My mum would like some info peeps!

Discussion in 'Lipotrim Refeeding' started by Yasmine, 29 June 2009 Social URL.

  1. Yasmine

    Yasmine One last chance

    Ok my mum tried Lipotrim but can't take it. She can't stand not having her tea or coffee. She wants to know if she can have 2 shakes and 1 meal a day.

    She had 2 shakes today, and for her dinner she had a salad with some ryvita slices.
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  3. JanD

    JanD maintaining since June'09

    She could do it on 2 shakes and 1 meal but she shouldn't have had the ryvita, too many carbs - she could have had chicken, turkey, white fish or something like that with a small salad or a couple of spoonfuls of green veg.

    Good luck to her! :) x

  4. Yasmine

    Yasmine One last chance

    Cheers Jan :D


    Well, that's a turn up for the books....your Mum actually trying Lipotrim when she gave you such a hard time. I hope she won't expect such fast weight loss as she is not doing it 100%. I do wish her the best of luck, though.
  6. Yasmine

    Yasmine One last chance

    LOl funny aint it?

    She was unbeleivably annoying on LT. Moody at everyone and complaining that she can't have her tea or coffee.

    Hmpf, well now she knows what we're going through. She decided just to eat 'healthily' and hearing her say that means she is not going to be doing anything properly. I'm sorry but special k with yoghurt at 3 meals won't help her at all >///<.
  7. deflating

    deflating Full Member

    I tried that kinda 'diet' you just end up eating more cause you feel sorry for yourself not having eaten a 'proper' meal, it sucks. That it half the success of LT, its just nothing else, period. and that works.
    BTW, she can have her coffee no probs, the milk is a problem, but certainly less harm than 3 yoghurts a day lol.
  8. Yasmine

    Yasmine One last chance

    Yeh, she can't stand black coffee or tea. I hate the whole lot to be honest, even with milk.

    I think she enjoys the attention when people tell her she's making herself ill. Whenever it comes to health, she always tries to get attention.

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