New Book - Old results....


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hanks for replying but its too late - I've wrote my results in my new book and I don't care if i'm not meant too!! Naughty me he he


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i'm doing the same, still using my old book which is old and tatty and just using my new one for reference. wouldn't feel right to me using a brand new book :)


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As my book was quite tatty I decided at weigh in last week to transfur all my weights and stickers (we got new ones) to my new book, mainly because the helper put my stiuckers in the wrong place and crocked, sorry a bit ocd on this.
It looks alot better now, my daughter has lovely neat handwriting, and my stickers look better in nice neat rows, all the way up to 4stone.


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I wrote last weeks weight in my new book as a 'carried forward' weight, I have copied over my start date & weight and my club 10 date & weight.

Will keep my old book at home as this has my history to date in it!


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im just carrying on with my old book and new book will be just kept at home and used for reference.


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I'm carrying on with my old book and using my new one as reference