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New books


Lover of Extra Easy
You don't have to get the new book if you are happy with your current book, and your current plans but I would recommend it.
I got mine last night and I am glad I did.
They are £3 but my consultant advised that they will be going up to £5 at the end of the month! It's not only the book but the whole pack that a newbie would get, including a 7 day menu planner which has some great tips and recipes.


I want to be fitter again
I do mainly green and I found the layout a bit confusing. The healthy extras for green are in two sections. You have to refer to extra easy and green. if you plan at any stage to do Extra easy then it is brilliant. The book has still missed out loads of healthy extras like it only lists 3 cereal bars whereas the web site lists 11 and it misses out so many breakfast cereals and combinations you can use. it doesn't even list oatsosimple for example. I personally think if they are charging they could have put a bit more effort into it. i would have liked a section to be able to record measurements and make comments, hey that's my opinion but have a look and see what you think x
Thanks, I only do red and green as I find them simple to follow and don't want to 'have to' eat meat every day (only do red once or twice a week as both I and OH prefer veggie food). Also enjoy my A's and B's too much! I guess it may be worth a look though and might explain EE a bit better if I fancy a change :)


Lover of Extra Easy
Some people do find red and green simpler to follow, but having done all plans, I find EE so much simpler, as it's normal eating really. I personally find red and green too restrictive, which is why I fell off the wagon each previous time I did SW. I want meat and carbs, and lots of them without having to weigh. I love veg so the 1/3 veg is easy too. I don't mind the 1 of each Hexs either as I sometimes battle to have 1 of the Hexb as I don't eat bread or cereals.
A couple of people in our group were sticklers with red and green, and it took some time to persuade them to try EE. Since they did they have not looked back as they have had really good losses and love the plan so much that they are not going back!
However, each to their own, and whatever works for you is just great.

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