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Nadine's week 21st - 27th

Discussion in 'Slimming World - Weight Loss Diary' started by Yummum!, 21 July 2011 Social URL.

  1. Yummum!

    Yummum! Member

    After what I thought was an ok week ended up really crap. I weighed in yesterday following a weeks break from being ill and went from 11.4 (2weeks ago) to 11.8. How crap is that. I seem to be really struggling eventhough having only gone over my syns a few times. I seriously need help before this goes wrong :( over those weeks I followed EE but I'm deffo back to red/green. Any advice is seriously welcomed.
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  3. Yummum!

    Yummum! Member

    Right I have been shopping and stocked up. Here goes a new week ....
    21st. Green 11.8st
    B : 28g ready (HeB) with milk from (HeA) blueberries raspberries
    Snack : banana
    L : jacket potato baked beans 28g cheese (HeA)
    Snack : apple
    T : pasta chicken (HeB)
    cucumber tomato 1 tbsp extra light Mayo ( 1/2 ) mullerlight
    Last edited: 21 July 2011
  4. wigglyworm

    wigglyworm Silver Member

    Start Weight:
    Current Weight:
    slim and save
    brush it under the carpet and start a fresh you can do it!!!good luck xxxxx
  5. Yummum!

    Yummum! Member

    Feeling more upbeat today after my p'd off day yesterday. I'm planning on having a good SW day.

    22nd Green. 11.6 1/2
    B : 28g ready brek + ryvita(HeB) milk from (HeA) blueberries raspberries

    L: jacket potato baked beans

    T : mugshot banana apple
    Syns : morning coffee 6
    Last edited: 23 July 2011
  6. Yummum!

    Yummum! Member

    Can you eat too much fruit ? Hubby says you can because of all the sugars. SW says no. Google says you can. I was wondering cus I eat stacks of the stuff well over 5 aday, more like 7 or 8.
    Anyway let's see what today brings ....

    23rd. Red. 11.5 3/4

    B : 42g crunchy bran (HeB) blueberries raspberries mullerlight

    L: omelette with mushroom chicken

    Last edited: 23 July 2011
  7. Yummum!

    Yummum! Member

    Ive written today off! I had a serious bout of munchies and went well over syns. I'm off to work in a mo on a night shift so will be good. Night
  8. Yummum!

    Yummum! Member

    24th. 11.6

    After a bad day yesterday i need to make amends. I was nights tonight so will only have 2 meals today.

    B: 42g crunchy bran (HeB) blueberries raspberries mullerlight

    T: gammon 201g jacket potato (HeB) egg lettuce pepper tomato

    Syns morning coffee 2 1/2 scone 6
  9. Yummum!

    Yummum! Member

    25th. 11.6 3/4

    So why am I more today than I was yesterday? I'll put it down to fluid . Hopefully if I have a fantastic day today and tomorrow my wi on weds should be ok !
    B:28g ready break (HeB) blueberries raspberries

    L : 2x nimble chicken lettuce apple

    T : omelette 28g cheese (HeA)

    Snack : 3 morning coffee (3) snack a jack (2) go a head (3.5). = 8.5 syns
    Last edited: 26 July 2011
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