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need to get bk into gear


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Hi everyone,
i cant get myself bk into the swing of thinggs with sw, i have a good 5 days and then blow it all in 2 days, i want to be slimmer by august but like i say i cnt get bk into followong the plan, any tips for me anyone xxx

thanx in advance xxx
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Sorry I am a newbie to SW so not sure but just think you have lost 5lbs so proved you can do it, just think how wonderful it will be to be thin - did that work?????


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S: 14st6.5lb C: 14st6.5lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 32.7 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
yeah i guess it is the weekends cos thats wen i have my treat night, so i tend not to have much to eat during the day, so im starving y the time i come home and thats wen i normally dive in the sweety cupboard boo hoo xx


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ive done slimming world since 2008 on and off and have tried other numerous diets in the past including atkins, diet pills, cabbage soup......the list goes on but s.w is the only diet that has made me lose weight (not water) and keep it off.
admittedly i am struggling at the minute but this is because im following ee and it is just not working for me. from experience having a treat night is a good thing now and again but when you do it every week where your not actually adding any syns at all you can quite easily get into 100 syns and above this then means that for the rest of the week you have to be quite good therefore you feel restricted and fed up and are more likely to go over syns again. i would advise stopping treat nights where you just eat whatever you want and do a flexible syns night instead.
think how many syns you will need for your takeaway/night out/meal etc and stick to it, this way you will feel more in control less like youve blown it and the rest of the week still have between 5 and 15 syns.
there also is no need to be starving yourself all day so you can treat-this isnt how s.w. works. if your feeling hungry your not doing it right and are depriving yourself and as you say you then are so hungry you eat loads of syns instead of a reasonable amount-on a weekend when your having flexible syns fill up on free food through the day and that way when it comes to an evening you wont be starving and shouldnt over eat.

hope this helps hun
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Completely agree with conlou

'Treat' night means you have a battle after WI just to break even again next week, it also makes it harder to get your head back on it the next day AND the word 'treat' is damaging- you should try not to look on things that are off plan at treats if you want to succeed at this long term. There are plenty of food I consider a masiive treat that is free- why not have a real good feed on these after WI?

My treats are ASDA lamb shank in gravy with free mash and peas (all free), smoked salmon, prawns, strawberries with meringue and greek yogurt, mikado boscuits, syn free sausage and SW chips with beans, boiled eggs, mussels, chick pea dhal or any kind of syn free curry with spiced vegetables and rice- the list is endless of on-plan food that is free or low syn that I consider a real treat.

Good luck

I save nearly all my syns for the weekend because I do exactly the same thing. Beauty of ee is that even without the syns during the week I dont feel restricted and know I can look forward to a syn fest which is still allowed.I count my syns on a aweekly basis and deduct them as I use them so I always have a running total.Works for me.

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