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  1. FlicG

    FlicG Silver Member


    I am brand spanking new to Minimins...I have been using it for a bit (more about that later) but decided as I embark on my new journey, having a support network, or even just posting for myself, keeps me on the straight and narrow. Having read other's diaries and logs, I hope mine helps with people in the future...

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  3. FlicG

    FlicG Silver Member

    Diet History

    Well, where do I start!

    I guess I started doing dieting in 2010. As a child, I was quite small - mostly due to my mother's tiny portion sizes. I always had a sweet tooth, i've always been...hungry I guess. Lots of complicated stuff, but I moved in with Dad and his partner when I was 12 with my brothers and suddenly, we had food! Healthy family meals to supplement the active lifestyle living in the countryside. Even aged 14/15, I felt fat though - bigger than my friends. In reality, just a size 10, but I had embarrassing stretch marks on my thighs - I think this was just normal growing at the time, but I found it so embarrassing.

    Fast forward to college, where I had freedom with food choices. I would buy packs of cookies and chocolate and gorge, because I could, always feeling guilty afterwards. I was a size 12...heading towards a 14.

    Fast forward again to three years at university. Drinking, takeaways and my own home cooking - the size 14 was maintained for a bit but slipped into a size 16. Up to this point, I don't remember ever weighing myself. I was in denial that there was no point properly dieting - it was all about healthy meals...true to an extent, but my damaging relationship with food was the problem.

    I graduated and was living with my parents, whilst starting a new job. I would get my lunch each day, but also something to eat on the way to the car, on the way from the car home...I was spiralling out of control. Couple that with meeting my H2B and a size 16 was starting to feel a little tight. The woman I was working with started the Dukan diet, and I started with her. My first experience of a diet, I lasted a couple of months, before moving in with H2B and eating whatever I wanted. I started a new job and decided to give Dukan another go. Sticking with it for about 6 months, I lost a couple of stone - i was loving it! Then Christmas came...and I just couldn't get back to it...

    I tried halfheartedly again with it, but my heart wasn't in it. I tried the 5:2 for about 2 months, I was floundering between dieting and bingeing...I didn't have motivation to do anything properly...

    January this year, I joined Slimming World...I started off really well, loosing my first stone quickly, enjoying the freedom of the meals...but that was the problem, too much freedom...

    H2B proposed last Feb and we set the date for 30/05/15...Feeling hopeless, I started looking around a VLCDs. I chose Cambridge over some of the online versions because there is a support element to it, and I am hoping that that, coupled with posting on here, will help me to get to target and stay there...

    I am hoping to "retrain" myself when it comes to food, so that once goal weight is reached, a new attitude to eating is also with me...

    I am looking forward to starting on Monday - I have my meeting with my consultant tomorrow. EEK! I am ready and feeling positive for the changes that this will make to me - not just in size, but in attitude to!

  4. FlicG

    FlicG Silver Member

    Morning All,

    So - today's the day. I actually had this really weird dream last night...I can't remember what was happening/what I was doing but I took snacks into the utility room where I was supposed to be sleeping. I can't remember what they all were, but I know chipsticks were one of them...then, in my dream, I remembered the CWP, and knew I couldn't eat the snacks! SO ODD!

    Anyway, had my meeting with the consultant on Saturday morning - I was there for about 2 hours, chatting about the plan etc. I haven't even had my first shake yet. I decided to wait until I felt hungry, rather than eating for the sake of it. I'm just about to go and make number one now - butterscotch. I'm feeling confident at the moment...though it is Day 1!

  5. WendyDarling

    WendyDarling New Member

    Good Luck FlicG. I am new here too and just starting week 6.I found the first week the hardest but it does get easier :)
  6. FlicG

    FlicG Silver Member

    So, waited till 9.30am for my first shake - split in half I had butterscotch...not in love with it...I was hoping it was going to taste like angel delight, but it didn't do it for me!

    Just had apple and cinnamon porridge for lunch - yum! though I think I might have made it wrong as it was quite watery...feeling surprisingly full though.

    I think i'm up to about 5 pints of water so far...need another wee!

  7. beckyboo87

    beckyboo87 Full Member

    That's odd I had a dream two nights ago that I was in the kitchen eating snacks thinking nooo my diet lol even checked the fridge in the morning just incase lol. Hope your days going well x
  8. FlicG

    FlicG Silver Member

    Morning all!

    Well, day one survuived. Not too bad at all. I waited until I was hungry before 1/2 shake in the morning (about 9.30,) then lunch at 1.30 and the rest of my shake at 4.30pm. Got home from work, took the dogs out, went supermarket shopping with OH (a little bit torturous, but resisted everything.) Cooked OH tea whilst prepping spicy tomato soup. Soup was not too bad, though it says use hot, not boiling water...I am assuming this is due to the vitamins etc, and denaturing them in boiling water perhaps? Either way, it was a bit colder than I would have liked so drank it pretty quickly. I was really quite full afterwards!

    Up early this morning for a wee, but feeling great. It's 9.30 and my tummy is rumbling, so time for "breakfast!"

  9. FlicG

    FlicG Silver Member

    Feeling hungry and tired. I don't know if i'm just paranoid, but my breath seems to be smelling too...I am hoping this is the beginnings of ketosis, rather than halitosis! :lol:

    This morning I have been feeling rather peckish...having drunk 4 pints of water and had 1/2 a shake, I am counting down till 1.30 and lunchtime...not long to go and I have pecan and maple porridge today.

    How are you all feeling today?

  10. FlicG

    FlicG Silver Member


    SO - I was really hungry yesterday. Had lunch (pecan and maple porridge was really nice actually! Less watery that Day one's too which was good.) Then for dinner I had the chicken and mushroom soup. It seemed really creamy and rich - I really enjoyed it. I made it with kettle water that had cooled, and put the bowl in the oven so it was warmer to eat (and I think much nicer.) I made OH his dinner but didn't nibble on anything whilst making.

    Went to bed about 10.30 with my tummy rumbling. I still feel hungry this morning and am yet to have this morning's shake. Today is banana. Yesterdays was fruits of the forest - it was ok, better than the butterscotch...I'm only day three so yet to find a favourite I think!

    I used one of the ketostix this morning and I think i'm in ketosis - it was a pale pinky colour which im sure my CDC said is an indicator of ketosis?!

    Feeling quite good this morning, despite the hunger - I feel brighter in myself, which I guess can only be a good thing! :)

  11. FlicG

    FlicG Silver Member


    Well, I have to say, i'm feeling great today! I think Ketosis has finally kicked in...I've only just had my "breakfast" of 1/2 a strawb shake, which I really liked. Banana yesterday smelled great, but tasted a little bland. I am currently making all my shakes with a protein shaker - due to being at work - I haven't got a blender here. At the weekend, I will blend them and see what they taste like mixed differently. I've found them all to taste a little powdery, but they're fine. Still not got the hang of the porridge, and yesterday's plain porridge tasted ok, but again, too watery! I think next week, I will get a couple of porridge but more soups and shakes.

    Last night's dinner was the spicy chilli which I was apprehensive about but tasted lovely and rich - like red thai curry soup almost. It had bits in it too so it felt like having a real meal...almost!

    Last night, OH asked me if I was hungry and I replied "hungry not hungry" - I felt a little hungry, but not enough to cheat. I did big batch cooking too last night making chilli and bolognese for OH's tea, and then for the freezer. I think he feels guilty as i'm only cooking for him, but I enjoy cooking, so it's no biggie. I find it relaxing, and also notice how often I pick at things when in the kitchen. It's also been quite interesting cooking for one too - each time i've done it so far, my portion size has been out. I think I usually take up the slack of that additional food... by the time i'm into eating again, I'm hoping i'll have cracked the portion control which I think will be really useful!

    How are you all doing this week?

  12. Lottie12

    Lottie12 Silver Member

    Hello Flic, I'm on day 4 today too and everything you say seems to mirror my experience so far especially the hungry-not hungry !ive also cooked a big old batch of mincey type meals for my family to freeze. I have only got choc and choc mint for the next 4 days( been sitting in pantry for ages) which could prove to be rather dull, might text cc to deliver some more flavours. Do you know how long you plan to do Cambridge for? Have a good day Jilly:)
  13. brien77

    brien77 Gold Member

    hi, here to subscribe. you are doing really well so far in your first week.
  14. FlicG

    FlicG Silver Member

    Morning lovely ones! Thanks for your comments - always gives me a little boost to see i'm not just talking to myself!

    Yesterday was fine - though i'm already planning next week's sachets - this week, I had too many porridges, thinking I would have them for breakfast each day. Actually, it's not convenient, so i've been having them for lunch and soup for dinner. Yesterday I had leek and potato for lunch (distinctly flavourless in my opinion) and therefore had porridge for dinner - this was not as satisfying as I had hoped...I think because OH is eating something savoury, it makes me feel like i'm not having a "proper" meal (which you can kid yourself into I think when you have a soup.)

    Next week, 1/2 soup, 1/2 shakes (with poss a couple of porridges just incase.) I've almost tried all the soup flavours - I think it's a toss up between the spicy chilli and chicken and mushroom at the moment, though i'm looking forward to vegetable tonight! For some reason, I avoided the chocolate shakes this week, but might try a couple next week.

    Jilly, i'm not sure how long yet - my target to loose is 5st. I think i'll probably be on sole source for the full 12 weeks before moving up the steps. Has anyone else read through the book at the other steps? I found it all a little confusing with the meals/recipes and what you can eat. I'm not there yet, obvs, but just like to prepare myself!

    Oh, and had a cheeky weigh this morning showing almost 7lb off! :) Looking forward to seeing my CDC on Sunday for the "proper" one!

  15. Mizkirsty

    Mizkirsty Gold Member

    I found you!!

    I've had a read of your diary! :)

    Your doing really well!

    I just hope I can stay as motivated!!

    I've got a boring week ahead with tetra and tetra and tetra. I can't stomach the powdered shakes much! They make me gag. Lol but wishing if got some soups! But nvm. I'll get some next week!

    Is the chicken and mushroom one really mushroomy? I don't like mushrooms lol!

  16. FlicG

    FlicG Silver Member

    YAY! Hi MizKirsty!

    The chicken and mushroom one tastes like a chicken cup-of-soup to me - not too mushroomy, though I think it did have some little mushroom bits in.

  17. arliparli

    arliparli Full Member

    Hi Ladies , im following your journey and wishing you all the very best x
  18. ni79

    ni79 Member

    Hi all. I'm back doing the cambridge diet for the 6754.8 time. It's been a real challenge for me with countless miscarriages. Every miscarriage marks the beginning of my journey again. I'm here for the long run this time. I have been slim all my life until my late 30 ' s. My issues with food probably stem from a poor childhood and perhaps a genuine addiction to food.

    I'm sick of wearing cover up clothes and simply feeling too unfit to run around my 11 month baby.

    Day 4 today. Feeling positive. Would anyone like to join me on a 2 week challenge? Xx

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  19. Mizkirsty

    Mizkirsty Gold Member

    Hmmmm Maybe I won't give it a go then! Bit of floating fungus wouldn't do it for me hahahaha!

  20. FlicG

    FlicG Silver Member

    Hi all of you!

    Well, first weigh in this morning and *drumroll* 8lbs lost! :)

    Ny CDC was lovely and said I seem to have got on plan really well. Still facing the usual problems but have treated myself this weekend with some Dr. Pepper Zero which makes it a little easier. Weekends are a big struggle for me as it seems me and OH do a lot of food related activities. Luckily he's working so I am using all my willpower to stay on plan!

    tomorrow I will be sorting out the larder, cleaning and tidying in general and not thinking of the lovely homemade quiche in the fridge! :)

    Hope you're all being good girlies and enjoying your weekend! xx
  21. beckyboo87

    beckyboo87 Full Member

    Yay well done!! Xx

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