New CDC for Norfolk Area!


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Hi Guys

Just wanted to let you know I am now a CDC. After a fab journey and a total loss of about 12 stone (10 with CD) I am hoping to be able to help others start and stay on their journey!

So if anyone would like to start or return to CD I am based just outside Great Yarmouth !

All the best

What a loss, how fantastic. Well done on being acredited, I hope to apply in Jan x
Woohoo Well Done Carrie

Hi Caz

Way to go & congratulations once again. :)

Speak soon

Thanks Jan - Good luck with your CDC business as well! We will keep in touch!!

And the lovely Mike - he's my CDC and he's fab!! Will be in touch soon xx
Well if Mike is your CDC you are my Cyber Great Grand daughter:p

You have loads of Cyber relatives on here:cool:

Any questions and you cannot get Mike please either call or email me.



good luck with your new venture !

At this rate everyone in the Yarmouth Area are going to be skinny.
All the CDS are going to do themselves out of a Job.
I bet we have lost more on CD than most towns our size.
hi Jay,

You are prob right - but looking around the town centre today - I hope there will be enough business for a while!!! Yarmouth does love its chips, makes me laugh even on the hottest day of he year - I was in the town centre - fully expecting the ice cream guy to be doing a roaring trade - but NO - everyone was eating chips!!

Linda - so a cyber great grand daughter - has a nice ring to it! Thanks for the offer of advice really appreciate it!

Debz - thanks for the pos comments as well xx