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Never realised how many people feel the same as me!


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Whilst browsing through the boards in the last couple of days, i've realised i'm not alone.

I don't particularly hate myself, but i do hate my looks. I see a lot of people feeling the same way on here... It's such a shame that such a superficial part of ourselves can make us feel so awful and self-loathing :(

Don't get me wrong, i want to lose weight for health reasons too... but i'd be lying if i said that a big part of it wasn't wanting to fit in and not feel like a fat freak :cool:

Not really sure what the point of this post is, other than it's a big relief to know i'm not the only one who feels like this...
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I'd bet nearly every person on here feels exactly the same...we just don't usually say it out loud.

I reckon I'm so so so much healthier since being on SW & I want to be healthy & fit etc but if I said it was nothing to do with looking nice & having that (shouldn't say it I know) feeling of acceptance I'd be lying xx


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I totally agree. Yes, I want to be healthy but really I want to fit into my slim clothes again and not feel like people are staring at me and thinking 'look how fat she is'.

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Agree totally - I reckon it's quite natural to want to look and feel good about yourself though so I'm trying my best! Best o'luck'n'luv'stuff to everyone else reading this - Try to love yourself as much as you'd like others to love you - I know it's easier said than done but it CAN be done! lol


Wishing and hoping!
its strange how we feel so isolated and we can only imagine us going through these struggles alone. I remember someone telling me that at leaset one person in the world is experiencing a similar situation as you at one time (me pounders)
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I want to lose weight for health reasons (high blood pressure) but also for vanity.

I like being able to buy nice clothes and have them hang properly. I like not having to pull at my shirt to hide my belly, or constantly hold my bag, or arms, in front of me.

Also, I have a tall, skinny, toy-boy ;)... When he grabs me and kisses me in Asda, I'd like less people thinking, "Did that guy just stick his tongue down his Mother's throat?!".


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I too want and need to lose weight for health reasons. I have ME and feel that if all my energy wasnt being used to drag around a huge body then I might have some left for fun stuff.
On top of that their is the I have a wardrobe of clothes I want to wear again even if they are old fashioned now (10 yrs of jama's has wrecked any fashion sense I had lol)
I also hate people looking at me and thinking shes not ill shes just fat and lazy as it seems people accept thin people having ME just not fat ones.
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I feel like that too!!!! i am glad we are all kinda feeling the same yes be good for health reasons but ohhhhh how i would like a nice xmas piccy with my family :cry: xxxxx


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Same here too Beki, my main priority is my health - but it would be nice to look normal again instead of 'podgy' faced, I only look in a mirror from my neck up......I need to get some self esteem back before I face a full length mirror again.
I totally know where you are coming from

I would say may main reasons to loose weight are to get my confidence back & feel good about how I look, be able to walk down the street & not feel ashamed or uncomfortable would be great

I so far have been lucky that there are no major health issues for me but I am aware that if I carry on as I have been then there will be

I also want to loose weight for my family- to be able to run around happily after my children will be fab


monkeys bunny

need 2get my head into it
i do it to get my confidence back and feel good about myself again. it hard sometimes though thats why ages and ages ago i started the 'need someone and general chat' thread cos at the end of the day we are all in the same boat, the girls who regularly post on that are ace, full of encouragement and get up and go etc.

We ARE all worth it!


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Also, I have a tall, skinny, toy-boy ;)... When he grabs me and kisses me in Asda, I'd like less people thinking, "Did that guy just stick his tongue down his Mother's throat?!".[/QUOTE]

Hahaha sorry but that made me chuckle, im just wondering if to look out for you if its the trafford park store ;):D Dont worry what other ppl think anyways:p


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I doubt anyone who is trying to lose weight doesn't have wanting to look good/feel good on their list. I have found losing weight empowering. Its amazing to find how much your confidence grows as your waistline shrinks and I think once you start to feel that there is no stopping any of us getting to where we want to be.
Beauty is about feeling good and if that means losing weight to do that then go for it - you will soon be feeling a million dollars and looking good too :)


Wanting Is The Key
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Ps yes beki there is a few of us in the world, that feel not brill re our bodies. but together on this site n with our own inner desire we can feel better about our bodies, but let health be the main reason


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I used to feel like that! 22 weeks and 25.5lbs on SW later!!!!!!!!! I have finally started feeling quite good about myself! (that includes a few weeks when I fannied about!)
I can feel ribs! People are finally beginning to notice! People are starting to tell me not to lose too much!!!!!!! (natch)
I no longer feel disgust when I look in the mirror. I can see the beginings of a figure! Because I've left it so late (I'm 59) I will be left with crinkled skin, (please take note youngsters! and do something about it!NOW) BUT! I feel good about myself and have started to feel pleased with myself! What a revelation! I'm wearing matching underwear, getting into all my to tight clothes, and I'm wearing high heels and makeup! (G*d this new eyeliner is a b*gger to get off!)
I'm in danger of looking half way decent! :eek:

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