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  1. Nicynoo

    Nicynoo Member

    Hi everyone!

    I guess we are all here for the same reason so I thought I would see if I could give as much support and encouragement here on Minimins as I have received on here and from my friends and family. Its such a hard road we are walking but its just that little bit easier with a friend to push you along (from the back, prodding you with a stick!)

    I gained weight as a child, so at 28 years old I have no idea how it feels to be slim and fit! All this time I though I was OK with being big (shocking right!) It's all I have ever known. This changed a bit when I lost 4st 3-4 years ago through just eating right and going to the gym. OMGosh! My eyes were opened! I still wasn't 'slim' but I was fitter and I looked and felt better. I didn't need the dreaded extended belt when I went on holiday, people didn't look at me as if I was a new species and I could shop in more than one shop! Since then I got married, had a baby and gained all and more weight than I had lost.

    I really miss the life I had started to enjoy back then and I feel as though I have lost that spark I used to have. THEN.... a friend of mine started Cambridge and lost a ridiculous amount of weight. I watched her confidence grow and I though.... I want that! So, I started Exante (because I can't afford Cambridge!).

    I was so shocked when I lost 11lb the first week. I mean OMGosh! The second week I had a week off from work and messed up for like 4 of the 7 days I was at home so I only lost a little over 1lb.

    Last week I lost 5lb and I feel really good. My only problem (only...really?) is that I seem to be eating more and more each day on WS so from tomorrow, I will be doing TS on weekdays and WS on weekends.

    My weigh in is on Wednesdays... may change it to Saturdays, what do you think?

    I hope someone finds this inspirational because I know that I certainly need a reassuring word now and again. :)
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  3. lynneonextante

    lynneonextante Lynne will be thin!

    Hi Nicy. That's an amazing loss in 3 weeks. Well done. Hope you get lots's of support and motivation from the site. I certainly do!
  4. Nicynoo

    Nicynoo Member

    Thank you so much! I think I am still in shock at my 1st weeks loss!
    I have been getting a lot of good advice from reading the posts on her so I think I am well equipped to go on... :)
  5. Denisesuzanne

    Denisesuzanne Full Member

    Well done I am not very good at posting but I read all the posts so will try to join in more, the people on here are inspirational and have motivated me so please keep posting
  6. Nicynoo

    Nicynoo Member

    Yes please do! I know it difficult to join in, especially when the thread is already popular and established but it's so worth it! Well done on your weight loss!
  7. Nicynoo

    Nicynoo Member

    So another day down! Yesssssss!!!

    Today was a good day. I had two shakes today, one was chocolate and the other was vanilla. I put 3 sweeteners and a teaspoon of coffee in the vanilla one and it was really nice! Kinda like a latte. I was planning to do TS today but my goodness was I hungry when I got home! I really don't know how everyone on TS does it! I mean I thought if I started with WS that I could ease myself in to TS but it seems that it has actually made it harder because now I actually look forward to having my mini (or not so mini lately) meal at the end of the day. I am going to try not to have a meal tomorrow, just an Exante product but if I can't I will make sure I limit what I am eating... I don't want another 1lb loss week. :( I think I will use one of my toddlers plates....:sigh:
    Today I had chicken and cucumbers which was soooooo nice! I really am starting to enjoy healthier, simpler ways of eating. I love to see the colours on my plate and the new variety I am now getting. Strictly speaking, WS allows me to have three products and a small meal, but as I only have two products a day and a meal, I think it should even out right? :flirt2:

    On another note, the weather has been so great in London recently! I can't 'weight' to drop a few more lbs (STONES!!!) to be able to get into all the lovely summer dresses that will be coming out soon!! I am so looking forward to NOT being self-conscience this summer. I think I am aiming to lose at least 2 more stones by end of May. I hope that's not too ambitious. I feel that spark trying to ignite again ladies and out world!! :sign0151::party0011:
  8. lynneonextante

    lynneonextante Lynne will be thin!

    Well done for today!
  9. Nicynoo

    Nicynoo Member

    Wow the days have just flown past!

    The last few days have been so difficult. Its like I can see where I want to be but have no way of getting there. I haven't actually done that badly but I feel rotten. I have been snacking between meals with nuts which I know is a no-no. For the last two days I told myself that I need to do better but it's just so difficult once you have a piece of the forbidden fruit... in my case, food!

    So today I told myself 'come on girl!! Don't you want to fit into those lovely summer things that will be coming out soon?!!!' And it seems I don't because I caved in to nuts again! The only good thing and that I ate the last packet and they are from abroad so I won't be able to get anymore!

    So tomorrow, when I post an account of my day, I will be able to say that after a week or so, I will FINALLY have been able to have a TS day. I am sooooo ready to lose another stone again, no more floating on this same weight.

    I feel like such a failure this week, can't believe I wasted a whole week :wave_cry:
  10. Nicynoo

    Nicynoo Member

    Goodness me!!

    I was so ready to give up yesterday. I even starting looking at other diet groups because I thought I was done with Exante. I thought I would put out a last desperate cry for support and I am so glad I did.

    I had a few really helpful replies that pulled me out of my self pity. I told myself that I need to get on with it and stop wasting the days. I am going to Turkey in May so i would like to lose another stone by then....hopefully!

    This forum is so fantastic! (Like you didn't know), I am just so grateful.

    One day at a time!!!
  11. Darcy15

    Darcy15 This is my year

    One day at a time is the best that any of us can do :)

    Stick with it, and it will work :D
  12. Susie58

    Susie58 Gold Member

    Glad you didn't give up Nicy. We all have bad days, just keep coming oh here. There is usually someone reading the diaries that will give you the support you need to get through the hard times as well as enjoying reading about your success.

    Hope tomorrow is a good one for you x
  13. lynneonextante

    lynneonextante Lynne will be thin!

    Hi Nicy. How are you doing today?
  14. becky slim to be!

    becky slim to be! Full Member

    Hi Nicy,

    Well done for not giving in! It can be really trying doing a diet like this! If you let your body go into ketosis then this should help with the overpowering hunger feeling and will help you be able to plod on a day at a time!

    Good luck on your journey and hope you have a good week :) xx

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