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Need a bit of encouragement...


Ok, firstly, please forgive the self-indulgent moan that's about to occur! I just need to get the moan off my chest and get some of the lovely support that you peeps do so well...

I lost one pound this week. Hurray, you might say! But (as I've posted on the weighing thread and in my diary, so am clearly repeating myself!) I am so disappointed in myself.

I know I shouldn't be moaning about losing weight! I was SO disappointed though. Mega gutted! I really thought I was on for a decent loss. I mean, I'd done two runs and some other exercise, eaten like an angel, loads of fruit and veg, quorn, virtually no booze, lots of water and still had some fun with my syns allowance. You can see why I might think I'd be okay!

The things I know...it's off not on, that's the first thing. I'm healthy, getting fitter, I'm sure I'm losing inches and changing shape a bit...

But I feel like I'm teetering on the edge of a binge week. Last night I had a couple of glasses of wine - no takeaway though (some small mercy lol!) and I've just started the day with a big, white, buttery bagel, even though I had grapefruit before setting off for work.
OH and I are off work tomorrow and travelling down to Basingstoke. Should be able to cope with the day, but Thai meal tomorrow evening. Then there's Saturday to negotiate. I do plan on taking loads of fresh fruit and trying to be good, but you know when you can just feel it slipping away from you...

I just don't know what else I can do. I tried SO hard last week. Can you try too hard? Should I be more relaxed? I want to carry on with SW as a healthy way of eating for life, and to be fair, I don't think I'm a terribly unhealthy person anyway. But SW isn't going to be my way of eating forever if I have to try hard and have nothing happen!!

Thanks folks... *sigh*
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It will be the runs! when you increase your exercise it shows adversley on the scales. I had MA gradings at the weekend, 4 hours worth, and STS. I usually gain after my gradings due to the increase in exercise.
Oh hun, I'm sending you big hugs. I know how you're disappointed and I know me saying that you should be proud of yourself for losing won't help.

I think you are doing everything right and you just need to persevere and not give up. If you give up then all your hard work will be for nothing and you will be miserable. You are sooo near your goal and you WILL get there.

You say that nothing is happening but how much weight have you lost over the past 4 weeks? Something IS happening - you're shrinking and losing weight at a healthy rate and at a maintainable pace.

Stick with it hun. You may not know it, but a lot of us on here look up to you.

xxx :hug99:
That's what my consultant suggested - and another woman in class who's taken up boxercise....

I am struggling to comprehend that though! How can running, which burns calories, increases fitness etc, etc, hinder weight loss?!

It's looking likely, from others' experience, but I just don't get it! :hmm:
Thanks Stacey...that's a really lovely thing to say! X


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Muscle is denser than fat therefore inch for inch it weighs more. You also will store some water in your muscles at first. When you set your exercise levels and make them habit you will notice the shrinkage more!
It will be making a difference Rach - to fitness and muscle tone and the way your clothes fit and feel...

I'm focusing on super speed too. Just been planning what to make for dinner that's entirely S or SS! I have such a treacherous weekend ahead, I need to make sure I don't gain...gawd can you imagine what a mess I'd be if I do, when I'm this gutted after a loss! LOL!

I'm not going to have a run this week. I'm going to do a few long walks, perhaps a swim and a bike ride. See if that makes a difference....
Hey Hellie, Have you had enough syns do you think? It is so so frustrating when you really feel you should get a good loss and you don't get what you're hoping for. Are you being a bit too strict with yourself perhaps?

It seems to be a recurring problem where people are angelic all week and get a disappointing loss, they then enjoy their syns a bit more and get a good loss.

Stick at it, you've done so well and have fab advice for everyone on here!


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Helli - try and keep a handle on it hon...the big loss is likely to show next week. I know that's what happens with me...I'm 100% on plan one week and either stay the same or get a tiny loss but the next week is when it shows.
Hi.....I think you should be really proud of yourself....you are increasing your exercise level which will pay dividends in the long run as once you get over the intial weight fluctuation of muscle being heavier then you will burn calories quicker.......

I know a lb may not sound like much and I know you wanted more....but as someone has said on here before...even 1 lb a week is 52lbs in a year - that's a whopping 3st 10lbs.....I would be very happy with that loss!
*hugs* hellie! I know your disappointed. I would be too. Especially when you are doing so well on the weekends after a bit of a struggle at first. All I can say is don't give up and know that eventually you WILL see the loss.
I know a lb may not sound like much and I know you wanted more....but as someone has said on here before...even 1 lb a week is 52lbs in a year - that's a whopping 3st 10lbs.....I would be very happy with that loss!
I've not looked at it like that - I'm so keen for the lb's to just fall off in huge chunks, but not actually broken it down to what that would be over a year. :D 3st 10.... ooh yes please!
She's right!

1lb a week on the progress chart puts me getting to target at the end of September. Now, I am actually aiming for the start of August, which is two months earlier! But you know, if it's Christmas...it's fine!


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Exercise if good and although it may not show on the scales initially it will show eventually. And it will show in other ways! Don't forget to do your measurements too. Go and look in the News forum and Jim has posted a thread about why the gym makes you fat. All about cardio exercise, very interesting
That's quite an interesting article! Although somewhat sensationalist perhaps...for the effect.

Basically it's saying be active, build up the cardio gradually and do some light weights too, rather than going all out on the hard cardio.


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