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my lipotrim diary...

I thought it'd be a good idea to start a lipotrim diary - I thought it would help keep me on the straight and narrow, and hopefully as time goes on i'll be able to look back at how far I've come.

Well, day 1 is nearly over, and not feeling too bad.

I didn't have my pharmacist appointment till 2pm this afternoon - silly me decided I'd start today anyway, and just fill up on water all day till then. Was at work this morning, so apart from mad dashing backwards and forwards to the bathroom, all seemed well. No hunger at all.

Pharmacist seemed lovely, if a bit clueless, told me I didn't look like I needed to lose weight (..and then I got on the scales!!! :eek:), and got me to fill in the questionaire. We didn't discuss goals, she just said it was going to be really tough, but good luck. She also said I seemed to have a good attitude to my weight loss. She gave me a free flapjack (Hmmmmm, think there's a reason why they're free.).

I decided to eat it on the way home as by then my tummy was rumbling a bit. It was bloody awful though!! I couldn't eat it it all, managed about a third. My cat stole it and ate the remainder - greedy *******!!!

I then went out for a walk to town, and when i got back decided I needed an afternoon nap (something I haven't done since I was a student). I woke up at 7pm starving hungry, cold, and a bit shaky. At this point I decided I'd have my chicken soup, which tasted fairly foul until I heated it up super hot and added some cajun spice. Hoping that's allowed. I have to admit I did retch a few times, but think that was because I was feeling a bit dizzy anyway.

Then I went and mucked my horse out (too late and dark to go riding) but have just been swimming for an hour with my fiance.

Now feel full of energy, but very jealous because I can smell the lovely pasta he is making for his tea downstairs....... :cry:

So now I'm going to have a hot chocolate and watch a film.

Hoping tomorrow wont be too bad, but planning on keeping busy to keep the tummy rumbles at bay.
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Good luck on your journey. I am a bit concerned to hear that you had a hot chocolate. They are not allowed, only black tea or coffee.


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Unless of course she is using the lipotrim shake hot!!! I love them like that.

Fab idea to do a diary. I also have a hubby who makes fabulous smelling meals downstairs :cry:Lets stick together....we will get through this.

Good luck.
Hey welcome to lipotrim and the forum...and of course Minimins.
Its a good idea to start a diary, it does help a lot as long as you are truthful.
My advice would be dont cheat at all, not even a little nibble as it slows your weight loss down and its hard to stop.
Also to drink at least 3 litres of water a day.

Good luck and enjoy your first weigh in results you will be amazed.
don't panic - hot chocolate was 100% lipotrim! I thought it didn't taste that chocolately though......maybe this is going to retrain my taste buds to be more appreciative of what I do eat long term.


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Well done ponypony on getting through your first day:)

When I did Lipotrim I could not stomach the flapjacks at the start but as time when on and badly in need of something to chew I grew to like them.

Your taste buds do change and in a few weeks time if you try the flapjack it will taste a lot better than today...promise:D

If you feel yourself getting shaky tomorrow you could split the packs and have six shakes throughout the day to balance the sugar level. It helps with carb withdrawal.

You must make each half pack up fresh and drink within fifteen minutes.

Don't use boiling water as it will destroy some of the vitamins.

Also if you drink a half glass of water before taking your pack it will help dilute the taste of vitamins and minerals...In a few days you don't notice the taste of vitamins and minerals and actually begin to taste the strawberry, vanilla, chocolate and chicken soup...

I like to put some of the vanilla mixed in coffee, it is very nice.

Love Mini xxx
thanks for the tips!

Yeah, did think they tasted very 'powdery'. Must be all the vitamins & minerals.

Are we allowed to jazz them up a little bit, i.e. peppermint essence in the choclate one? And did i do wrong by making my soup cajun? Off to buy some nice leaf teas today to make my days a bit more interesting.


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Not sure about the peppermint. You would need to check the carbs on the side of the packet. With regards to jazzing the soup up.....I always do. I add Paprika.....lots of black ground pepper and sometimes even a bit of chicken seasoning.....you really do need to read the packs carefully because one of the spice I had in my cupboard had loads of carbs others had trace. I have the ketone testers so after I've added something like a spice then I do a test to see if it has affected my ketosis and up to now it hasn't. You have to be very selective....and tread carefully because it would be a real shame if one dash of peppermint knocked you out of ketosis and you had to go through it all again.

Good luck.
Thanks Shazpaz,

Will go round tesco looking like a mad woman scrutinising labels!

Have been really naughty and been on the scales a minute ago.......very bad, I know.....but lets just say I'm smiling already!! :D:D


Back on the wagon!
Thanks Shazpaz,

Will go round tesco looking like a mad woman scrutinising labels!

Have been really naughty and been on the scales a minute ago.......very bad, I know.....but lets just say I'm smiling already!! :D:D
Well done so far!!!

I've been on LT since early June and I have to admit I do stand on the scales very other day....(very bad but I really like knowning what weight I am and it keeps me motivated)......

Best of luck with the coming week.....:D:D:D:D


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Same here girls. I cannot help but keep jumping on the scales.


Back on the wagon!
You are makeing really good progress...you will be at target in no time at all...
Keep it up Ponypony!
The first week is the hardest but it does get alot easier.
Um........don't know if i should say this but..........I weigh everytime I have a pee lol
Keep it up Ponypony!
The first week is the hardest but it does get alot easier.
Um........don't know if i should say this but..........I weigh everytime I have a pee lol
Hehehehe.......not just me then!

Actually, I have weighed myself so much that the batteries now appear to be flat. :(


Back on the wagon!
Peppermint essence, orange essence and vanilla are all allowed. I love the chocolate orange I have some times and the chocolate chip icecream shake the pepperment essence makes it taste.
I'm back!!!

A few of you may have noticed I disappeared a few weeks back (personal stuff) but now I'm back with avengence. I managed to lose about 5lbs first time around, and even kept some of that off with a few 'bad' weeks, with some major comfort eating.

Day 1 was yesterday, and it was ok. Strawberry for breakfast, chocolate at lunchtime & chicken soup (with the obligatory pepper) for tea. And GALLONS (well, about 4litres) of water. Just think of all the extra exercise I did running to the loo!

Today, Day 2, has been really tough. Started the day with a vanilla, then the day went downhill from there! Work has been totally manic today - haven't sat down from 8am till gone 6pm - loads of emergencies & ops in (I'm a vet). I only managed to gasp about 750ml between consults, and felt dizzy and nauseous by the time I got home. So nauseous I could get any water or shakes down. Fiance sent me to bed (He thinks this diet is ludicrous anyway - if only he knew how fat I was). When he woke me up an hour later managed to get a chicken soup down. And then I cheated!!! He made me drink some coke zero. Well, didn't force me exactly...

I guess it's better than a packet of malteasers or a tub of ben & jerrys cookie dough. Mmmmmmmm.

So, nearly bed time now. Feel too rough to have another shake before bed, so just 2 packets today for me. Naughty I know. But I'll keep glugging my water.

Good news is I'm addicted to weighing myself, and it looked like I'd dropped 3lbs since yesterday when I weighed myself this morning, so hurrah. Just what I need to make myself carry on.

Hope all you girls are still doing fab. You are all such inspiration!
Pony, welcome back! Sorry to hear you had a tough day and I hope today will be better fr you. I'm sure you remember it does get better after the first few days!

Did you know it is ok to have coke zero? On CD you can have up to 2 cans a day, so dont worry, you havent actually cheated!
Well that answers my question on the other thread. Hurrah, I think I may have fainted without it yesterday.

You are doing fab, you look so slim!

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