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My WW Diary - Back Again

Well I have seen all these people on here writing up posts of how they're going with their weight loss journeys so thought why not put one up myself.

In the last 2 years I have put on nearly 3stone. My 2 year old is disabled so I gave up work to look after him full time when he was born so with having post natal depression and being in the house so much the weight just crept up on me.

I have tried the Lighterlife diet in the past and have to say that made me feel crap, I had no energy felt sick, even worse when I tried to get those shakes down. Really huge well done to anyone that managed to stick to that. Also done slimming world in the past and that worked pretty well although I felt like I had completely no social live.

On to now. I am doing weight watchers. Started on the 9th of feb at 15.13lbs. Then First week lost 3lbs and second week 2lbs. Hoping for another 2lbs on saturday but any loss is just great. I have completely given up alcohol too so 20days of sobriety too which is pretty tough. So my social network these days is basically the computer because those who's support I needed to support me on this aren't really being very supportive, they just don't really understand I suppose. I am giving it 100% to get fit and healthy for my holiday in september and just really for me in general. I am warning though there will probably be a few pages of my rants every few days of me getting fed up of "friends" lack of support and cancelling gym sessions or trying to temp me to go out and drink!

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i also have about three stone to lose :) i'm quite new, being in my fourth week of WW but its all going well so far! i'm down 8lbs. Best of luck for saturday! Everyone on here is really kind and supportive, i'm sure you'll find all the help you need to succeed. Good luck keep updating! xxx Charlotte
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Hey hun, welcome to minis! Its good to have you on board and trust me, this place is a godsend on those days where you need a rant to ppl who understand!

Sounds like you really have had a hard time of it- I cant imagine how it must feel to go thru PND altho have been on a course this week learning about it (im training to be a social worker so i can work with children and their families) and it sounds really like a major ordeal! So hugs for you hun!

Well done on your losses so far, you have done brilliantly- you'll be there in no time (unlike some of us who struggle to lose a lb a week lol!). Stick with it, stick with us, and dont forget there is always someone here to hear what you have to say!



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Hi Hunni and welcome. I have 5 & 1/2 stones to lose. You have done well to lose thse 5lbs hunni well done!



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I just wanted to say welcome! .... As others have said this is a lovely board ! and were alll lovely if just a tad mad and ummm well nutty! hehe ......... Ive got 4 stone ish to lose and wil be here for the duration! .........

Looking forward to reading your posts! xx
Thank you all.

Just want to say thank you to you all for your lovely reply's. Its great to have a support network while were trying to loose the weight. Were all going through this together.

Well I got weighed this morning and I am so so chuffed. My biggest weight loss ever. 4lbs this week so I now have my first silver seven and have lost a total of 9lbs in 3weeks. :):):):):):) - maybe a few too many smileys but I am really happy.

Anyways getting my new treadmill delivered tomorrow too so I will be starting to exercise now too something I haven't really done. Anyway off to update my tracker! :):)
Wow, 4lb in week 3 is fantastic!! I don't think there were quite enough smilies for a loss like that! Haha!

Welcome to mm's ;)

Well my weekend was pretty good, had some chocolate on saturday night and it was well worth it, but I made up for it by having less over sunday and today. Pretty hungry now tho. I bought a treadmill and it got delivered today so now I can step up with the exercising too, that was always the problem, my friend kept canceling gym sessions so now i've no excuses. My 2 year old loves it too. Gonna have a big glass of water and a hot bath stop me thinking about those packet of space raiders that are tormenting me from the kitchen! Will update soon. Vicki xx


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Hi Vikki

Forget the space raiders hunni! Just think of that 9lbs you have lost!

Shopping trip!

What a day I have had today, was using my treadmill yesterday when I noticed that I was in some desperate need for a sports bra, it really wasn't a pretty site without it, so I got up at 9 this morning and headed to Primark to buy one. A 30 minute planned shopping trip turned into a 5hour trip with everything but the kitchen sink, I ended up buying 2 pairs of joggers and a vest top, sports bra and leggings all with the excuse that I need to get all these so that I can work out properly, then I felt guilty for buying myself things and not getting my husband and son something so ended up buying then a few bits and bobs as primark is such good prices. By the time I got in I was shattered and didn't feel up to cooking so ordered a chinese. I had 8points in my saved bank and had loads of activity points from the amount of walking(shopping really is the best exercise) I have done today so I didn't even go over my points(just). I think an early night is in order. I'm going to go up to bed now and watch the soaps and that new rock rivals program looks good, thank god for sky+ don't know what I would do without it!

Vicki x:)


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Well done VickiLouise!! your doing brilliantly!! xxxx
Weigh in tomorrow, not looking forward to it at all. I had an easter egg last saturday and a meal out at a hungry horse and didn't realize how far off my estimates were until I read that eating out guide thingy, yesterday. I'm fine with staying the same just really don't want to have gained anything. been good all week other than that, still worried.

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