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Nervous that I may have caught measles..

I've found out today that the lady who works for me has been diagnosed with measles (not german measles). As we spend 6 hours a day together, I've obviously been exposed and have no idea whether I have immunity to it or not. I've never had measles but hopefully I was exposed as a kid and acquired immunity. I'm too old to have had the MMR!

I didn't think measles in pregnancy was a problem but I've been googling it and all the reputable websites - NHS, Royal College of Obstetricians etc say that if you catch it in pregnancy there is a HIGH risk of stillbirth, miscarriage and prem delivery. Given that I'm 24 weeks and have been advised against further pregnancies after this one, I really really don't want to lose this baby. I will be a bit nervous for a couple of weeks until I can be sure I haven't caught it.

The NHS advice is to inform your doc as soon as you know you've been exposed, even though it doesn't seem there's much they can do about it. I am seeing my obstetrician on Monday so will tell him then. Praying I haven't caught it.
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Fingers crossed for you, I don't know much about measles to be honest I know they test your immunity against German Measles (rubella) but I don,t think they do it for measles?
Yes, I've been trying to remember if measles was part of the blood test but I don't think it was. I know my immunity to german measles came up absolutely fine in the blood tests. I'm mainly just hoping I haven't caught it but I will be asking the doc what they mean by a "high" risk - what kind of percentage and whether there's anything I can do to improve my odds.

Until this I hadn't even realised measles was a problem for pregnancy - I guess because it's rare in the UK these days. It seems to be sweeping through the adults here, even younger ones. I googled not expecting to see any warnings and got rather a shock! Incubation seems to be 10-14 days so I guess I'm waiting for 2 weeks though of course with it doing the rounds I could catch it from someone else at a later stage of the epidemic even if I haven't got it yet. I hope they can tell me I'm immune!
Just thought I'd post here what I posted on my diary over in Members Only as the scan with the obstetrician gave some cause for concern:

"Blood pressure, urine, weight and baby measurements were all OK.

However - various things weren't. The baby's heartbeat is rather low and lower than it's been to date. The cord flow is lousy - right on the line that separates acceptable and insufficient. DS's was never that low and he had multiple tears in the placenta. The obstetrician is concerned and says there is nothing we can do, except re-scan me in 2 weeks to check it is still growing - if is isn't.............

The measles thing is also potentially a worse risk than I thought. The doc says it is unlikely my vaccination can be relied on to protect me - he says most of the cases in this outbreak here are 30-40 year olds who were vaccinated but it must have worn off as they're catching measles anyway. That puts me right in the group. Apparently giving me any vaccine or immunoglobulin now is too late - I'd have needed it before we knew that the home help even had measles, the window was missed. He says it's very unfortunate that I've been exposed to it like that but there is nothing that can be done now to alter the odds. I have symptoms of a very mild cold and he says that could be measles but it's too early to tell. He says that if I do have it, then it is very dangerous for the baby. If hubby gets it, then he will have to leave home to reduce chances of me getting it.

That I'm still feeling very little movement doesn't add any confidence right now for any of us.

I feel weird now - a kind of deflated, worried feeling. Nothing I can do about any of this except be hopeful and take good care of myself. I didn't actually expect that the appt would reassure but I hadn't anticipated that it would throw in additional concerns."


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Oh honey, what a worry. One of my friends was in hospital a couple of weeks ago as there was a problem with the blood flow to her baby (she's 28 weeks). They kept her in after a worrying scan, she was there a couple of nights, they scanned her again and everything was fine! Seemed to be a temporary thing, hopefully your's will be too.

I'll say a prayer that the measles passes you by, I'm so sorry you're in this situation, must be horrible for you. Have faith and believe everything will be ok. xxx


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So sorry you havent had the best of news today, you will be in my thoughts and prayers, as scooterchick says try and stay positive and you know we are all here whenever you need us, take care Jo


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A friend of mine contracted measles when she was pregnant with her second daughter. I'll drop her an email and ask her at what stage of her pregnancy she was at, if you'd like. Her daughter was born completely healthy.

Sorry to hear about your day and scan - these things are so worrying.
Well, I've had my scan today and the baby's heartbeat was back into the normal range this time so that was good news. The cord flow through the placenta is still poor. The obstetrician ran the test a few times and all but once, the results were still sat actually bang on the line dividing acceptable and unacceptable. Once he managed a result that put it within acceptable although much below average.

There's nothing I can do to influence the outcome so I'll just continue to take it easy and do as I'm told. The measles epidemic is apparently worsening so I suspect the advice to pregnant women could easily remain in place for the rest of my pregnancy but boredom is a small price to pay to try to keep the babba safe.

At the moment the doc still thinks a 38 week Caesar is the best option for baby but he did say that if the cord flow tests continue to be like this, they'll do the Caesar at 36 weeks.

I'm in a strange mood now. I guess I was expecting something more definite from today's scan - good or bad news but definite. Whereas we still don't really know much, we're in limbo.

Next scan in 4 weeks assuming no changes or concerns before then.


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Well some positive news about the heartbeat :) and on a positive note the blood flow didn't drop into the unnacceptable level. I would try and concentrate on the positives (easier said than done I know) as stressing yourself really won't help. Take it easy I am sure everything will be just fine. Heres hoping the measles passes you by too, take care Jo

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hi i. b
hoping and praying all stays well for you xxxx
hope youre ok x


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Glad to hear the baby's heartbeat is okay. Just rest up and avoid those measles! x


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Have just been told that my nephew, who I saw just a week ago, has got measles. I was vaccinated at the age of 2 (31 years ago). Spoke to a doc at my surgery who just dismissed it completely saying measles was nothing to worry about, which doesn't add up with what I.B. put above and the NHS site. Now waiting to hear back from my midwife.

My Mum did phone the gynae dept where she used to work (secretary) and got someone to ask one of the main obstetricians there who said that all should be okay but am still naturally worried now :(
I can certainly understand you being worried Sarah but hopefully all is fine. The advice I got from my ob and the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists and NHS websites is very different to what your doc has said though. It's very confusing and upsetting when the official websites say one thing and your GP says another, it's hard to know what to think. But when did your nephew get the spots - he may not have been contagious at the point you saw him? I think it's contagious something like 2-4 days prior to the spots, can't quite remember now? Even if it was contagious your vaccination should hold out and work for you. I didn't catch it off the lady who works for us as the 10-14 day incubation period has passed now so I guess my vaccination held out against that particular exposure and I had my jab in 1974 so 36 years ago. Though the disease is still spreading here so I'm still having to stay away from people in case I catch it from someone else.

Hoping all goes well for you.



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Thanks IB. Yes it is worrying and it's so conflicting. Found out I had my jab when I was almost 5, in early 1982. Nephew came out in rash last night, I saw him a week ago Saturday. My Mum sent me some info on MSN after looking through their medical books (Dad ex. histologist, Mum is private med secretary in gynae) and also said that he would have only been contagious for up to 4 days before and after the rash appeared, so yes, a bit more comforted that everything is hopefully okay.

Although my stress levels have taken a hit today! :)

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