is always someone who will be willing to support and help you.I am on here a lot and will keep bobbing on to have a chat with you. Keep strong, you can do it!!!
Holidaygirl10 said:

I think I got confused re food yesterday, had no further sins so hopefully it will balance out!
Wow, your weight loss is brill. Can you give me any tips? :)
Do you have a diary on here?
You must be soooo proud of yourself!:D
I have a food diary under nikki half a stone to target...not sure to put a link on as on my iPad at the mo. I think it will work out fine hun, looks like your sticking to plan so fingers crossed for you. To be totally honest I think it's down to me cutting my portion size quite a lot and I do stop eating when I am hungry I just don't carry on until I feel sick now!
hollys nan said:
Do you mean you stop eating when you are full LOL
Haha yeh, gosh not with it today at all! Obviously was hungry when I wrote that!
I think that is a key issue really. I used to always empty my plate, but have learned to put my knife and fork down when I start to feel full. Well you have to fit in yr HEs and syns too dont you LOL
I feel so full tonight and then OH made pancakes .... I said I didn't want any and so he sat and ate all 6! Seriously full.
I think I am eating too much ladies!!!
Actually yesterday I didn't, think I was high on caffeine and happy to have escaped out of the house!;)

Boring day today. Only took Holly out for 20 min walk as really blustery.I spent most of the day on my computer sorting out various events coming up. Looking up things for daughter's 21st and then she has her graduation in July so looking up a hotel for the night.:) Where did those years go?

Heard my dept are having a review of all our jobs, starting Monday. That's me out then! That's my negative side coming out:cry:

Did 150 sit ups, as joined the challenge on her. Def feel the stomach muscles but prob not doing them 100% properly:D

Extra easy day
Bran flakes,ryvitta and milk HEa and b

Bacon, beans and egg

Pasta bake with chicken but as out of food had to use a jar, 10 sins in all so between 3 isn't too bad:(. Couldn't think what to cook tonight:confused: Son (25) very fussy!
Cheese as HEa
Wont have much in the way of sins tonight so should be ok! Got a nice melon to tuck into;)

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