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My Weightloss Diary by mum_of_one :) !!

I thought I would start a little diary as I really mean business this time. My name is Tracey, I am 37 and have a little boy of 2half.

I have done WW before with great success. I got some weight off in early 2008 on CD and am now trying to get the rest off with normal food.

I am currently on day 2 and its going really well. I will try and post in other member's diaries but sometimes I cant always get peace and quite on the PC ;)

Happy slimming :) XXX
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Good luck with the weight loss tracey let us know how you get on...
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hello and goodluck :) x


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Hi Tracey, hope all goes well this time round :) Catch up soon xxx
Hi all

Well on day 3. I am feeling so positive this time. My little boy and I woke up with coughs and colds today. God sake. So sick of getting colds!

Had my porridge so far. I am off to buy some vegan cupcakes this morning. They are beyond orgasmic! But they are 5 points each. I have my family coming round for tea so will buy 4 one for each of us.

I will post my daily points usage later on


P.S. Thanks for words of support
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I found your diary! :)
Good luck with it! I look forward to finding some tips on vegan meals
Hey everyone,

Well I really cant believe how I am sticking to this. I am so proud of myself. I think I must be in the right frame.. ok so food so far today :

Breakfast :
60g of porridge oats made with half water, half soya milk (4.5)

2 large naval oranges (YUM) (1)

Jacket potato (3) Vegan coleslaw (made by me) (1.5)
Salad consisting of toms, cucumber, spring onion and lettuce, 2tsp of olive oil (2)

2 Vegan cupcakes!! ooops (10)

22 points so far!! I get 29

Hope everyone having a great day


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Just thought i would pop in to say hi and good luck. Im new to ww too - started last week so guess we shall lose together

Donna x
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hey Trace! glad to see you've made yourself a diary.. i didnt realise you were vegan!

What day are you weighing in on this time? still fridays or are you changing?

sorry to hear you're both full of cold again.. vitamin C! :D
Hi Donna,

We must support one another! God knows I need it each day. Have you got a diary I shall have a look.

Hi Rach,

I get all the colds off little un. Yes I am Vegan. Was a vegetarian for 7 yrs and succombed to a bacon sarni! I was drunk :( But after about a yr of eating meat I then went back to veggie then to vegan. Weighing in on Wednesday now. Doing it on my own at home. Just cant afford classes right now.

Thanks for support

S: 19st2lb C: 19st2lb G: 13st0lb BMI: 42 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
best way - classes are so expensive.. you could even put that £5.50 away if you wanted, in a jar towards some new smaller clothes! :)

and dont feel bad.. bacon sarnie would be the make or break for me if i were vegetarian too.. i could give up everything else.. but not bacon sarnies!
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Good luck with ww. I know what you mean about going to ww meetings they are expensive. I'm going to do a few to get me motivated then go it alone! Hope you and your sons cold gets better soon. I've spent all week in bed with a cold and flu - yuk - don't think work are happy with me and family all getting bit bored of mum ill!!

Anyway good luck again:D


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Glad your week is going well hun!
And going it alone sounds good to me, I dont do meetings either :D
Anyways, good luck with your weight loss!
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Gosh, Vegan - that must be quite tricky.

My OH is veggie and that's hard enough sometimes - particularly when eating out.

You sound really organised though making vegan coleslaw and everything.

Well done on getting to day 3 (or maybe even 4 now?) in tact. xx
Hi everyone,

Thanks for all the really nice boosts of confidence and support. It really does help.

Well day 4!!!!! YAY!!!

I have to deduct 4 points off my allowance today as went over last night. So going to be extra good. I got on scales this morning and had a sneaky weigh in and I was VERY pleased!!!

Being vegan isn't too difficult. I dont eat out much at all :( boo hoo! I also have a book called animal free shopper which helps me find the hidden animal ingredients in all the foods so I can tell what I am eating. You wouldnt believe how much food has crushed beetles in!!!! YUCK!

Have a lovely day all XX


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S: 13st11lb C: 12st6lb G: 10st12lb BMI: 25.7 Loss: 1st5lb(9.84%)

Well done on your sneaky look on the scales - although i do not think im meant to endorse that behaviour LOL!!!

You're doing great

Have a good day xx
S: 19st2lb C: 19st2lb G: 13st0lb BMI: 42 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
glad to see you're still going strong - this positivity is a breath of fresh air after how down you were about it all before xmas...

so glad you're doing well - looking forward to seeing these scale results on wednesday! :D x

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