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need some advise tips and support on Cambridge!


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Hi guys
I wanna lose 7st on ss! Has anyone else done it from a bmi of around 37? How long did it take? Also any tips on how to mess with the sachets so they're nicer? I've heard you can make a chic type muffin in the microwave with the shake! Is that true?

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not allowed to cook your packs anymore as it destroys the vitamin and mineral contents

what sachets do you have in mind, as there are quite a few and this could take some time!


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Well I'm going to try them all! I'm starting on Saturday. I don't want to add anything though, just have the option to alter them if I'm desperate. Also how do I get a ticker thing? And it won't let me view anyone pics or anything does anyone know why??


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lin18 that's awesome! I'm hoping to do 7st by Xmas so that makes me feel like it's achievable! I love seeing everyones weight loss!
hiya kitt21 i have 7 stone to loose and im only halfway through my 2nd week so ill help you in any way i can if i can :) and you need to post at least 50 messages before you can see peoples pics and have enough room in your signiture for a ticker, once you have done that click on someone elses ticker and it will send you to the page you need to make your own xxx
oh and on the shakes there are a few things you can do with them, eg make hot shakes like hot choccy which is LOVELY!, mix them with ice to make a smoothie or icecream, also there is a thread on pysilium husks which you can add to shakes to make them into a nice porridge which really fills you up and help ermmm any toilet issues that may result in doing ss lol and you can add coffe to the choc shakes to make kind of a mocha thingy, i have yet to try all of this but looking forward to doing so xxx


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I have seven stone to lose too and so far I've lost 24lbs in 5 weeks and I hope to lose the rest by Christmas. Good luck with your Cambridge journey!
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Hi Kitt.

I'm just coming to the end of my first week restarting. Looks like we've got the same goal weight and similar start weights, we should be hitting goal around the same time. Slinky, sexy Christmas dresses here we come.

I love my shakes made with crushed ice, makes them really thick and scrummy. I also love the chocolate and the chocolate mint made hot, perfect for cold nights in. From week 3 you can add mix-a-mousse which you buy from your CDC which does exactly what it says on the tin- makes mousses. I've also heard of people mixing half packs for more variety, eg, Toffee and Walnut + Banana = Banoffee or Chocolate + Vanilla = MilkyWay

Hope that helps a little!
my ticker didn't work! :( the hot choc ideas great! I've hrard the icecream one already but also good! I'm so excited about starting!! Yay!!! What's everyones fave flavours?


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My fave flavour (at the minute, its changes frequently) is hot chocolate mint. Nice hot bubble bath, hot chocolate mint shake and a good book... perfect craving beater!
thanks lisa! They're great ideas! We'll have to compare losses! I'm hoping to do 10lb the first week! That would be great! My CDC gave me some stuff to try and I think it all pretty yummy so far! Let me know what you lose! X


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I'm not so hopeful for a big loss, bloody TOTM arrived yesterday :( If you have a good first week you'll probably catch me up in no time ;) Right, off to WI I go, keep everything crossed for me x
mine came yesterday too so by the time it's gone I'll have a few more days of diet till my weigh in! I'm not being weighed till tues the 9th coz CDC is away. So I should have done quite well! It'll be 10days of Cambridge by then. Good luck x


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Well I'm back- 9 and 3/4 pounds lighter than last week. Dead chuffed with myself, I've done better this time than my first week first time around. Just think how good a loss you'll have had after 10 days on CD. I bet you could lose a stone!


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Thats fantastic Lisa. What I'd give for a loss like that. Brilliant xx


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Thank you Mia hun. Don't forget, I've A LOT more to lose than you- its bound to come off a little quicker. You're doing great hun- here I am, restarting and miles from goal. Whereas you, you've stuck it out, even though you've had a crappy time and you're getting there slowly but surely. Be proud Mia, you're going to look lovely on holiday xx

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