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nasty comment


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I went to the toilet today and there was a big queue, in one of the stalls a big woman was holding her son on the toilet, she had the door open and everyone had a good view of her derrier.
the woman next to me in the queue nudged me and pointed at the girl and said " look at the size of that, what a f***ing view" and quite a few women in the queue started laughing.
i was absolutly disgusted, i was this size a few months ago, and so many times heard people laughing, then being paranoid that there laughing at the "fatty" me, when they probablly were.
i`m not sure whether all women are like this towards fat people, as i`ve always been big until now, or this was just 1 horrible person. no one stood up for the girl including me.
felt so sorry for her, but just glad she never heard it.
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its a shame that people seem to do these kinds of things.. whatever happened to live and let live.. eh?

makes me sad =(

x x
grrr thats such a shame, i have the a short fuse with things like that, if she nudged and said that to me i would of turned round and said id rather look at her ass than your face! that would of shut her up!! really really annoys me!
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wow that was really nasty. wasnt called for in the slightest and there was no need for it. i wouldnt go as far to say every woman was like that but there are alot of ignorant rude people walking the streets today that im sure society as a whole wouldnt miss... id never dream of saying anything like that, i keep views like that to myself... she deserves so much better than to hear what one person thinks about her. all it takes is one nasty comment to start the whole emotional rollercoaster hat we all suffered at some point... some people eh!!!
how mean!
One day that person nudging you might have a problem with weight, what goes around comes around, it really annoys me how unkind and down right nasty people can be. Folk I work with were making jokes about dwarfs and were amazed that I protested because my nephew is a dwarf. They did not believe me either! thought I was trying to double bluff them....some sad people in this world...xx


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Well!!That is just typical of the small narrow minded people in this world!If she had been a slim 6 foot model who came out of the loo she would have probably found something *****y to comment on about her,Some people are just horrible,like you said the woman didnt hear her,but,its comments like that you do hear when youre big but you choose to ignore them,thats what I think,I remember when I was 20 I was a size 16 in Dorothy Perkins,some girl said to her mate whats she doing in here shes not gonna find anything to fit,I pretended I hadnt heard it but it made me feel like crap and I left!
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Blimey, I really can't believe in this day and age, when we are all getting bigger (except the enlightened people on Minimins of coURSE!), that people still get on like that.


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it made it worse that about 5 people in the queue were laughing with her. didn`t realise how mean people could be, and the fact that she was so ok with just saying it in public like that.


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Some people are such f**kwits. They have to negate their own insecurities by rudely pointing out someone elses flaws, it's pathetic!!!
Whats worse is these attitudes get passed down to kids I used to work in a garden centre and i was on the till one day and a kid said mummy that lady is really fat, why is she so fat and the parents did nothing to stop her i was mortified i'm now petrified of being in a queue or something with a loud kid behind me cos of what they might say.
what gets me is you actually know your overweight so you don't really need anyone to tell you this fact? People like her need a good slap how dare they have a right to hurt someone with their cruel words. I've had it said to me before they seem to think its ok if there saying it in a jokey fashion. unfortunately it seems peoples attitudes towards overweight people will take a long time to change.
ive had so many comments over the years im kinda of use to it now lol
lorry drivers shouting out who ate all the pies while i was standing at a bus stop

men in car shouting eat some salad
people nudging there freind to look at me


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What about when someones saying a joke or something about fat people to you and they say sorry no offence!How bloody rude is that!
the worst thing i ever had was when i took my sister to alton towers with my hubby and brother.
sister was 14 at the time and we we queuing to go on nemesis and had been queuing for at least an hour when she said she needed the toilet.
i wasnt too bothered about going on the ride so i said i would go with her.
we made our way back through the lengthy winding queue of people , saying ' excuse me, excuse me' as we edged our way out.
suddenly a man (who was standing with wha appeared to be his family and children) yelled out ' omg, fat chick didnt fit in the seat'
im sure many people were disgusted but all i could hear was the thunderous laughter of the people he was with.
i was horrified and felt so bad for my sister too.
i have real issues with my appearance (not that i ever go out anyway) and am very uncomfortable in public. i obviously have not been on another fair ride since that incident and would be happier if i never had to be seen by anyone i dont know.
if only these people knew the damage their tongues cause. :(

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