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Nasty Day 2 !


Yesterday was a total nightmare, I considered giving up!

Started with awful stomach cramps late afternoon, managed to have some McCan potato skin wedge things (3%) and a tiny bit of ketchup and that was it for the day, all I had was Weetabix in the morning, a banana for lunch and the wedges :(

I still took two pills one in the morning and one with the wedges, I didnt eat nearly enough fat though for them to work.

Should I have missed the pills out and by taking them would that have made me feel poorly ?

Also if I eat late, for example I only ate breakfast at 10.30 say I want lunch at 12.30 do I take another or wait till an hour after I have eaten ? Am I supposed to leave a certain amount of time between taking them ?

On the plus side I have lost weight, I havent weighed myself but I know I have, my tummy is flatter and I just feel a bit smaller.

All I need is some sleep now and I will be ready to workout, daughter got me up again at 5am this is the 3rd day in a row now its usually 8am ! I am living on diet cokes to keep me awake !

Also this may be tmi but I have been to the loo and all was normal, I expected some sort of oil slick but no nothing, is this normal if you keep within the guidelines ?

Talk about a grumbling talking tummy though !
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ahhh thats exactly how i felt on my first day...
and i think most of us has some kinds of stomach pains and lack of wanting to eat in the first few days.

i would still take the tablets (i have say weetabix and skimmed milk for breakfast, and still take them) as it then becomes to habbit just to take them if your eating right or not.
its not going to make you poorly taking them if you have not eaten fat..
if you take them and have eaten too much fat and taken them thats when they work...

but if you stick to the rules then they should do nothing.
(but keep you on the straight and narrow!!)
Thank you :) this is what I thought. Even if they were fake pills, the fact that I darent eat anything naughty for fear of what might happen will keep me from doing it
"I didnt eat nearly enough fat though for them to work."
Just to reinforce, you don't need to eat a certain amount of fat for Xenical to work, they are working no matter what amount of fat you eat, you will only be aware of them working if you eat too much.

i had bad tummy cramps the first 2 days and i know there working cos i go the loo more often, i havent had an oil slick yet even tho there are times ive gone over the last time i had really bad stomach cramps all night so i wouldnt do it again! i figure maybe my body works slightly different and thats wh im getting camps but no oil.. but im not complaining!
Thank you that was really useful, I had to work last night (behind a bar) and it was full of yummy snacks it was tempting but I didnt give in


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well done on not giving in!

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