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Discover My new Discover plan diary starting tomorrow!


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Well I'm just getting ready to re-start WW tomorrow.

I have defected today from SW and have chosen not to do PP but to do DP which I know well and which I lost 19lbs on last year so I know it works well for me.

Getting my diary sorted now as I have a long working day ahead of me tomorrow so will simply add my evening meal to it when I get home and decide what i am having!

My daily allowance is 23 points,

Monday - Day 1

Breaksfast - 1 x grapefruit with splenda (1), OSS with skimmed milk (2.5), frozen berries

Lunch - wafer thin and cucumber sandwich - WW white sliced x 2 slices (1), 30g ham (0.5) 2 tbsp Heinz Light Salad cream in stead of spread (1), tomatoes. 25g pack Sainsburys BGTY Paprika flavour soya and potato snacks (1.5)

Tea - WW meal - Creamy Chicken & Mushroom (5.5) with frozen vegetables, medium portion strawberries (0.5) with Shape Zero yoghurt (1)

Snacks - 2L NAS, 1/4pt skimmed milk for cups of tea x 3 (1), Alpen light x 2 (2)

DP for day = 18.5
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2nd day. Sat down to plan meals last night for shopping list and suddenly found it incredibly hard after being used to thinking SW for so long............going to plod along til my holidays a week on Saturday and maybe consider whether I should go for PP because there is so much more literature available to give me meal suggestions.

I gave away all of my recipe books, point books and magazines and of course everything now is PP so it maybe a thought, I will see. Until then, probably a lot of repetition!! :rolleyes:

Breaksfast - whole grapefruit (with splenda) (1), OSS plain with skimmed milk (2.5)

Lunch - John West Tuna Light lunch French style (3) with 2 rounds WW white bread (1), strawberries (1) and Shape Zero (1)

Tea - Morrisons Eat smart minced beef hotpot (6)with lots of vegetables

Snacks - skimmed milk for cups of tea x 3 (1), 2 x Alpen lights (2), Sainsburys BGTY potato and soya crisps Thai chilli flavour (1.5) WW Strawberry Meringue desert (2)

Total DP today - 22/23

Total DP for week - 40.5/138
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Day 3 - Wednesday

I have to admit to feeling quite peckish the last couple of days, but persevering because I don't remember that from last time and wonder if it is just the switch from SW to WW way of eating.

Today I plan to have (but will edit later and add what I have for tea)

Breakfast - OSS with skimmed milk (2.5)

Lunch - 3 x Sainsburys Crispbreads (1.5) with WW tuna in coronation sauce (1), strawberries (.5), Shape Zero (1)

Tea - Ham salad (1) with egg (1.5), 1tbsp Heinz Light salad cream (.5) 1 slice WW white bread (1)

Snacks - Alpen light x 1 (1), WW Cheese flavour puffs (1), Picnic bar (damn damn damn) (4.5) Rose wine x 2 (4), Hartleys low calorie jelly pot (0)

Total = 21/23

Total for week - 61/138
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hiya, you are doing great...if you need any help just shout, there are lots of people on here that have great ideas etc. maybe have a look thru other peoples food diaries and get some meal ideas from them. I am allowed 26 points a day and struggle to use them all most of the time, as Ive filled up on low point things. If im feeling hungry i sometimes have a bowl of 0 or 1 point veg soup before my meal so that fills me up. Carbs are my biggest problem, I love em!! so finding lower point substitutes was a must for me. I now add swede to mashed potato to bulk it out and lower the points, or I have roast bns and courgette instead, i have warburtons thins and wraps instead of bread and I have small amounts of rice or pasta but have 200g of potato wedges made with baking potatoes micro'd and then roasted with some frylight on. I have a big apetite and always feel hungry if my plate isnt full...so these things have helped me to have big portions but low in points. I also snack on cucumber and philly light, or melba toasts. the crunch helps to get rid of the cravings. Pepsi max helps keep hunger at bay too and is 0 points. keep up the good work :) Im sure you willsee a loss this week!


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Thanks Dinx

Keep popping by and kick me into shape if you think I'm beginning to wander!! :D

Thursday - day 4

Breakfast - OSS with skimmed milk and frozen berries (2.5)

Lunch - 3 x Sainsbury's crispbreads (1.5), 3 x Dairylea Light triangles (1.5), tomatoes, strawberries (.5) Shape Zero (1)

Tea - ham (1) salad again with boiled egg (1.5) and Light Salad cream (.5) on 2 slices WW white bread (2)

Snacks - 1 x Alpen light (1)

Total points today = 13/23

Will amend later when I sit down again tonight! :)
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How are you finding discover dawn? Loving your menus, i am a biiiig fan of salad!! and shape zeros :D XX


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Hello Nicola

thank you for visiting!! :D

To be totally honest with you I am absolutely starving!! I don't remember being so hungry last time I did Discover Points, but I am really struggling with that!!

I don't want to flit back and too, really want to get stuck into WW, if not before my hols, after my holidays, for the long term, but if I keep feeling so hungry I worry I will waiver.

Your weight loss looks really good - well done and good luck!

D x


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I have to ignore yesterday completely. Not just off the rails but a total crash into the embankment!! :sigh:

Life is too short to get annoyed about it so I have 2 days yet til I weigh in on Sunday morning for my first WW WI!! On track totally for those 2 days, and see what is what.

I will weigh in next Friday as we go away then, so it will be a short week and I will be as good as gold.......altho I am ready for my break and will be in holiday mode come midnight on Wednesday when I finish work!! :rolleyes:


Breakfast - porridge made with skimmed milk and frozen berries (2.5)

Lunch - WW Salmon Mornay (4) with a stack of frozen vegetables, WW Strawberry meringue dessert (2),

Tea - working til midnight so taking a ham salad (1) with Light Salad cream (.5) and boiled egg (1.5), strawberries (.5) and ML yoghurt (1.5), honeydew melon (1), WW cheese puffs (1), del monte raspberry duo (0.5)

Snacks - wine (2) bag of Co-op crisps (3)

Points for today - 22.5/23
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Saturday and 1 more day before my weigh in.

Breakfast - porridge with skimmed milk and strawberries (3) 1 grapefruit with splenda (1)

Lunch - WW S&S Chicken (4.5) with lashings of veg, WW honeycomb dessert (2)

Tea - ham (1.5...........needs using up lol!!) salad with 1tbsp Heinz Light salad cream (0.5) and 1 egg (1.5), strawberries (.5) and Shape Zero(1), bag WW Nacho Cheese Tortilla (1), melon (1)

Snacks -

Points for day = 17.5/23 to be amended later!
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sounds like a yummy day! good luck for tomorrow :)
Thanks Dinx............2lbs off, so better than nothing and hopefully I can repeat it this week!


A bit repetitive but this is because I am working til midnight again and a salad is by far the easiest option for me to take to work.

Breakfast - OSS plain (1.5) with strawberries (.5)

Lunch - WW oval pizza x 2 (Chilli Beef and Chicken Arrabbiatta) (7.0) and they were fabulous!! Tescco Light Choice Profiterole (2.5)

Tea - ham (1) salad with boiled egg (1.5) and Heinz Light salad cream (0.5), strawberries (.5) and Activia Snackpot (1.5), WW Doritos (1)

Snacks - 1/2 pt skimmed milk for OSS + cups of tea x 3 (1) WW Carrot cake slice (1), 250ml rose wine (3)

Points for day = 22/23
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hey 2lb is awesome!! you should only aim for 1 - 2lb each week so you have a better chance of it staying off in the long run. you should be really pleased with yourself, its a fab result!!! dont work too hard ;)
Thanks Dinx :) I know, slow and steady is the best way but I have been truly sooooooo hungry this last week I honestly thought I'd have dropped half my body weight!! :D


Monday - 3 more days to work then off for 12 days and I am soooo ready for it!

Breakfast - OSS original (1.5) with strawberries (.5)

Lunch - Tesco Light Choice S&S Chicken with rice (5.5) with Tesco Light Choice profiterole dessert (2.5), lashings of mixed veg (1) - pointing it because it had peas in it!

Tea - ham (1) salad with boiled egg (1.5) and 1tbsp Heinz Salad cream (1), strawberries (1.0) and Shape Zero (1), bag WW cheese puffs (1)

Snacks - 1/2 pint skimmed milk for OSS and cups of tea x 3 (1), 1 slice WW carrot cake (1), 250ml rose wine (3)

Points for day - 22.5/23

For week so far 44.5/46
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Breakfast - OSS (1.5) with strawberries (.5)

Lunch - JW French style tuna (3) strawberries (.5) and Shape Zero (1)

Tea -

Snacks - 2 x nimble (1) 25g Tesco Light Houmous (1), 1 x Alpen Light (1), 1/2pt skimmed milk for OSS and cups of tea x 3 (1)

Syns - 10.5/23

Week to date 54.5 /69
Well I managed to truly de-rail yesterday with the arrival of a very unexpected but welcome guest, and a couple of bottles of wine later I realised I hadn't eaten anything since 3pm. Will have had way over my points for the day and beyond, so ____________ and move on.


Last working day until Tuesday 21st June and I am so looking forward to our break in Norfolk, will be weighing in on Friday morning so being ultra good until then to make up for last night!

Breakfast - OSS (1.5)

Lunch - WW Mexican Chilli (4) with Veg, WW chocolate brownie dessert (2)

Tea - Nimble wholemeal x 4 slices (2), ham (1), cucumber and tomatoes, 1tbsp Lighter than light mayo (.5), strawberries (.5) Activia snackpot (1.5) WW Nacho crisps (1)

Snacks - 1/2 pint skimmed milk for OSS and cups of tea x 3 (1)

Points for day = 15/23
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where in Norfolk are you going? I lived in Great Yarmouth for 33 years...hope you have a great time :) its always nice to get away for a bit!
Hi guys

I'm going to Sheringham. Never been to Norfolk before so I am looking forward to it........usually go to Cornwall but just fancied a change this year!

Its just a relaxing re-charge your batteries break - take loads of books and don't fret about what I eat or when I eat!! Would love the weather to be nice though because my dog will get easily bored if it rains!!



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Hey :) just wanted to pop by and say hi :D You are doing ace and your menus look lovely! I have also just come back to discover as it works so well!! Having a bad day today though, want to eat everything lol. Good luck on your journey, will keep checking your progress xx
Thank you Angel! :)

Well my last day today, weigh in in the morning and then I am off on holiday and not thinking of WW once!! I know I'll put on but I alw know that I will lose when I get back and get back on plan.

I'd given away all my WW stuff so have purchased some pre PP WW mags from Ebay and a cookery book and I will be ploughing thru those to try to get a bit more organised and add some variety into my plans. Re-start date Monday 20th.


Breakfast - OSS (1.5) with strawberries (0.5)

Lunch - ham sandwiches x 2 made with Nimble wholemeal (3) using Heinz Light Salad cream (1) for butter!!

Tea - WW spaghetti with meatballs (TBC) WW chocolate brownie (TBC)

Snacks - 1/2 pt skimmed milk for OSS and cups of tea x 3 (1), WW Nachos (1), Activia snackpot (1.5)
not sure thereafter!!

Points for day - 9.5 + meals/23

Hope everyone has a good week, and the scales make them happy!! Til the 20th June, adios!!!

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