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My trip to goal has started!


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I am nearing the end of day 1 and completely forgot how many times I will need to pee :eek:

Today hasn't been that bad, but I know day 3 is the turning point for me...I'm planning on plenty of distractions for that time to try and combat my wanting to eat.

Have managed my water and am just about to have a cup of tea as I'm trying to stretch out the final pack.

Rock on day 2!
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All the best with your restart. You can definitely do it. I started last week and have stuck to it so far so i'm sure you can.


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Very best of luck Joe. Remember that when you do decide you need your last pack, you can always split it and have some for later :)


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Hi Karion, I always forget about splitting the packs!

Fit N Trim: well done for doing the first week, I'll be looking forward to saying I've done the same!

I am doing a few things different this time around: I'm not messing with the packs, no muffins or crisps etc, just chocolate milkshake and water as my medicine. I have introduced a cup of tea in the morning and last thing at night with skimmed milk but my CDC said this would be okay and should not affect my ketosis...although it normally takes about 4 days for me to get into ketosis so I won't really know until Monday whether it has affected or not. Not having a morning cup of tea was one of the hardest things on CD last time, so I'm giving myself this and hoping it will make life easier, it certainly felt like a luxury last night!

Only two trips to the loo in the middle of the night, but it's a pain as my bedroom is on a different floor to the bathroom! Does the bladder get used to it, I can't actually remember?

I'll be popping out today to get some paint and brushes in case day 3 gets to me tomorrow (normally where I start to wobble) so I will paint the kitchen in the evening to shut the fridge up :)

So far today is going well, one pack down, 1 tea and nearly 2 litres of water: am timing trips around loo breaks though :)
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Day 3 finished - no problems!

I am definitely going to have to change my lifestyle, not quite sure how yet. I have realised that I am not at all interested in TV if I can't eat in front of it! Last night I couldn't rest so I painted all the skirting boards in the kitchen and playroom, the breakfast bar and one wall. Tomorrow I am going to paint the walls a different colour. I have also got my eyes on the utility room and bedroom!

Obviously I can't redecorate for the rest of my life so will definitely need to learn to figure something else out. I am hoping to do amateur dramatics maybe one night per week, not necessarily always perform but backstage stuff as well which will keep me busy one night a week. I can see me picking up the guitar soon as well, although I had no interest for that last night.

Am a bit stressed about today, my friend is coming over to stay the night and hubby is cooking dinner for them, but I'm going to disappear for that, and tomorrow I'm going to family for a few hours to see my new born cousin...it's around lunchtime so I know they'll be offering food around. I won't eat the bars so will have to go purely on willpower for that.

I am in ketosis, which is fab, but my hands and feet are cold as milk bottles, I'm having to go to sleep with two hot water bottles. I can't remember if this fades or not or if I will have this for the next 5 months...my daughter won't let me dress her for bed as if I touch her skin she screams :)

Am not finding the water that big a deal either, which is good...peeing is another story though!


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It sounds as if you are doing really well :).

Its odd that you mentioned not being interested in tv unless you are eating. Since I gave up "grazing" I watch very little tv :cool:. While I was on SS minimins replaced my tv and food habit ;), as I started moving up the plans I started my own business outside of my full time employed job so now that keeps me occupied, off the sofa and out of the fridge :p.

I don't envy you with the ketosis chills - keep wrapped up and roll on springtime!

Good luck with day 4 and the weekend.

Take care
Well done on completeing 3 days. :clap:

It should start to get easier now. Congrats on your new cousin. Can you take a tetra when you visit?

I get the ketosis chills too but just wear slippers and thick socks. Not sure what you can do about your hands though.

You sound like you're doing well keeping yourself occupied. I also didn't enjoy tv without munching but have got used to it already. maybe you can have a hot drink while you watch it?

Keep doing what you're doing and keep us posted. :)
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Am on day 7 now, which is great, going to stop counting the days soon as I couldn't figure out what day it was today, which has to be a good thing!

I managed at my cousins fine, had black coffee which wasn't bad at all and didn't think of food the once. I did struggle on Friday night a little but I think it was because I exercised too hard in the morning and just got myself hungry in the head...so, thanks to some great advice, I'm reducing my exercise right down.

I am wearing hiking socks to keep my feet warm but my hands are like milk bottles at certain times of the day, am going to start wearing gloves around the house when I'm not on the computer, my daughter yells when I touch her when undressing her for bed :)

Watched TV quite happily last night, so things are definitely calming down here...although the kitchen is beautifully redecorated and as it leads into the lounge I absolutely now have to do the lounge too!

Weigh in tomorrow, am a bit worried about it and don't know whether to or not but probably should...can't make up my mind on that one. It's not as if I could do any more to lose the weight if the scales aren't reading what I'd like, I'm doing the packs and 4 litres and nothing else, so I can't beat myself up about anything as (unlike all other diets) it's not as if I could have done anything else to speed things along.

My jeans are thankfully already feeling better to wear and am glad I didn't buy a bigger size to get me through this period.

Think I might see what soup options there are as last night I really fancied something hot rather than a milk shake, might have warmed my hands up too!



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Lost 7 pounds in the first weigh in so that's okay, only 6 stones left and that doesn't sound as daunting as you'd think!

I am finding the cold very difficult though; blue nails at the moment, fingers hardly moving on the keyboard and I'm frozen to the bone...only my hands though.

I have to take a hot water bottle to bed to hold so I don't touch my skin as I'll scream :)


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Day 2 for me and i thought i was doing ok...then i saw i cant have any diet drinks (apart from those 2) Anyway, i have had the 3 packs and no food so that's good isn't it? Tomorrow is a new day so it will be onwards and upwards with water.


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Hi Annie, 3 packs and no food is not good, it's fantastic, just keep going like that, glugging the water and you will be at goal before you know it. Won't be long until you are in ketosis, if you aren't already, and then you'll be sailing along.

Good luck for the rest of the night - Joe


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I'm on day 10 and doing good! I spent 2.5 hours decorating last night so eventally decided on an extra pack as I am pretty sure I would have burned the calories and nutrients off and know that's not a good plan!

THe good news is my house is looking fab...an unexpected bonus of this diet.

I also came one today and I'm SOOOOO thankful as I had been trying to conceive and realised the last thing I want is to do that before I have maintained for at least 6 months...and I'm not sure if even then I will want to risk gaining weight to have what might be a risky pregnancy at age 39. I am so fortunate to have one wonderful daughter that I'm not sure I will have another...but I'm not doing anything about it as I know I can change my mind with the wind :) THe good news is I now have no reason not to get to goal and stay there. No obstacles except for social ones which I'll just have to get over.

Have bought some new make up and am happy that I'm starting to look better...my skin certainly looks great again (4 litres of water does have its up side) :)
thanks Mandy

i was very happy with my 1st week loss especially as i cant exercise because of back problems.
looking for a good loss next week?? i think i will be slowing down for a couple of weeks??


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