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Discussion in 'Slimming World' started by JestersTear, 11 November 2009 Social URL.

  1. JestersTear

    JestersTear Cute, but psycho!

    I have WI tonight.
    Last week I gained 5lbs because of the wedding we went to and other things over the course of the week (I fell off the wagon).
    Anyway, this week I've been a good girl and on plan - but I'm scared that I haven't lost this week cos of a star week.
    I know I'm probably being silly but I'd really like to get as much of the 5lbs off again and I'm scared that I'll have STS...
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  3. HellieCopter

    HellieCopter Gold Member

    That WI dread is awful isn't it!

    You've done all you can do throughout the week, so it's just a matter of going to class and getting on those scales to see how you've done. Nothing you can do about it today, so don't stress :)
    If you've been ok, you'll have a loss, even on star week...and then you can move forward to next week and have a good week too.

    Good luck x
  4. JestersTear

    JestersTear Cute, but psycho!

    Thanks Helli

    I have to say I hate being scared of the scales lol
  5. *EB*

    *EB* Gold Member

    good luck - im sure the scales will be fine!
    *thinking light fluffy thoughts*
  6. Fallen Angel

    Fallen Angel Starting again!!

    Good luck! I get such WI day anxiety it's stoopid but it really stresses me out! And it's never as bad as I think it will be
    Last edited: 11 November 2009
  7. Mrs V

    Mrs V Loves Life!

    You will be fine Hun. Dont stress over it, the main thing is that you know that you have been good and thats all that matters. Even if you do have a sts this week (you definitely should'nt have a gain!), just think how well you will do next week.

    Thinking of you Hun and fingers crossed for later.

  8. Claireloulou

    Claireloulou Full Member

    Aww dont worry sweets im sure itll be a good result, now if only that bloody ceiling would get fixed i could stay to group and cheer you on.
  9. charlottegrace1

    charlottegrace1 Gold Member

    Don't worry about it, any loss will be good and if its your star week, the extra will be reflected next week - if you stay good. Good luck hun xx
  10. Sarah-Jayne

    Sarah-Jayne Gold Member

    Good luck at WI, keep us posted hun x
  11. JestersTear

    JestersTear Cute, but psycho!

    Thanks everyone!
    I lost 2.5lbs - which is half of the gain gone :)
  12. Snugglepuss

    Snugglepuss Silver Member

    Well dont thats a good loss :)
  13. Sarah-Jayne

    Sarah-Jayne Gold Member

    Nice one! Well done!
  14. clairedebear

    clairedebear clairedebeardekins

    Well done! Main thing is you got yourself back on the wagon!

    Good luck

  15. chunky-monkey77

    chunky-monkey77 i seriously swear i am up 2 no good !

    same here my stomach is always in naughts lol one week i was convinced i had put 4.5 on but it was only 2 .
  16. Fallen Angel

    Fallen Angel Starting again!!

    2.5lbs is a good loss!! Well done you! :D
  17. chunky-monkey77

    chunky-monkey77 i seriously swear i am up 2 no good !

    :hug99:well done hun thats fab
  18. Roz V

    Roz V Full Member

    Well done Jess, that's a great loss! Sure that you'll do even better next week!

    Good Luck!!!
  19. JestersTear

    JestersTear Cute, but psycho!

    Thanks girls x
  20. malaika

    malaika Lover of Extra Easy

    Well done! That is really fantastic.
    Shows that the scales are good to you when you are good.
    Another good week and your loss will be huge!

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