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Nelly's Progress

Tuesday 26th January 2010

Well having had enough of feeling rubbish on the Cambridge diet I'm hoping to lose the next 5 stone low carbing it.

Today felt weird eating real food all day and my tummy has felt weird as in I've felt it working and it hasn't had to for a while! It's also weird feeling filled up (trying not to get full up, just satisfied) and my tummy bloating up as it has food in it.

I planned out my 3 meals and had a snack in the middle of the afternoon 'cos I got hungry. Filled up the fridge in things I can eat in a rush. Worked out what I'm having for tomorrows meals too so there's not faffing with working out what I'll have at the time.

Onwards and downwards (as in weight obviously!).
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I'm sure you've made the right decision and hopefully your tummy will soon settle down and you can start to enjoy all that delish real food!

Always find it helps to plan ahead...
It's really good that you are planning ahead Nic, I always feel that's a positive sign. Good luck and keep it up love.
I feel "heavy" this morning. I'm sure it's just because I ate 3 times yesterday and my insides aren't used to that much solids in there. Must get some of that fibre that you can put in drinks today. It's cold and frosty this morning and after I've taken my DD to pre-school I'm taking my dogs out for a nice long walk. About an hour. That'll do me to start off. Plus one of my dogs is a tripod so gets worn out quicker than the other one. Right, off for my breakfast and some water.
Nelly, make a MIMs for breakfast and step into another, brighter world!
The recipe is at the top of the page.

Muffin in a Minute is made of flaxmeal, egg, butter or oil and baking powder. It is very low in carbs, very nutritious, and will cleanse out your system in no time. Better still it can be made savoury (like bread) or sweet (literally like a yummy muffin). They are suitable for Induction and taste heavenly.

I have one every day now, and have since I first discovered them weeks back. I understand what you mean by the heavy feeling (ie fullness!). Your tum is just not used to it but it soon will be and you will feel much better.
Morning Nelly - whats a tripod dog? Is it like one of those handbag dogs?
No its a dog with three legs - usually had one amputated due to illness or accident.
lgylsen - he only walks on 3 legs on the road as he lost his toes on his back left leg when he was 1 (7 years ago) so he has a stump instead of a proper foot. He does use it on carpet and grass sometimes though.

Girly - can I get flaxseed from H&B or Julian Graves? I'm going to look for the muffin recipe now and print it out.
You'll find it in the Geeks, Freaks and weirdo's aisle in Tesco Nic
Thanks Jim!

Can anyone recommend anything else to flavour it with as it says cinnamon in the recipe and I CAN'T STAND cinnamon.

Also it says one packet of splenda. I have a box of powdered splenda, how much do I need? 1/2 a tsp?
Glad you asked that Nelly - I hate cinnamon too and same question on the splenda. Im going to make some this weekend.


going to do it!!!!
hi nic,
im sure youve made the right choice, i did the same and spent all last year either on cd or off(mostly off) i would get to day 9 and binge and put back on whatever i lost it was horrible but switched to atkins 2 weeks ago and cant praise it enough i think its fab:):):)
In 6 days, 4 days cambridge (with eating 2 small meals too as the dizziness was unbearable) and 2 atkins days I've lost another 5 lbs! Yay me!

So that's 1 1/2 stone for 2010 and 1/2 in 2009 (up and down in 2009) makes 2 stone in total! Woo hoo! Only another 4 stone and 11 lbs to go!

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