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Nas's CD Diary


been reading everyones posts for a few weeks which has gave me some motivation but not enough to actually stick to the diet so decided to start my own diary hopefully this should keep me on track!!

Started CD late Oct and lost a bit over stone in 5 weeks. Then went away to Barcelona beginning of Dec for my bday, got engaged, then Xmas then on holiday for 2 weeks. So Dec was very busy n even though I wasn't on the diet I only put on a pound. So I'm not bad at maintaining my weight at all my problem is I just find it Really difficult to lose it!!

Started at 11 stones, I am now 9 stones 11 and want to be 8 stones 10 to take me back to where I was 3 years ago when I was happy n confident n a size 8 :D

I'm going for a few drinks tomorrow night then going to start 100% from sat. I know I shouldn't drink but I don't think I'm gonna be able to resist:(
I had such strong willpower when I started I really want to get there again n follow this properly. If I do then I should be at goal in 4-5 weeks which is not long at all!!

Still gonna be good during the day tomorrow n try n have vodka lemonade tomorrow night which doesn't have a lot of calories.

Wow thats a long post...
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2012..my year2b a size 10
Mmmmm vodka......mmm! Lol..enjoy ur drink hon. Good luck for sat and i do think keeping a diary will keep u going...ur lucky, not much for u to loose xxx
Thanks guys, was in such a rush today forgot my food packs so had scrambled eggs and I piece of toast then salad for lunch and gonna have a food pack tonight. I'm on the 810 plan I get to have sone food anyway.. Better luck tomorrow I guess!!

Just had my teeth whitened gotta say they do look whiter n cleaner worth the money:D
Today wasn't bad had a glass of wine though. Been feeling down so really hard for me to stick to the diet. Meant to be getting married in Sept but haven't even booked a hall so I'm panicking big time!!

So snappy too feel like my emotions are just up n down. Really want to lose this weight cuz it's become an obsession on top of all the wedding stress n plus I just started a new job. Would really like to get my wedding dressed a size I am right now rather then guessing!! Oh well I guess not everyone is lucky enough to be in hood shape naturally :(


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Oh hun, you sound so down!

I ordered my wedding dress a size smaller than what I was when trying it on, so I had something to really push for...and it worked! maybe that's something to think about...

Good luck.
That's what I'm going to do hopefully it will fit me otherwise £3000 down the drain!!
Just woke up so a nice lay in after a whole week of barely getting any sleep, gonna try n be 100%. I find sundays so hard because everyone is at my mums n she cooks really nice food but I'm not gonna sit at the dinner table so I won't get tempted. Need to be as motivated as I was before =)


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How's it going hun?
Not bad but up n down...

Only had one pack yesterday then went out for valentines meal was very good had the sea bass only had a little bread but did have a glass of champagne ( free with the meal) n a glass of wine but considering I hardly ate during the day not so bad.

Done the same thing today so busy I don't get the time to eat had only the soup about 12 n a latte which used all my milk allowance by 7 pm was starving at work so got tandoori chicken from nearby but had a bit too much. Again considering I had hardly anything during the day I'll forgive myself.

Still on my way home from work left at 7.30 am such a long day!!

Kes wots ur target weight if u don't mind me asking? I'm using the iPhone app n I cant see full profile/pictures I think I haven't posted enough on the site..
Feeling very positive today. Was looking for a belt to wear with my new size 10 office trousers and everything was a little big so tried my waist belt on and oh my god it fit around my belly!!! I used to wear it at the smallest part of my waste n it used to be uncomfortable:D

soo happy can't wait for weight in tomorrow my first one jn 2 weeks as I had the week before off to get rid of the cold I'd had for 3 weeks n went on antibiotics. I think I've lost 3-4 pounds I hope sk anyway :)

Really don't feel like chicken n mushroom soup for lunch though I find it soo salty used to really like it before which is weird. Might be naughty n get a greek salad instead from the cafe next door lol
I'm such a weak link grr went n got a salad from the cafe the decided to have some tuna Mayo on top!! Had a spoon full n scraped the rest off in too minds now don't know whether to throw it in the bin or jut finish it. There was only about 3 scoops to start with.. But it's full fat mayo I bet I haven't had that in years always have extra light at home. Don't know wot to doooo
God writing that post made me feel like I have such a sad existence! Can't even get past eating some tuna, I don't know I this obsession will ever leave me even if I hit goal:( All I do in analyse food so sick of it!!
Should have just had the CD soup, the salad wasn't worth getting myself down about. Feel so stupid there's people starving to death n I'm throwing good food cuz I feel guilty eating it even though I really want it they deserve it so much more!
Went for WI today lost 1.5 pounds I guess it's not bad but was hoping for a bit more.
My CDC is away next week so not seeing her for two weeks, hoping for a big loss next time I step on those scales!!


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Well done on your loss! It's a loss in the right direction!
Hi hun, sorry I've not been about... well done on the loss (at least its a loss!) My goal is 10 stone.. which means I have 1 stone 9.5lbs to go...

I want to do it but like you, I keep eating... but ill get through it.
How are you going....

Try not to stress about food so much.. when you get to goal, (how far away is that?) Maybe you need to bring lots of home made meals so that your not tempted by the cafe at work or any around you....

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