Extra Easy New Book and Snacking


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Just wanderered if someone can clarify the rules on snacking on EE in the new book.
I will not get the new book until wednesday .

But the way i understand it is that for any meal you MUST have 1/3 superfree foods . Is this the same for snacks, I would assume so which means no more snacking on synfree chips unless you include fruit or veg with it!

I only do this occasionly but it is one of my favourite snacks :)

Thank you

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I don't have the new book yet, but previously it was recommended that you have 1/3 superfree food but I did not do that with every meal and it made no difference to my weight loss.
I have no idea about snacks, as apart from mullerlights and fruit now and then, I seldom snack on anything but I don't think you have to have 1/3 superfree with snacks.


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ok this is whats in new book first page 3 steps to success

1, choose your free foods, most of your food should come from the free food lists, we call them free foods because you can eat as much of them as you like, you dont have to weigh, count, or calculate quantitiies of these foods in any way, no fuss, JUST FILL UP ANY TIME ON GREAT-TASTING, FILLING FOOD. so to me that saying eat when you want to if needed, but i cant find it on page but im sure is mentions if you are hungry try fruit or superfree first if not then go for free foods

2. is hex a's and b's one of each

3. choose your syns

next page is 3 delicious choices

1. ee as above
2. reguarding green
3. reguarding red

another page superfree and free foods

im only noteing what it says about free foods. plus all the fabulous free foods you can enjoy any time to satisfy your appetite, also no limits they include green red eggs fat free diary veg proteins eg quorn.

but they do say 1/3 but if i dont have a meal that goes well with vegs or salad i have a bowl of fruit straight after and my C said that is fine hope this is helpful
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The new food diary sheets have a colums saying Free Foods 2/3 & Superfree Foods 1/3 plus the HE column and syns as before.

p14 states 'remember to fill your plate with 1/3 superfree foods' but there doesn't seem to be an actual instruction to make sure 1/3 of your food intake is superfree foods.

I'm taking it to mean they are guiding you toward superfree food for the additional health benefit but don't sweat it if it doesn't appeal/suit every day/meal etc.