New Arrivals! The 'Coo over babies' thread!!


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OOOh Pam - he is TOTALLY GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!! What a beautiful boy!!!

And there's you a granny - bless ya!

Tell you what - I'll start up a new thread for New Arrivals and put your grandbaby in there - cos we've had a new babe in our family too!

Seeing as how Redpam has just posted a pic of her gorgeous new grandson, I thought it would be nice for us to share pics of any new additions to our families!
This is Alexander, my lovely cousin's firstborn son - born 7th September weighing 3.3kg (whatever that is!!). Such a shame they live in Australia so I can't have a cuddle of him - booo!!!!
How cute is this?!!!!

Thanks Isobel.

"your" baby is lovely. Such a pity he is such a long way away. But what a coincidence because I adopted Freddy's Daddy in Australia nearly 39 years ago.

As Freddy was a month early he only weighs 5lb 5oz (2.5kg). I am off to London to see him tomorrow - what excitement:D :D


Then I will be able to post more photos:)

Mind you he is grandchild number 13. 8 boys and 5 girls
WOW Pam, that IS a coincidence!!! Small world, hey??

My cousin is South African/British and moved to Oz for work. I would dearly love to have a go of our new little podling - I suppose he'll be 18 by the time I get to see him! lol

Thirteen grandchildren?? How totally fabulous for you!!! You are a rich lady, hun! I hope my girls produce a good number - but not til they're in their 30s, as I've just been telling them! lol

Looking forward to seeing more pics of the bubba!
Have just posted 2 photos to the Gallery of Freddie that were taken yesterday on our trip to London.

The first is of my Mum with him. She is not bad for nearly 90 is she? I love her dearly

The second one is obviously me LOL

Have no idea how to get them posted on this thread. I am hopeless with things like this.:eek:

Awwww Pam - you all look gorgeous!!!!!!

Even I'm feeling broody now! lol (and I think I've done my bit to populate the nation hahahahahah!)
DH better watch out! am broody now.

Just thought I would resurrect this thread as it looks as though I will be a grandmother again by the morning.

DD #2 is in labour and it is going to be a girl. She has been in labour all day which is not like her because the others have been short labours. Mind you the last one was born 13 1/2 years ago so perhaps thats why.

When I announced the birth of Freddie last September, I thought he was no. 13 but I have since found out that one of my adopted daughters (who I dont see) had a boy in June, 2006. Poor little mite was born on the 5.6.06 just missing 6.6.06 by a few hours and guess what his name is? Yes, Damien.

So the new baby will be number 15.

Might be doing a dash down the A47 sometime during the night as it is a tradition that I am always first to see the new baby after the Mum and Dad. My daughter reminded me of the fact when we were talking an hour or so ago. She chatted to me for about 40mins while her partner was timing the contractions lol. She was down to every 4 mins but she says she wont go to the hospital until she is down to 2 mins. Just as well the hospital is only 10 minutes drive away from her home.

Her best friend has just finished her midwifery training and will be delivering the baby although she is not officially on duty tonight.

Ho hum, I dont think I will be getting much sleep tonight. After all the horrors of the past few weeks it is something to look forward to.:bliss::bliss::bliss:
Oooooo how exciting........! Let us know all details as soon as you get back online after the wonderful event.