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Cruise PP new clothes etc


Gone a bit quiet
Wow, I like the sound of those boots! I've changed down a dress size but as I'm being a bit slow with the last stone, I don't want to splash out on nice new stuff only to find it too large, I hope by Christmas. So I've been on a charity shop spree! Some nice Jeans and a pair of Toast cream three quarter length trousers (total £6) and a green linen maxi skirt, £3.50 with a navy blue top with whit piping (£1.99). I feel really pleased with them. So here's to the next 12 pounds! And maybe so e boots also.
I have a wardrobe full of size 10 clothes... I really can't wait to fit back into them (though it's been a while!!!). I also want to buy a pair of skinny jeans & some knee high boots as haven't worn skinny jeans since I was about 12 years old!!!

I have to say that one of the main reasons that my last diet failed was because I'd slimmed from a tight 16 to a loose fitting size 14, but didn't want to spend money on size 12's... the problem was that when I had a couple of bad weeks & ultimately fell of the diet-wagon & the weight started creeping back up, I didn't worry at the time as my clothes were loose on me. Of course once they were too tight, I'd already gained a stone back so gave up completely :( Had a bought just a coule of items in the right size, I probably wouldn't have crashed & burned like I did. So even if it's just a couple pairs of cheap trousers (Bridget's idea is fab!) to keep you going, it's well worth spending a bit of money!
I fully intend to spends lots of money ;) that is one of my goals to go shopping with my beautiful size 8 daughter over Christmas - I will be able to go in a changing room without getting hot and bothered. I always ended up getting so upset so I stopped trying clothes on and preferred to take them home to try on. Can't visualise trying clothes on either but can see us both having a fab day exciting stuff

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