Nearly finished first week


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I am nearly done on my first week. I get weighed on monday at lunchtime and i cant wait. I have felt ok all week and have not stopped drinking water.
Am i allowed sparkling water?
Also can we use the listerine mouth strips?
Hope someone can help, I have been drinking sparking water as it fills me up more so i hope its allowed. Im sure i read somewhere it was but cant find it
Thanks guys for all your advice and support during my first week, just reading all your posts has kept me going.

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It's great isn't it? :D

Sparkling water is fine and the listerine mouth strips are a must! :D

Good luck with your WI. x


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Hiya, first week eh? I hope it wasn't too tough on you. I've completed my first week today.

Sparkling water is fine, you're allowed to drink it. Just make sure you drink at least 4 pints (litres) or more if you can. Listerine strips are alright to use.

Good luck!

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Fingers crossed for Monday Nikki, good luck, it's a great feeling when you leave the chemist on the first weigh in you just can't wait for the next.
I love my Listerine strips, unfortunately so do my children so I have to hide them, they are like gold dust to me :D


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Thanks guys, I used to drink pepsi max often so miss the fizzy . Its great knowing im ok to drink sparkling water as i am finding it easier to drink then normal water. I only managed to find the listerine strips today after searching the whole town so bought 2 packs to get me thru the next week. Thanks guys and will let you know how i get on.


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Well done on completing the first week hun hope your weigh in goes well, its easy going from now, keep it up xx


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Hi there, just wanted to say good luck hon and you'll get that weight off in no time. Your weigh-in will be a great incentive to carry on. :)

Saddia- I think Listerine strips are dissolved in the mouth leaving a minty taste.


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thanx Lyn! I deffo need those! My breath can stink on this diet lol!


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HI Thanks guys.
As i have mentioned before i am only doing this for 2 weeks then refeeding. I'll refeed for a week or so then doing slimmign world over xmas, If i need to get back on LT after xmas then i will but liek some others i need to save a bit of money for pressies so will see how i get on.
Thanks again guys


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Hope ya do well for monday hunny!! Please keep us posted on how well ya are getting on


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Good luck tomorrow :)


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Well guys i know i shouldn't but i weighed at home this morning just to see and i have lost weight which is keeping me going. I wont say how much, as i just want to tell you my true weigh in tomorrow.
Thanks for your support guys
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Good luck with your WI tomorrow Nikki...i'm sure it will be a fab one!!! Caz xx


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Best of luck with the weigh in. I'm sure you'll have great results


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Oh i wish it was monday lunchtime, i just want to know what i have lost in the week. Its also TOTM but am carrying on my pill so i dont have it. But am assuming ill still have a bit of bloating and water retention especially after all the water im drinking. I am just hoping that i have a big loss next week too.
Thanks for all you support guys. I have found today really hard, had headache, even though i had drunk 2 litres of water by lunchtime, Just having my last shake now. Have wanted food all day but OH has actually been nice and done his own meals. But OH did say i was getting my shape back and that he could see it had gone a bit from my stomach which is good.
Really wanted to get on Wii fit but thought id wait till next week as dont want to feel lightheaded.
Right enough of the moaning.
Ill go to bed early and then morning will be here quicker just got to get through morning at work.
Thanks again guys you are all doing brillantly, keep it up