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Hi all,

Is there anything new whilst losing weight you are discovering or rediscovering with regards to things you can now do or odd things you are finding with your body like hip bones lol. Mine are:

1. Discovering I have hips, collar bones and ribs.
2. It hurts when I sit on hard surfaces because of my tail bone and lack of cushioning there now lol. ( I do miss my padding sometimes):eek:
3. I can fit in the bath with lots of room and shave my legs too :eek:-again it bloomin hurts my bum though.
4. My knees hurt when I sleep on my side in bed and put my legs together-have to put a pillow in-between them :(
5. Shop window reflections of me are not dumbfoundingly shocking as I walk past, instead I have to do a double take to see who is following me- no it's only me :p
6. I fit on rides, chairs and anything else I would not normally have got my big bum on.
7. I luuuurve shopping again-I just need more money and a bigger wardrobe :rolleyes:
8. Most impostant of all - My Future- I no longer think of the future and feel down, I feel full of hope and excitement and I am looking forward for a change with not just food as my only sense of excitement I now have a life :)

Please add your new found joys :)
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Like you Zoe, I am finding this new weight loss fabulous and am discovering more or less everyday differnt things I can now do.
1) Like you I can also now fit in the bath comfortably and have the water lapping around me..I haven't had a bath for such a long time as before I used to get wedged in and couldn't lift myself out very easily without contorting my body to a very strange angle.
2) again being able to sit in chairs comfortably especially patio chairs...I still have room either side and do not get wedged in.
3) New bones...hips, knees, ribs, collar bones and the scariest one I found was my sternum (breast bone) when I found that one I had to get my hubby to feel it as I thought I had a lump between my breasts...quite shocked when he said "that's your breastbone you dozy cow". Ooooh I said I've never had one of them before!! I also miss my bottom padding..found this out when I sat on the landing floor last night to sort the washing hurt so much I stood up to do it!
4) being able to bend down comfortably and tie my boot laces without having to struggle and wedge the belly out the way.
5) Being able to cut my toenails without contorting my body to grab each toe.
6)Being able to look down and see my boobs first and not my belly poking out.
7) Having dropped so far from a 26/28 to an 18 has opened up a whole new range of shops for me to shop in and being able to bin Evans is a great feeling. Also having to clear my wardrobe of all or most of my large clothes is a fabulous feeling.
8) Being able to stand for longer periods of time without my back aching and feet hurting and being able to sit on the floor and being able to get back up without help!
9) Feeling less breathless when I do the smallest of tasks.
I think that about sums it up so far, but I will post again if any more come to mind.
Although I have always been quite confident...I find I am becoming more so. My head has still not quite caught up with the way my body looks and I still see a very fat person. I know I do look slimmer but my brain needs to kick into gear. I still have a long way to go and would like to lose between 3-4 more stone and I hope when I get to where I want to be my head will see it.
Well done Zoe you have done really well on your CD Journey and you are a true inspiration to anyone especially any newbies who are just starting their journey, I wish you and everyone else good luck on the rest of their CD journey.


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wow, what a fab thread. Will add to it when have lost enough weight to notice - so not for a good while yet lol

Thanks for this Zoe, is things I can look forward to

Charlie xx


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When I went on holiday I actually fitted into the plane seat properly and had to pull the seatbelt tighter instead of the usual letting it out!!
I love shopping, and going back for smaller sizes from the changing room! Asking the assistant if she can get me a size 10!!
Being able to get my calves into boots!
Wearing skinny jeans!
Sitting on the sofa with my knees under my chin!
Not having people look into my shopping trolley with horror and tutting!
Having the energy to run about with the kids and the dog.
Sharing clothes with my skinny daughter!
And I'm really looking forward to the summer, not being ashamed to wear small tops etc!!


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Zoe and Nicki - you're both inspirational! What a brilliant job you have both done. Wonderful stuff!

As for me, well...

a) I too have discovered my collar bones again
b) I now have a little dip at the bottom of my neck just before my chest starts - you know, in between the 2 muscles coming down from your neck. Not describing it very well, but don't know if that bit of you has a name!!
c) I can get tights on easier and don't have to huff and puff to pull them up.
d) The delights of cheap shopping in the likes of Matalan - bought a size 18 denim mini skirt the other day for £8 (and it wasn't even in the sale!). Not quite convinced I'll wear it yet, but it fits and at least I bought it!
e) the joy of being less self conscious and ocassionally (terrible though this may be to confess) being happy that I'm not the heaviest person in the room.

Keep this up everyone - we all deserve to feel these things plus a hundred more!

T x


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Agreeing with all the above positives from the ladies!!!

The knocking knees thing in bed is disturbing me as it goes i really hate it!!! weirdly didnt notice it before i put on weight?? think my legs are skinnier this time around ..weird

Love my bones on me neck & torso..its brill :D

Love going into any shop and buying any size 12's ..something i would never have thought possible 8 months ago! squeezing into 22's!!!! ohhh the shame of it all

Shop assitants guessing your size as small-medium when asking for clothing thats only out as a large looool

Being called 'skinny' and 'tiny' .. my faves :D oh and lolly pop head haaaa

Able to shave lady garden easily in the bath without loads of belly in the way :D

Running....without my whole body hurting!

Ohh there are loads but cant list em all lol


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Able to shave lady garden easily in the bath without loads of belly in the way :D

:eek: Oh Mrs. Essex, you write the funniest things, but, yes its true!


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S: 22st3lb C: 11st7lb G: 11st7lb BMI: 27.6 Loss: 10st10lb(48.23%)
Girls, they are fab and so many I was reading and saying outloud - yep that's a good one especially the shaving of the lady garden Mrsessex, thats is so funny but so true. I love the ditching Evans, I hated that shop, don't get me wrong I needed it desperately at the time but my god did they rip the pance out of us fuller figured women who had no other choice. Love going into all the shops and getting a bargain. Keep em coming girls, they are great to read xx.


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is a naughty girl...
I look at my hands a lot because they seem to be so thin! I also love the bones coming out, I really like the one straight up from my little finger on my wrist. does that make sense?


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S: 22st3lb C: 11st7lb G: 11st7lb BMI: 27.6 Loss: 10st10lb(48.23%)
I know which bone you mean lol. Mine hasn't appeared there too much yet :( oh for wrist bones :p.

I thought of another one and I am not sure if it has been mentioned already but here we go - people not looking in my shopping trolley and judging. It's like because I am not big anymore I can put whatever I like in my trolley for the kids and Hubby and it's not frowned at :confused: And another one -male attention and them flirting and you know what, I have forgotten how and wouldn't want to anyway as I am married but it feels weird , it's harmless I know but still strange-feel like a teenager again lol :eek:


running strictly on fat!
S: 13st4.1lb C: 11st8lb G: 10st7.7lb BMI: 27.7 Loss: 1st10.1lb(12.95%)
I know what you mean. I got used to being almost invisible to male population (well excluding ones after BBW LOL)

Now catching interested looks now & then. Such a boost for self-confidence - loving it


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lol i actually hate the male attention being honest which was a huge reason i went from blonde to dark a few weeks ago.. dont even go there! but you ARE judged as something else when ya blonde & boobie lol oh and slim! hmm has its downsides too but mainly good ones being slimmer. thats just my view point.x


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Oh! I have just thought of another one....this one has cost me a lot of money....As with going down 5 - 6 dress ring sizes have changed dramatically and I have had to have them all altered by 4 sizes, I have just picked up my engagement ring which I have had changed completely as it was quite worn at the back so had a whole new ring made and have literally only kept the diamond....It cost me over £300 but I am loving is like having a brand new piece of jewellery. I can't stop looking at it!!!!


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Nicki, i have just found that bone just under my boobs a couple of days ago. I was in such a panic, got him to feel it and he said it's meant to be there. I still wasn't sure until i read that so thank you, you have put my mind at ease.

I am enjoying being able to cross my legs.
wanting to walk instead of taking the car.
Feeling comfortable in my clothes and not having to open the button on my jeans when i sit down.
Feeling the bones as they appear, ok they still have fatty lumps on most of them at the mo but i am sure this will disappear.
feeling confident just walking down the street and not hanging my head all the time.
The compliments.
Facial features becoming more prominent.
Some intimate stuff ;)

Looking forward to lots of others as they happen.


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S: 22st10lb C: 14st2lb G: 13st0lb BMI: 30.1 Loss: 8st8lb(37.74%)
I know what you mean about the intimate hubby can handly control himself....I think he thinks he's got a new woman!!!! Never had problems before in that department and my sex life has always been healthy...but I love the fact that he still fancies me and wants me regularly after 22 years of being together!

I too love the fact that I can cross my legs now...can't remember the last time I crossed them!


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S: 22st3lb C: 11st7lb G: 11st7lb BMI: 27.6 Loss: 10st10lb(48.23%)
My ring size has gone down by 3 sizes so far as well Nicki but as we are renewing our Wedding vows this August as it is our 10th anniversary and I still have 23lbs left to go I am going to wait to have my engagement ring made smaller and then Hubby is getting me an eternity ring to go in front of my wedding ring to keep it on as the jewellers have said my wedding ring cannot be made smaller due to it being set with diamonds. I can't bare the thought of having a new wedding ring so I will just do the eternity ring thing instead. It swings round so much though I don't know how well the idea will work.