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New Girl, Need a Friend, EE, 3 stone :)

Hi Guys,

I'm a newie around here. Have been on SW for 6 weeks and already lost a stone but hoping to lose another 3. although I might think differently in 2 stone time!

I'm a single girl, living alone so often struggle as it can be difficult to cook for just me!

I'd love someone to join me on my journey and provide me with the much needed support and enthusiasm on the way, and receive it return, just let me know!

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Hi Joanna.

I have nearly 3 stone to lose and will be happy to keep you company. I post every day in the team section under slimming buddy wanted for kick up the bum. Feel free to join us there, to PM me, or just catch up on this post.

How are you finding SW? I have been doing it on and off since january and it has been a bumpy ride but I will get there eventually. Well done on a stone off in 6 weeks. Thats brill!

What day do you do weigh in? Im a Sunday and lost 1.5lbs this week. Do you go to class or anything? Im going for it alone at home, cant afford the classes. Which plan do you follow? Im mostly EE with a few green days.

Hope you have had a great day. This is a fab board, always someone around to help.
Thanks hun!

I will catch up with you wherever!! I'm finding it brill, and do EE but think I'm not eating quite as much fruit and veg to make up for it...been a bit slower last couple of weeks.

I go to class on Wednesday, so that's obv when I WI...I did WW on my own at home but had no inspiration or motivation at all...although I don't think the plan was right for me anyway!

I'll let you know of any handy hints I find out at class!!!

Had a brill day on the basis I discovered mini milks are only 1.5syns!!!

Good lord, dont tell me that. I have a whole box of them in the freezer for my son:eek:.

I personally found WW evil. I was ALWAYS hungry on it.

I struggle to get my 1/3 superfree as I hate veg but i try to eat salad or lots of fruit, it's not easy though. Have you tried making casseroles soup etc with veg in them, its the only way i can eat enough.

Will make sure I check up on you on a wednesday to see how you got on. Any tips are always welcome, especially if they involve chocolate:D.

A wee bit about me. Im 39 married with a 2yr old son and at the moment I stay home with him but start back to work in January (actually start work on his 3rd birthday which sucks). I love chocolate and crisps and am basically very lazy and do practically no exercise. I try hard to be 100% but when im upset or stressed i binge eat ( and that is the reason I need to lose 3 stone:rolleyes:).

Been doing loads of soups :)

I find my eating problem is mostly around boredom, but I've started eating loads of fruit to stop me eating anything else...also been just not buying in rubbish. Which is easy when you're only feeding yourself.

I'm 24, live on my own, just moved up from Essex to Manchester. I work as a Learning Consultant and I travel quite a bit for my job. So a common problem for me is eating out of hotels. I also work as an Ann Summers party rep part time and when I'm not doing anything else, I do loads of salsa dancing too!!

So that's about it!

That must be really tough eating out so much ( dont mean to sound sarcastic if it does).

The advantage of living alone is you only buy what YOU want. I have to buy bread, biscuits, chocolate, ice cream, etc for my OH and son. If it were up to me they wouldnt get over the front door. My OH is one of those horrible people who eats as much crap as they like and dont put on weight. It kills me.

The Ann Summers party must be fun, good way to get out and meet people.

I have been on here for over 2 hours so really need to get off before OH has a fit:rolleyes:
haha i've been here a while too, so I will speak to you at some point in the week no doubt.

It didn't sound sarcastic and yes it can be really tough..not knowing what to choose and stuff is a nightmare!!!

I'm off as well or I won't be up for work tomorrow!

Hi !
I'm also new to sw, i am on my 2nd week, doing e easy and have 3 stone to lose so quite similar to you!
I am finding the plan quite easy so far, seem to be using my syns mainly on wine at the weekend tho so am thinking of having a month off alcohol. I weigh in tonight - for the 2nd time, 1st week i lost 4.5 lbs.
good luck with your weight loss and i'll catch up here soon.
Hi poppyi, well done! Fab first week result!! I've really laid off the alcohol since joining and I'm convinced that's half of what's worked :) think I'm set to get another 2lbs this weeks which is good :) keep going and good luck! Let me know if you come across any fab recipes.

i would be happy to keep you company! Ive lost 21lbs so far in 8 weeks and i still want to lose another 2 stone. Single mummy living on her own with her little girl :) :) How u finding slimming world so far? xx
Wow that's amazing!!! 21 in 8!!! Enjoying it so far...doing EE though and don't think I've been eating as much fruit and veg as I should be...although I was to start I seem to have sloped off a little now!!

Thanks for keeping me company!! Let me know how you're doing and any tasty/effective meals ;£
Hi Joanna,
Another new starter here and would love to keep you company, as I have a similar amount to lose.
I did SW at classes several years ago, then things went a bit awry with my health and I lost the motivation to eat healthily and it all piled back on. I hate the weight I've reached now, so am starting again!
Today is my first day - dinner is in the oven and I'm hoping it will be ready soon.
awww thanks!!!! it helps i love cooking i think!!!! it's really hard living on your own cooking for one and stuff isn't it!! x
If you havent already come across it try slimmingeats.com. A blog by britmum in canada with the most amazing recipies even for a fussy sod like me
i follow slimmingeats on twitter! looks pretty good!! thanks for the heads up though!

Lost 3lbs at WI...was over the moon! Stone busted, got my stone award and only 1.5lbs off of my Club 10!!!

Yay me!!!
Not good. I put on 1lb. 180lbs is proving to be a major stumbling block for me. If i manage to get below then i gain the following week + its back to 180+. Im really annoyed as i had an excellent sw week. Will just have to keep fingers crossed for the coming week.

How's it going for you this week? I am eating so much at the moment that I have dreadful tummy pains from all the fruit....

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