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Need Help......URGENT !!!


Can't wait to have 1 chin
I'm going to my aunties for tea,she's cooking savory mince, rice & peas.

I've worked out the points for the savory seasoning, rice & theres no points in peas right?

But what about the mince ! i txt her and asked for values but she bought it from the butcher and it has none on !!

Argh !
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Peas do have pp value of 1pp for 50g.

As for the mince, if its from a butcher it wont be lean so its 7pp for 125g.

hi minced beef, raw, 140g is 8pp and sorry to say peas are 1pp per 1 heaped tbsp/35g. sugar snap peas are 0pp - enjoy your meal :)


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ooopss beaten to it lol. Too busy looking it up for you!
When you got your pack did it not have a little handy pocket guide in it? It's brilliant for quickly checking the points of things


Can't wait to have 1 chin
Bloody hell, its a good job i've eaten naff all today.

Tea is going to be about 20 pp !

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