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My temp job got finished - KFC anyone?


Nojo on the YoYo
My temp job just got finished, i'm really fed up. I mean, the job itself wasn't even that busy, which is why you lot saw me here during the day, but it's really frustrating not to be given any notice or anything.

I'm back at home now making stodgy free food like smash mash and pasta n sauce to stave off the KFC cravings. I was going to visit my dad (they told me when I arrived this morning that I was surplus to requirements) but they just opened a huge KFC branch literally 1 minute from his house, you can see it from his front window.

So I came home, fed up, wanting foods.

Cheer me up, chicks :(:cry:
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Oh love that sucks sorry to hear that, I'm in the same position currently waiting to be told any day that i'm not needed anymore! Look on the bright side at least for a little while you can focus completely on slimmingworld by planning and cooking lovely meals while you're at home, having to make packed lunches does sometimes get in the way! Hope you feel better soon x
I share your pain Vixxster. I'm 'only' a temp too and can go at any time despite putting in more effort than some of the permanent staff. Have you got onto the agency and asked them if theres anything else to tide you over?
in the meantime you can do some cooking etc so you have ready meals for when you do get a another job.


I will succeed!!!
Awwww honey that isn't good news :-(

I hope you're ok?

Well done for not caving to KFC temptation - you're stronger than I am!

I am sure things will work out - easier for me to say than you to believe right now I am sure, but they will. Hugs xxx


Extra Easy Apparently...!
Aw Vixx I'm so sorry to hear that but stay away from the KFC- it will make you feel better for a split second and worse for a lot longer.

All I can say is based on what I *know* of you, you're a fab person and anywhere will be glad to have you so this just means that something better is around the corner for you.
Oh what that rubbish! Sorry chick :(

KFC will only hinder not help!! Think what last weeks weigh-in meant to you, you haven't been that weight in how long...

Don't give in. Don't give in. Don't give in.


Nojo on the YoYo
Iknow guys thanks. I didn't cave, wanted chinese come tea time, so made syn free egg fried rice instead.

Am SUCH a good girl! OH came home and gave me cuddles and I feel a lot better now. Back to the old drawing board though...
rubish bout your job, but WOW - just seen your stats! well done you, where can your before and now pics be seen?!? x


Nojo on the YoYo
errr... there aren't many, cos I was a fat fatso hiding from the camera.

The middle one is me at about 20 stone, 3 stone off. The ones of me and my OH at a wedding, are me about a stone heavier than I am now.



Nojo on the YoYo
this one is me and OH at a fancy dress party in July, and the other one is me Christmas before last, down to about 18 stone.



Lover of Extra Easy
So sorry Vix ((hugs)). That really sucks!
I know how you feel. I have been "temping" for the same company for nearly 18 months now. I was initially there for 2 weeks, then 3 months, now doing maternity cover. However, times are bad and I know when lay offs happen, it's the temps that go first so each day is a bit worrying.
Well done on not doing the KFC. It's just not worth it. Good on your OH and cuddles are syn free, and far nicer than KFC!


I can do this............
Wowza look at you vixxster!

You look fantastic and what an inspiration to others! Well done on steering clear of KFC it will make you feel some much better in the long run because you have said no!

Hope everything gets better for you on the job front but in the mean time keep on that wagon and remember nothing tastes as good as being slim feels!
Ahh vix don't give up and don't give in! The egg fried rice looks yummy.

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