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Natalie Cassidy DVD



Cambridge Diet Counsellor
I agree, she looks fabulous and I'm not surprised her DVD is No. 1. Plus, of course, we can all identify with her journey because she was bigger for so long...fair play to her, I say!
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I have just bought this and am waiting for it to be delivered, will let you know how I find it! x
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I read an article about her only last night in 'Closer' - she looks really fab and hasn't gone too far.

She deserves top place - seems a lovely girl and understands the struggles (although it has to be said she wasn't exactly humoungus).


Cambridge Diet Counsellor
I agree that she wasn't huge but she was certainly much bigger and completely different looking to how she is now and I think its that huge change that we can all relate to.

Before I thought she was just an average looking woman now she is absolutely stunning, so it just goes to show how even just losing a little bit of weight can completely change us.
Good for her, at least she beat the WAGS DVD!!!

I read an interview with her yesterday where she said she lost 4 stone which is amazing, I didnt think she had that much to lose.

Looking forward to hearing what the DVD is like.



a bit different everyday
she always looked lovely didnt she, sort of glowing, but wow that new bikini bod is to die for , wonder if it can make me look like that LOL
S: 15st7lb C: 14st11lb G: 11st7lb Loss: 0st10lb(4.61%)
i have the body now that she had before, so if she rly did get the way she is now by doing the exercises on here dvd then i hope i end up with the same bod she's got! I plan to do it 3x a week and im eating very healthily on a cal controlled diet too! x


Intuitive Eater
I think she looks like a lollipop now, I hope she doesn't lose anymore weight. What diet did she followed, that can't have been through exercise alone surely?
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I think she has done brilliantly and she should be applauded. In an interview I read with her, she said "It wasn't about diet, it was about exercise.." (but she would say that flogging her new DVD wouldn't she?!!!). Then she claimed she did her DVD for 50 minutes x 5 days a week.

I was angered when she said "I wasn't just fat, I was obese...my BMI was off the scale" yet she was claiming she was 10st 7lbs at 5ft 4in, which to my reckoning must only make her BMI less than 26! Hardly obese!!!

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