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Negetive stroke


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Had to share this, a complete classic.

Note, that I have only told my b/f and 2 good friends about me joining LL and have so far lost around 2 stone.

This morning when my work colleague was rummaging round in my desk drawers trying to find some sellotape he found the LL packs I stupidly told him what they were.

He said "You got to eat don't be so stupid"

I explained the programme, tried changing the subject and said he must have noticed the weight loss.

He replied "No, I wouldn't notice, don't look at you"

This afternoon he sent me the link to a nutrient book that I can buy to follow a sensible plan.

It's fine I will not be accepting this negative stroke!
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Poor you Kate.

Tell him what i use to tell people - astronauts don't eat food in space, but take a pill containing all the nutrients/vitamins they need ... and that's what you are doing, but in a packet. Many people don't understand ... and hopefully he is just being kind and concerned - but point him to the CD or LL website if he wants more info.

Good for you anyway - how much have you lost so far???
What a t*ss*r, you should have emailed him back and said 'if you don't look at me why are you so concerned whether I eat or not'.

Is not only astronauts that don't eat, what about soldiers, they have them meal packs.

I have found that people get really scared if other people make a drastic change to their lives and these narrow minded twerps will go out of their way to sabotage you, as it makes them feel uncomfortable.

Good luck to you.
Cheeky Mc Cheeky!

Not sure how you kept your cool. I agree is a bit of denial there, how could you not notice two stone loss on a collegaue you sit near.

Don't worry, you will be laughing on the other side of the sellotape



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I really am proud of myself that I stayed calm. Also the way that I handled it was completely different from pre-LL, I didn't feel the urge to justify my self, or really gave a stuff what anyone else thought! Even if he did then proced to 'lecture' me for the next 2 hours about healthy eatting.

Dont really know why I told him :) I was getting a bit worried as he has been questioning me a bit recently about if I'm OK. My LLC did make the point that at some point soon I will need to tell people that I am on a diet or they may worry that I am poorly with the weight loss. She was saying one of her friends broke down and asked her if she had cancer.

Anyway, I'm still trucking.

Sarah - Ignore the cakes in the office, your weight loss this week will be far more satisfying than a cake!!

Kate x
How rude!
What gives in the right, it bloody well makes me blood boil !

Stuff em , you are on the side of the angels hun, and the confidence you are regaining will help you cope with this kind of negativity,that at some stage we all have to deal with on LL.
I personally find it facinating in a david attenborough kind of observing mammals way because peoples reactions are just so different arnt they? I think it sorts out the good fromt he bad myself , makes them reveal a lot about themselves.
Big pat on the back for keeping your cool
yes just to add had a reaction last night when met with group of friends.

First comment from one (she was half cut by time I arrived!) 'Sam ...... Don't lose anymore, you arn't going to loose anymore are you' and so it went on.

I forgot to say the BMI answer, but did say as I laughed it off yes I am going to lose a bit more and as an young (other friends laughed at that!!! LOL) inteligent women I'll make up my own mind. Have to say like you did not give a stuff what she or anybody else thought, and other friends just looked at me with the knowing nod of just ignore her.

Mates, who'd have em?

Cherry Plum

One day at a time
This week I had the comment of 'you don't want to lose any more of your face' !!!!!!!
How the hell doe's she suppose I do that then?
I do not chose where to lose the weight, thats my bodies job to decide that one.
I am just amazed at others comments.
Hi -
You've done and are doing really well - keep on track and ignore unhelpful comments from "well-meaning" friends and colleagues.
Similar story to the other ones on this post - two friends of mine + families came round for lunch the other day arriving at separate times. One knows I am on LL and the other doesn't - not for any particular reason, just haven't felt like telling the world at this point unless they ask. The first friend (5ft tall, petite) sort of frowned when she saw me and said the usual " you're not going to lose any more, are you?" . I said with a smile (even though I felt like headbutting her :p,) "well, only the 2 and a half stone needed to get me to my healthy BMI " The second friend who arrived later did NOT mention my loss at all nor the fact that I didn't eat the food that I had prepared and only had a cup of soup. How weird is that. Friends hey!!

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