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Negative Frame of Mind


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Does anyone ever have one of those Days when they feel like they are really going to struggle?

I've woken up this morning and feel in such a negative mood about not cheating.. I've done the kids breakfast and everything in the cupboard was literally screaming at me, I made some Lemon Curd Muffins yesterday and they just smell so yummy that I am finding it hard not to just take a little bite (which no doubt will turn in to a gorge).

I've got my water and have already 1/2 litre just trying to stop myself.

This is the first day on CD that I have felt like this.:sigh:
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Stubborn tortoise
We all have days like that honey, I promise! Think of it as a challenge, and get those muffins out of the house... pronto!



A pound at a time
Yes, We've all had those days. Especially when you're cooking for others. Don't worry. Go for a walk or do some exercises to distract you. Keep busy and keep on here. You'll be fine.
It can be a bit of a shock when one day CD is no problem and then the next it's a struggle to keep on track. It is just a day and will pass if you can just ride it out!! Try and make it easier on yourself and have minimal contact with food ( I know how difficult that can be as have to cook for my daughter) tomorrow will most likely be back to a good CD day. Is a bite of a muffin worth the gorge it will spark?......and the cost to your self esteem and bank balance for wasting a weeks worth of CD money!!!....and CD results. Hang in there!!!! We all go through these ...you are not alone!!!
Stay on track, just think how naughty you will feel tomorrow, it's not worth it!!


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Thanks everyone...

It is really hard today, doesn't help that I have two boys who are constantly asking for something else to eat!

I keep focusing on a dream I had the other day.. may sound a bit weird, but it's were OH and I are out in a club and I am at goal and looking seriously good (wearing sexy skinny jeans and tight black top + killer heels). We are standing at the bar with our backs to the club and one of my OH friends comes up and thinks that he is misbehaving with someone else and then I turn round, he does a double take and realises it's me and is shocked.

Now does that sound strange??

I think once people start noticing that i'm losing weight then maybe it will become easier.

Would love to chuck Muffins out, but made them for OH as a Friday night treat after hard week at work!


Loves life......

I am on wk 8 and believe me have had slips along the way but 25lbs down so all good. I find the most important thing after a slip is getting straight back on it the next day. Dont be too hard on yourself. The one thing I have learned when I slip is that after it makes you more hungry so not really worth it but you will learn that too.

Good luck and stay strong
I know exactly how you feel. I have a boy of almost 3 and I have a house full of sweets, biscuits, crisps and all sorts, full of temptations, but i just keep thinking i'd rather lose 7lb this week than put on weight. Just concentrate on getting through the next hour, then when thats done, concentrate on being good for the next and so on, before you know it the day will be almost over. Stay tough!


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Thanks Lisa,

My Boys are 3 & 18 Months so as you say, my cupboards are full of treats Galore...

Which part of Essex you from? I live right in the sticks about 30mins from Maldon.


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Thanks Sandy...

I am trying to Focus on that... What's the point in doing so Well and then mucking it all up just for one day! Think if it stays nice might take the kids to the park, that way i'm out and away from temptation!
Good idea, I normally distract myself by doing housework (boring I know, but it makes the time pass). I live in Basildon, near the town, so that another way to get distracted, hehe.


Stubborn tortoise
Muffins into tin, hand tin to neighbour till later? Or tin into shed? Sounds insane but hey, it has worked for me in the past!!! Me & muffins cannot share the same building when I am in eat-mode!!! Keep smiling honey, you will be fine.



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Thanks Katy... Have just put them in the garage, locked the door and put the keys in my sons room and just put him down for a nap. So there is no way I am going in there now!


Stubborn tortoise
It sounds mad, but seriously, some days it is the only way!!! Well done hun.



WILL be Slim!
i dont have days when i want to cheat, but i do have days when i wonder if i will ever be happy with my body...having a really fat day today, which is random considering all the weight i have lost....but those days really emotionally drag you down!

Give the muffins to the neighbours or the family, just dont eat them!

I love baking and cooking, and now do it willingly....but for everyone else...never for me! Its something you will get used to hun! I promise!!!


Loves life......

It is very clear looking at your losses that you are 100% commited and well done you. Not everyone is as strong though and this makes it harder as if you eat it creates a chain of cheating and it gets even more difficult so I guess you are a prime example of success.......way to go ....

When Im surrounded by food that im craving I pour washing up liquid on them and chuck them in the bin!! It may be selfish on the others who would perhaps eat them but I think youve got to put your health FIRST!!

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