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Working Solutions My time has come...AGAIN!!! ;-) May Madness!!!


Here to help :-)
Greetings all. I have lurked in this section for a while before deciding that this option is the one for me. I have previously enjoyed mixed successes on both WW & SW. I have struggled to believe that I can practically eliminate food from my life for the foreseeable future, but long threatening comes at last, and I am delighted to report I have successfully completed Day 1 - TS 100%.

The other amazing thing is that I drank an incredible 7.5 litres of water to-day, yes, that is seven! Previously, the only times
I consumed that volume of liquid, the glass had the word Carlsberg etched on it!

Continued success to each and every one who posts on this thread. Reading your successes & wobbles has given me the courage to at least try this diet. For that, I thank you.

Best of luck,

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Hi Conor, good luck on exante. I am relatively new too, only on day 5 now and finding it okay.

Just be careful on the water though, dont over-do it, I am sure I read before about 'water intoxication', caused by over excessive amounts. Exante recommend 2-4 litres, sipped generally through-out the day. I have bought the Strawberry Flavoured Spring water, and I am drinking 3 litres.

Good luck in your journey.


Here to help :-)
Good morning Mary, thank you for your kind words and timely advice. I looked it up and sure enough, there is indeed such a condition. That's the joy of this site, everyone shares their advice and knowledge. I will keep it to the bare 4 litres so to-day. ;)

Continued success on your VLCD, you mastered it before, and no doubt you will have similar success this time round.

Kind regards,

Hi Conor, good luck with your Exante journey, onwards and downwards.


Here to help :-)
Good morning fellow Minis. Thanks Nursetubs for your encouraging words, yours is one of the success stories that has encouraged me to take my first steps into the world of VLCD.

Day 2 - over and delighted to say that I survived it TS 100%. :D

Believe it or not, I weighed myself yesterday morning, but STS. I was disappointed, but I realise now, a lot of it was the water weight I retained from the 7.5litres I consumed on Day 1. Lesson learned, I reduced my intake to a mere 4 litres and hey presto, a loss was noted this morning. Official Weigh-In is Saturday morning, all will be revealed then.

I am now into my third day and even at this very early stage, I find I am less lethargic than normal. A huge factor for me is being off alcohol. I have survived an entire week without it, even in social situations in pubs & restaurants. I certainly feel more mentally capable of handling challenges. There have a number of issues that I have procrastinated about, that I am now undertaking. I hope this "feel good" vibe lasts me through this journey. Already, this morning, I have consumed 1 litre of water, and am looking forward to another day 100% TS.

I can only say to anyone THINKING about it, to certainly give it a go. Once you've drank your first shake, swallowed your first soup & munched your first bar, the mystery is gone, and you'll find you have Day 1 behind you. :eek:

To concur with Nursetubs, I find I have almost completely avoided headaches by the sheer volume of water I am drinking, so definitely have plenty of water to hand.

Good luck to-day to one and all. ;)



Here to help :-)
Morning all, start of Day 4. Just had a quick sweep through the threads on here and it looks like everyone's doing very well for themselves, it great to see! Glad to report that all is going well for me also. I had a quick peek at the scales and I am happy so far. Official weigh-in is Saturday morning, so that will tell the real story.

I have a strange feeling of well being, not wondering what or when my next meal will be makes a refreshing change. Obviously being on this TS diet, I have had to give up the booze. I am off it now for 8 days. I am also a lover of coffee. In four days, I just had one coffee as part of my vanilla shake. I expected to have major withdrawal headaches, but so far so good. As I have mentioned on other posts, I believe the fact that I'm drinking about 6 litres of water (incl soup & shake) is definitely helping. So its all good.

Hope everyone has a good day.

Best wishes,

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I have a strange feeling of well being, not wondering what or when my next meal will be makes a refreshing change. Obviously being on this TS diet, I have had to give up the booze. I am off it now for 8 days.
Good morning Conor, great feeling isn't it? I think it's something to do with ketosis so you must be there yayyyy. Can't wait to see your WI Saturday, I'm as excited as you are! :p You have a real determination and I think you will do well. xx


Here to help :-)
Hi folks, I survived Day 4 - Only just. I've had sweet food cravings all evening. I actually took out a Cr8nch!e bar and went to tear off the wrapper, but I put it back in the jar...:eek:

If that was a cream slice, I would have folded! And I don't normally eat sweet stuff.:confused:

It's just our minds playing games with us as we make the transition from See-Food Diet to Exante Diet! :D:D:D

Good night all,

Best of luck to-morrow,



Here to help :-)
Day 5 - Its almost 1pm and I'm still not hungry... Better get on with my husks & packs. Well I'm just after getting ready for a business appointment and stepped on the scales...I liked what I saw. However, I am away on business for a couple of days, starting this afternoon so that will be a huge test for me.

Good luck to you all,

Glad to help Conor ;)

Well done on getting to day 5, you should be well in ketosis by now which will be keeping the hunger at bay. You will still get cravings though, but just try and keep yourself busy at these times and it will soon pass.
Well done Conor - your head is obviously 'in the zone' and so you're much more likely to succeed.
The sheer novelty and excitement of seeing real results is one of the big plus points of this diet. I can't wait to see your WK1 weigh in on Saturday!

Keep up the fab work :)
Hi Ladies,
Lovely to hear from all you lovely ladies. Apologies for the delay in replying, but I am staying with my parents while on business in Galway. To-day was beautiful, like a summers day. I am going back to Salthill beach soon for a walk in the fresh sea air.

Did okay, but not getting in as much water as I'd like... Might bring a 2ltr bottle of agua on my walk.

Just had a quick snoop on your threads, and you ladies are doing fab, really putting it up to us blokes... While I remembered to pack my sachets & bars, I forgot my Psyllium husks, and I miss them. Still I figure, what I don't loose this week, I'll loose next week!

Best of luck ladies & thanks for all the encouragement,

Hi Conor, great to see you are still with it while you are away. I hope they're not working you too hard :p.
How do your parents feel about you doing it? Mums are all for filling us up, I haven't been to mum's for a few weeks 'cos she's always baking ;)

Enjoy your trip. xx
Hi NT,
You are bang on right, my Mum could bake for Ireland, signs on her sons! Sadly, she has suffered 2 major strokes and numerous mini strokes, she can just about make a pot of tea. I didn't disclose my Exante journey to the folks, but they have noticed my increase in energy. I tackled into forensically cleaning the kitchen from top to bottom this evening & still found energy to go for a 40 minute powerwalk on Salthill prom to-night! Previously, I would have ended my evening settled in to a few pints in the local hotel. A major bonus is not suffering the peaks & slumps from sugar & carbs, they used to drain my of energy.I'm not giving up on this feelgood factor.
Well fellow Minis, I have reached the end of Day 6. Certainly, the past two has been different, being away from my home, where I have all my supports around me. I have still managed to stick to it, although, I don't feel as 'slim' as I did yesterday. I am also away from my trusty scales, so I can't monitor progress or otherwise, so I'll just have to wait until my official Weigh-In on Saturday morning.

As far as I am concerned, the scales only tell half the story. I haven't felt this well in years. I am sleeping much better, I am not suffering from my sinuses, my sense of smell has returned, I can smell food cooking from 50 feet away, hehehe and my energy levels are right up there, not just in bursts, but consistently. These are benefits I hadn't bargained on, but they're a hell of a bonus.

I hope I'm not setting myself up for a mighty fall here, but to be honest, the way I feel, loosing weight will be a bonus, I feel like I've got my life back because I now have the energy and ability to do much, much more than I thought possible. Again, I would put a large part of it down to the dramatic increase in the volume of water I'm drinking.

To-day, I was a little crafty & treated myself to 2 Cafe Lattes, by splitting my Vanilla shake in 2, in two 500ml beakers of coffee. Absolutely gorgeous. I bought 4 litres of carbonated water this afternoon and it made a refreshing change from all the still water I had. Small differences, but differences none the less, which introduces a little variety into the diet and helps to keep it interesting...I know, its early days....

Best of luck to all on here, and for those thinking about trying it, JUST DO IT!!!

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Hi Conor, great bonuses in your health and well-being. It's fab to see you so motivated. Nice to be with your parents too I'm sure.
Well done on not giving in to the muffin and fresh cream;) bet your mum enjoyed hers tho. I don't know how often you visit but, she will be so proud of you when she sees the weight-loss you might have to own up to Exante or just say it was a extremely low calorie diet. My parents don't understand the shakes 'thing' they think I'm starving myself by not eating! The fact that I am now getting more vitamins and minerals than I ever did with my usual diet is beyond them :).

A walk on Salthill prom might be a different story tonight tho, is it blowing a gale with you?? Strength exercise as well :p.

Onwards and downwards, the scales are going to be good to you in the morning xxx
Hi Nursetubs,
Finally, I'm Home Sweet Home, tired after 3 tough days work, but I feel that the folks enjoyed the visit & can enjoy the fact that the house has been cleaned like when they were at their fittest. I try to get down to them most weeks, but its not always easy. Yeah they were suspicious of me drinking out of my yellow Sponge Bob beaker, but I love it because its 500ml & ideal for my coffee/shake combos. Yeah, sure they will be delighted to hear of any weight loss, they know work & family life are tough these days, so any weight loss is good news.

My domestic frenzy was exercise enough for to-day If to-morrow is half decent I will take my Boxer for a long walk, she missed me & will love a good hike to-morrow. Not so sure of the numbers on the scale to-morrow, but any loss will be a bonus, just having my soup (pack 2) now.

Good night & happy loosing,


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