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My story

Hi everyone:) I have been reading everyones storys on this site for a while now as I need a kick start to get back into Weight Watchers!
I started WW back in 2007 i think and started at 14st 8 1/2lbs on my second weigh in i had already lost 7lbs and was so pleased that something was actully working.
I stuck to the diet religiously over the next few months and after a year got down to 11st.
I cant believe how much my life has changed since loosing the weight i can fit into a pair of size 12s! :)
But after xmas and a whole load of other excuses the weight is hovering around the 11st 8lbs mark and at the moment i am 11st 12lb after a week of non stop eating but the last few days i have been really good sticking to my points and exersicing! I just feel like i needed some support to help me keep going over the next coming weeks as i need motivation and having a boyfriend who lives on sweets (which is my downfall!!) doesnt help.
You guys seem to all be doing so well and hope u can give me some advice too :)

Katie x
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running strictly on fat!
Hi hun,

I am simmilar weight as you atm.
We can be weight buddies - nothing better than good healthy competition. What's your goal?


running strictly on fat!
Oh, I am doing Cambridge Diet atm so an average loss is stone a month. Back on WW I'd lose half a stone a month.

So, considering you have around 2s to lose - you should be on your goal in 4 months!!! Right in time for Summer x
You must be excited about it, aren't you?
oh are you - i tried that and lasted a day.. do u not get hungry?
i would love to go on it again but get too hungry!
Yes i am so exited but honestly my problem is i loose a few pounds and get down to about 11st 5lb or something and i think oh i can have a few treats or meals out cus ive lost and it all goes back on again.. Gggrrrr!
How long have you been on Cambridge?


running strictly on fat!
I was the same when I first started with ww.

Tried CD then and...only lasted 2 days haha

Then convinced myself that it won't work for me so sticked to ww for a while (mind you, I did my own low-carb version)
I was losing but I found it too slow...

And started to incorporate remaining CD shakes into my diet. And slowly an idea of replacing a meal with a shake started growing on me.
Besides, there are so many different options - you can have 2 shakes a day plus meal and some protein little snacks in between as well.
So decided to give it a go and I am on CD since January again.

I do have a "normal meal" though which is allowed on my plan and somehow managed to stick to it...
Never thought I would be able to....

I know there is a threat nearer the goal you are the more complacent you become. I decided to stick to CD until Easter (which should bring me to healthy BMI) and then get back to low-carbs WW.

Whatever you chose it has to be something what works for you xxx


I do get hungry sometimes and go give in but whenever this happens I would be straight back on track following day.
Talking about determination x lol
yeah thats the only thing ww is quite slow but i have been using alli and they seemed to work for a while but havent really bothered with them lately.
well u seem to be doing very well so far so keep it up!! x

So do you not have any snacks or anything just the three meals?
Right just had lunch - going to plan so far today.

B - 30g special k -2 point

L - ww chicken Curry - 4 1/2 points
ww crisps 1/2 points

I am already thinking about food again! Why oh why when your not supposed to have something you want it more!!!!!
Lol it's like the forbidden fruit for times of absolute desperation try a mug of oxo or an egg White omelette filled with some veg it gives you something to swallow for 0 points


running strictly on fat!
Try to increase your water intake (and I mean a lot!!!)

It does help keep hunger away and speed up your losses.
I don't think WW weight loss is slow - it works out average 8lbs a month and if you add some excercises it could be almost as quick as CD.

Good luck hun xxx
Well so far so good - i have been sticking to my points and eating all of them and drinking lots of water and i am startting to feel better in myself too!
Went and done a shop last night to stock up on healthy snacks and dinners.. so far have had a bowl of Special K and going to have soup and ww bread at lunchtime..
WW is tonight but i am going to go next week as really want to get to the gym! Hope i loose something by then and dont fall off the wagon by the weekend because thats my downfall, the Saturday night take aways!!
You can still have take away and fit it into points :)


running strictly on fat!
It's very important you won't miss any of the ww appointments - regardless of the results...It's too difficult to do it without any additonal support xxx
Thats exactly what i was just thinking - I havent been to a meeting for months but have been doing it on my own thats whay i think i have been struggling - i will go tonight and have a chat with my leader and get back in to the routine of going every week. xx


running strictly on fat!
I'm glad you are going - good luck for tonight x
Cannot wait to get on the scales tonight and get started again.. Fresh start and going to stick to it! Have only been dieting since Monday but cheekily weighed myself today and says i have lost 1lb. will see tonight though.. Will keep you all posted! x

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