New and starting my 2nd day!

Discussion in 'Lipotrim Forum' started by Miss MDG, 21 June 2014 Social URL.

  1. Miss MDG

    Miss MDG Well-Known Member

    Hello everyone :)

    Due to recommendations at work from a couple of women in my team, and seeing them shrink before my eyes lol, iv decided to give lipotrim a try.

    Iv just woke up to my second day and I feel fine, im just a little worried because another woman in my team was on it but she caved on her second day. Fingers crossed I wont do the same!
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  3. goose

    goose Well-Known Member

    You won't cave!! Remember its mind over matter!

    CANKSTER Well-Known Member

    Water water water, early nights, lots if ice in shakes and water, good luck x

    I don't eat I Vape :)
  5. daisey123

    daisey123 Well-Known Member

    Don't cave!! The first week is really tough but then you have a big loss, your in ketosis and no longer feel hungry. Don't cave. We all promise, it is worth it. X
  6. Miss MDG

    Miss MDG Well-Known Member

    Thank you, im hoping I'll be ok, I dont feel hungry :/ I was told today would be the hardest but I actually feel fine thankfully.

    Im drinking alot of water but not liking the amount I need to pee haha, hope I dont need a pee mid driving lesson!

    Im glad glad I found this site, the stories and support is really helpful x
  7. little-me

    little-me Well-Known Member

    Day 3 was worst for me. Just remember why you are here and drink water if you are hungry. Early nights too because you will be tired for a while. Don't cave it all passes and then the hunger goes after that it's easy xxxx good luck honey, I'm just back too dreaming of skinny jeans x
  8. Miss MDG

    Miss MDG Well-Known Member

    Yep drinking plenty of water :). I dont feel tired yet and hopefully I wont but iv made it pass day 2 :D feeling proud! Even my bf sat next to me eating an amazing lasagne with chips and I wasnt bothered :)
  9. Yeye

    Yeye Well-Known Member

    U go girl! I hope ur drive stats with u! Ur doing amazing! X
  10. Miss MDG

    Miss MDG Well-Known Member

    I hope so too Yeye, smelling the sunday dinner is a little mouth watering I must say haha x

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