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My Weight Loss Ramblings and other things :o)


Keeping on going!! :o)
Hi - I'm Ju. I'm a single Mum who currently lives in the Midlands with my little girl. I am a teacher.

I've been doing a weight loss challange for the past 11 weeks (week 12 was Thursday) and I've lost 22lb following ww! Yey for WW. It was a Herbalife challenge, but I like food too much to supplement for shakes etc (their protein bars are rather gorgeous and I used to point them at 2point a bar!)

Somehow, no idea how - as I was sure I was up 3lb on Thursday - I have lost 1lb this week (meaning my total % weight loss is about 11.4% !!).

So how are the rest of you doing? and more importantly, what's for dinner tonight?

I've got glamorgan sausages and fresh bread roll and plenty of delicious salad (oh, and some white wine ;):p )

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Hi and welcome to the WW boards. Its always great to have a new dosry to read. You will find lots of support here and you're doing great already.

Good luck



Keeping on going!! :o)
Thanks for the welcome M - How are you today?
I'm awake - I'm brimming with ideas for the kids at our church today, we're going to make a colourful welcome banner to go to replace and ugly very off-white sheets of paper and old discoloured sellotape. I wonder if we should laminate it before it goes up so it lasts longer?!

I'm currently having my usual healthy start to a morning, a glass of cold diet coke to help wake me up, then will consider food a bit later. I know the diet advice is to eat within an hour of waking, but the last thing I often want to do at that stage is eat. Should I just have a few crabsticks to munch to start of my metabolism?
Welcome Ju and goodluck. it sounds like you are doing really really well.
Mmm crabsticks! Not sure if I could stomach them so early in the morning haha! Congratulations on your weight loss, hope you have continued success! :)
welcome to the boards - congrats on your loss so far - thats fantastic! :D

what do you teach? I would have guessed you were a teacher even if you hadnt mentioned as soon as you mentioned the word "laminate" :D haha!

hope you've had a good day :) xxx


Keeping on going!! :o)
I'm a primary school teacher - I've done more supply since my daughter was born, but I am starting my wonderings about getting a real class of my own (rather than borrowing other people's!)

What do you do?
i currently work for Sainsbury's as a Counters Assistant but I start my secondary ICT PGCE next month :) x
aye most of the time! :D i'm really looking forward to the challenge anyway :)

hows your day been? hope its been alright for you :) x


Keeping on going!! :o)
Yes, we had a lovely day. It would have been my wedding anniversary yesterday, but obviously not as xh is up in Yorkshire (yay!!). I took my dd(6) and her friend R to a play place and met some friends and their little uns! We had such a nice day. Was nice to get out of Brum too!

Today I was volunteered to help do some stuff for the site - apparently the task means we should get some funding for what our church does (employment advice). Going to the Gym for Aqua Aerobics soon :)


Keeping on going!! :o)
Back from my Aqua Class. I do love it, even if it's hard work lol.She really makes us work. I'm sure it's more than 3 points worth. I also swan for 20-30 minutes before and after the class (on my back cos I hate getting my face under water - hmmm!)

Food log:
(B) - 2 weetabix (2) Skimmed milk (0.5) 3 Crab Sticks (0.5)
(L) - Chicken breast (2.5), Coleslaw (2) Salad (0)
(S) - Fruit pastilles (2) Sugar free Jelly (0) Fat free yoghurt (1)
(T) - Eggs (4.5) Smoked Salmon (1.5) Mushrooms (0) - Made Scrambled Egg b4 gym! Be good to self crisps S+P (1)
(S) - Rice Cake things (1.5)

Total: 18.5 out of 19
(ooo could that be a pimms and lemonade?!)


Up for the challenge
Hey my lovely. Welcome!!! Sorry for the delay i have been a bit hopeless. Well done on your weight loss to date that is brillo. You will love it on here it's sooo helpful.

oOo a primary teacher how exciting!!! I am hoping to start my KS2 PGCE next September (i didn't make my mind up quickly enough this year). I'm hopefully going to be doing some teaching abroad this year with my church though so that should be good.

Good luck with your journey. Take care x x x


Keeping on going!! :o)
Hi Saski. Thanks for the welcome. Nice to meet you. Everyone does seem really nice here. I think it's the support that helps us to keep on going with this weight loss thing. My Mum keeps asking for my advice on food etc (helps that I do the majority of the cooking here too!)

KS2 Pgce? Good luck. You will love it, but you will never have managed to fit so much into your life lol. And another christian? :) My Mum is a vicar here, and I co-ordinate/do much of the children's stuff (we have 3x6yo, 2x5yo, and a few under that! I'm owned by one of the 6yo!)

Think we are going to a children's farm today - K loves those sorts of places. I'd like to go to one with the jumping pillows (like trampoline) and do some jumping ;) How many points do you reckon in 20-30 mins of jumping?


Keeping on going!! :o)
Lovely day out yesterday. Yummy lunch in Harvester (in Coventry). Think mine worked out about 8 points altogether!

B - Special K Cereal bar (1.5)
L - Lots of salad (just 3 trips!) (0), chicken, no skin (4), 3 chips (1), third of garlic bread (2), Sugar free jelly (0)
T - 2/3 hot dog with mustard (5)
S - 4x Snack-a-Jacks (2) 6 seafood sticks (1), fruit juice ice lolly (0.5)
Points used: 17 out of 19

B - Cereal bar (1.5)
S - 2x mini pain au chocolate :break_diet:(5) 2x glasses of fruit juice (3)
L - Bean salad wrap (3), Crabstick wrap (2), Crabsticks (1)
Points used so far: 15.5 out of 19 (oh dear!)

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