Nearly Through Day 2!


I ate my willpower!
Hi All

Nearly through day 2. I have drunk 4 litres of water and buying the Kenwood Frothie Maker was the best suggestion ever. It made my soup perfect. I also had a cup of hot water with a teaspoon of bullion and it was so comforting. It was actually really tasty.

My sister is a type 1 diabetic and she is going to test my blood for ketones as it is more accurate than the ketosticks. She has to check for ketones because it could be fatal for her!

I am not sure any of you would want to test your blood - (only a pinprick) but you can buy the kits from Boots I think. Depends how much you want to know if you are in ketosis or not. I will only be getting her to do it once!

From Fat to Thin
I am not a fan myself. I have to close my eyes when she pricks my finger. I give blood every 12 weeks and it is always the finger prick thats hurts the most!:p
Well done Sarah, keep up the fab work, great work on the water x
OMG Kazz! Giving birth is full of needles and yukky things! At least mine was!

Here is to day 3 and hoping I am in ketosis!
Well done Sarah.
I use the p sticks, I hate the thought of having my finger pricked .... hurts like he**!!