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My scoth eggs are amazing!!

So I finally got round to making scotch eggs with joes sausage meat to make them free Barr the breadcrumbs. I found 1 wholemeal batch made breadcrumbs for all 6 scotch eggs that I made and they are huge so easier to count it as 1 syn each (I guess you could have 3 as a hex b and then an Alpen bar-tweak alert!) or as I'm going to do next time-mash my eggs and make mini party eggs using a small slice of wholemeal bread! But anyway-that's just the mathematical bit-the proofs in the eating and these are amazing! Better than shop bought and bound to become a hit in my house! Hope you like them!!
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I have a pack of joes porksausages in the freezer. Think I'll make these for my groups taster on saturday morning. How long did you cook them for and did you use any frylight on them?
I frylighted my pan then when they were in position I sprayed them over with frylight. Cooked for about 40 mins on 180-190. Give them 30 mins then check. I did and thought the sausage could do with a bit more cooking but mine were quite thick as I didn't realise till half way through about wet hands for handling the meat. I remember I watched it on a cookery programme and shaping the meat with wet hands realy does make it easy to mould! Post pics when you make em!! X
Tinnedtomato said:
mmmm, they look lush!! I luv scotch eggs, but never attempted my own before....
They were much easier than I thought and you can't realy go wrong!! Try it!! Xx
Wow !! They look amazing !! I love Joes products but I dont have a freezer to store them if I ordered online and the butchers that sell them never have the meat in alone ! :(

CurvyKaren said:
Wow !! They look amazing !! I love Joes products but I dont have a freezer to store them if I ordered online and the butchers that sell them never have the meat in alone ! :(

I Got a chest freezer a couple of months ago - i have easily saved as much money as it cost me to buy it already. Added bonus is a freezer full of Joes products :)
I agree-they are monsters! Very easy lunch with a salad! If you dont have a freezer for joes then use a low syn sausage instead?
What a great thread to stumble on! I'd never heard of Joe's meat products before, great to find out about them. I look forward to eating a sausage again! :D

The scotch eggs look great, I'll post some pictures if my flurry of current excitement carries me through to actually making them one day xx
I made some for our groups taster session on Saturday. Ate one myself, saved one for the hubby, and took 4 to group, cut up into bits. They were demolished. They were lovely straight out of the oven as well. I will use medium rather than large eggs next time though I think as the sausage meat only just fits round a large egg.

Also , as I used large eggs I needed more breadcrumbs, making mine 1.5 syns each. I'll probably use white bread for the crumbs next time as well instead of brown.
f1anj said:
Hi. Maybe a silly question. Is there a recipe for these or is it just common sense? ;-)
Not silly at all.

6 eggs in shells
6 low fat sausages (Joes are free, otherwise syns) - skins removed
3 slices of a small loaf of bread, made into breadcrumbs (9 syns) - you can use less if you want.
1 egg, beaten.

Hard Boil the eggs. Leave to cool.

When cool, peel mould the meat from one sausage around the egg, dip in beaten egg, and then in breadcrumbs. Its best to eet your hands to do the moulding.

Spray a tray with frylight. Put the scotch eggs on the tray, spray them with frylight. Cook until brown (about 30 mins at 200c in my oven)
My dad is now insisting i make more of these for him to take to have as a snack at work. My reply: Thats fine...you'll have to pay for my next order from joes then!!! xx


Hi all

I have bought Joes sausage meat , so no need to skin the sausages .

Also last summer I made some mini ones by mashing up the egg, adding some extra low fat Mayo and putting teaspoonfuls inside the sausagemeat.

Really scrummy yummy!!


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I made these yesterday, using the Morrison Eat Smart Sausages - 1/2 syn each.
I used 2 sausages per egg and a slice a bread per egg. - worked out at 4 syns per egg, but they were a nice size and very filling.

I was nicely surprised to find they tasted as good as any homemade ones i normally make.

I will be making these again next week for tea with a nice salad and new potatoes.
However, i have to remember to make extra as my brother and dad really liked them too.

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