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my story (sorry very long)

well here goes the whole truth and nothing but the truth
I started off on LL and finished with CD that was in 2004/5 in total i lost over 10 stone great i hear you all say but no mine is not a happy ending just like bigloser i have now put back on 8 stone:cry: i was going to come back here in hiding but i have to accept that i cannot hide from myself (no disrepect to bigloser as your story is totally different from mine)so here is my story
the first time the diet was a doddle to me 247 days with no food at all not even on a holiday to greece i was so happy when i got down to my ideal weight but i had a lot of loose skin i was lucky enough (or so i thought) to have a tummy tuck on the NHS unfortunateley this went drastically wrong and i nearly died losing too much blood and getting a massive infection. please don't let this put you off having a TT as it was just bad luck that this happened to me and if i had to do it all again honestly i would still do it. but due to the fact i couldn't move for nearly 3 months or exercise for over another 6 months and because i was at home getting depressed i ate:sigh: i just wanted to feel better well as you can guess i don't feel better and all the hard work i did before has been demolished i am once again a very fat unhappy person .
so i have come back to where i belong i should have come back a long time ago but yesterday i decided i had to come back and try again
i have just ordered my packs they will arrive tomorrow oh yes forgot to say i was also a CD counsellor til i put on too much weight and was ashamed to see my clients and i am all excited if not a little apprehensive about starting
Linda CD Consellor has given me some great advice as always she has always been there for me if ever i called maybe i should have called more often:)lol
i have just been reading post after post and i now remember why i love coming here and speaking to you all i am not looking forward to the mood swings i had a lot of them but hey the kids and hubby will just have to get used to it again lol
i don't want people to feel sorry for me it was my fault i ate no matter what i was going through but at least i have learnt one greatest lesson and that is be true to yourself and your friends i was always worried that you would feel i was a failure which i was but now things have changed i know now that you will be there no matter what and we are all in the same boat
sorry its so long but i just had to get it all off my chest so wish me luck for tomorrow and when i post again i apologise in advance if i am moody:rolleyes:
i have so many posts to read i won't have time to fit eating in my day aswell:D well thats the idea any way along with running to the loo:D
so all i can say now is watch this space
thanks for listening to me going on but even if no one reads this post at least i can say a weight has been lifted off my shoulders i only hope it is lifted of the scales too!!!!!!!!!
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Hiya :)

Welcome back!

What a great time to start! Just as the new products come out and also just in time to change your life before Xmas.

Well done you :)

thanks Mike
you are a true inspiration that people can keep the weight off i have also signed up to your motovational emails i guess i will be needing them after so long:D

Welcome, I only joined last week and it is an amazing place isn't it, I have watched the inspiration slide show and looked throught the galleries and have found them huge inspiration indeed. I have lost 7lb of the 7st I have to loose!

I have lost 5st and then 6st on the diet in the past, but due to having another baby and then getting divorced I put the weight back on.
I am determined to do it again, I am just recovered from a hysterectomy and put on 1st while sitting around, not the big problems you had, but I can sympathize:)
Good luck on your diet and just remember that feeling slim feels so much better than any food could taste!
Biggest bit of advice --> Smile and laugh about it all the way :)
it's reading posts like this that makes me not want to quit this time round!
your right, this site realy helps, this is my first day and I nearly gave in and ate somthing at lunch in work until my work friend passed me the link to this site. I have just made muffins for my dinner using a recipe from here as well!
thats so true Rachel i stopped coming on here when really i should have stayed to get the support i'm so glad i'm back nearly day 1 over 2 packs and 3 litres of water down just watchin bb then getting in the bath it takes my mind off food i remember last time having so many baths just so i didn't eat at least i smelt good even if i was struggling once in ketosis i remember it gets easier just need to get there!!lol just would like to thank everyone who writes posts it really does help others so come on i need more poste to read!!!!!
well the start of day 3 is here and i am in ketosis !!!!!!!!! should get easier now i hope just got to get used to glugging water and running to loo all the time now lol


Fab news that you are in ketosis!
It takes strength to admit to yourself that you have gained weight and you will inspire so many others by returning and facing up to it!
Most of us have had a lifetime of weight issues and we will battle with our emotional eating always - the secret is to find our positive mindset and not beat ourselves up.
Now you are in ketosis - you should be feeling so proud of yourself - you are on your way down the happy path to SLim!
Well done you!
Cannot wait to see your first week loss!
Well done for coming back. Life is never as easy as it should be.. I've been having big car problems and was really fed up yesterday, even bought a bottle of wine which I thought I'd drink. I had Chicken and mushroom soup instead and watched the OH drink it and this morning my black cords fit again..hooray
well nearly the end of day 4 and everything is going great i know i'm in ketosis now as i forgot to eat today hehe still got one pack to get down!!!
got my 18 month grandson for the weekend he is such a cutie even if he is a handful normally he used to fight when you asked for any of his food but oh no not today there he was trying to stuff a wotsit in my mouth can you believe it i had to pretend to eat it the good thing was i didn't even want it!
weekends are busy for me cos our family coach and run a girls football team so all morning we are at a sports hall training around 45 girls aged from 8-16 football i will say it is tiring but also rewarding
had some good news tonight aswell went to see a friend and she said God you've lost weight that made me feel good i thought i got weighed on monday but its not its tuesday so not long for the first week to be over
well better go get my last pack before i go to bed but i will still be lurking
Welcome back hun and YEAH to the K-fairy and completing Day 4!!

day 6 and all gong well i am a little tired this morning been up since for with teething grandson once he had the calpol and teething gel he was fine well fine in his eyes he still hasn't stopped playing we've watched so many kids programmes thank gods kids cable is all night lol:D
feeling shattered but positive might go back to bed when everyone else gets up:eek:
well day 7 is were nearly a week done and feeling good weigh intomorrow something to look forward to
day 7 going good had 2 lts of water already and 1 pack don't feel hungry but my stomach keeps making funny noises like its talking to me
weigh in tomorow did just try my weight on my wii fit and i had lost 7lbs i know thats in the evening and i got weighed in the morning last wekk but strange i thought i may have lost more yes i know its still a good weight but i just expected more for some reason a little down for some reason
i did feel a little bloated today and windy that could be because yesterday i didn't drink a lot of water i went to watch soccer aid and i could not afford to get caught on the tube lol so i'm trying to glug more water today but i feel like i'm swimming in bloody water

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