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New and Nervous


Am new to Cambridge and starting tomorrow. Went to see my counsellor today and she was lovely, all stocked up on shakes and soups and looking forward to starting tomorrow.

Have been reading the posts on here and its really motivating - peeps have done so well, its amazing!

Will be visiting here for motivation and inspiration cos I dont think its going to be an easy ride for a food-aholic like myself.

Could do with a buddy so if anyone is just starting out on this journey too then I'd love to hear from you.
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best of luck with your start tomorrow, the first few days are hard but stick to it and remember it will get easier :D
in a few weeks you will be saying hello to a new you
Thanks guys, am so looking forward to seeing a new me and really excited (in a nervous kinda way) to see if the losses really are as quick as everyone says - fingers crossed.


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Hiya i am on day 5 of the diet and loving it :D I will be more than happy to be your buddy :D hehe! Hope your first days goes ok xxx


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Hey Tasha and Deb

Me too.. ill join in the support :)

Deb - Day 1... go to bed early tomorrow :) lol.. the morning feels better. :) You will do great...

Tasha - Day 5... wow , week 1 weigh in soon... cant wait to here how ya did...

Looking forward to being buddies...



Hi Deb, i'm only on day 5, so would love to be buddies too. The support on here is brilliant :D:D
Hope your first few days go better than mine, day 2 and 3 we're a nightmare for me but I stuck to it and feel great now.
Let us now how you get on, good luck :p


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Hi Deb, just want to wish you the best of luck with your start, you'll be so glad you did :)


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good luck! I hope you will love CD as much as I do! I have been so happy with it so far x

Hayley 22

would like to be slim
Hello and welcome,
Im on my second week and start the 3rd week on Wednesday. Yes there are hard days but my size 14 trousers that i couldnt even get the zip to meet by 2 inches now fit. Admittedly a bit tight still thou lol.
Surely that means it all pays off in the end?!
If your having good or bad days come on here, they're all great :D


Still fighting
Hi there

Welcome and you'll be fine hun - its hard first few days and even after that there are good days and bad days! But the results are fab if you stick at it :p x
Talk about feeling welcome!! Thanks everyone, i feel a bit like i've just joined a new family!

Day 1 - I know its only 10am but I'm feeling good so far - drank about 3/4 litre of water this morning and trying to get into the habit of always having a glass of it beside me - my counsellor kept saying how important the water is and everything i've read really emphasises the water bit so despite spending half the morning so far peeing (sorry) I'm going to aim to drink loads. Have had a chocolate shake and was actually surprised at how yummy it was - going to have a chicken and mushroom soup for lunch but will try to leave it as late as possible cos evening are my danger time so I want to have my tea time shake quite late on too.

Amber - think I'll be taking your advice and having an early night - lol!

Thanks to everyone for the good luck messages - I think this site is going to really help with keeping me motivated.


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Hi Debs Welcome to day 1 in the CD house lol

Good luck you seem to have a good start on things so keep it up xx


please try again
welcome to cambridge and minimins :)

good that your finding flavours that you like hun.
i always have my shakes later in the day ( ive been on it a while so hunger isnt an issue for me ) if you find in the beginning that your getting hungry with the gaps in the shakes then try splitting your packs to make 6 smaller meals insted of the 3

Lisa D

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Hi Deb, I have started today to, went to see my CDC this morning, had my shake for brekkie about half hour ago. Did the diet last year only for 4 weeks but lost 1st 4lb so know it will work for me, the first few days can be tough but you soon get passed it and will then feel great and look forward to carrying on.

Good luck, keep us posted how you are getting on:)

I can do it

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Hi Debs and welcome

I am on day 5 and doing ok. I notice you and I are quite similar in height and weight so would love to be a buddy and I am sure we will both get there really soon

Enjoy the first few days and it will be your first weigh in before you know it. I did SS before Xmas for 10 weeks and lost 49lb so it can be done:D:D

Take care

H xXx


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good luck to you , and us all , i'm on day 6 so would love some buddies too !!

hard work but will be worth it in the end judging by some of the stories here - big wow!!