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New Goodies

Ooh that sounds nice! My CDC said Vanilla Tetra too but I don't know if that's true :) I love leek & potato soup though so will definitely have to order some of that!


Fairy Princess to Be
Is that it?

Just one soup???
Well, first of all, it's better than nothing, and a rather than nice better than nothing, and as I said it's only what I've heard from my CDC who was too ill to go to the conference herself and got it from someone she knows so it a) might not be correct (though I can't see why not) and b) might not be all.
Was excited so I posted, will know more once some of the conference bods stop enjoying themselves and get onto Minis (totally different kind of fun, of course!)


Loooooves MiniMins
Thank god! Don't like the other soups really, love potato and leek so will def be trying that when it comes :) :) Cheers for letting us know, it's something to look forward to!
There is also a limited orange winter spice shake, I think its that anyway.
Conference was brill, fabulous people, very well done to everyone


Queen of the Damned
Leek and potato is 100LP and Winter Orange Spice is 100OWS. :)

I understand there are currently discussions regarding a new tetra (flavour not confirmed), a savoury bar and potential a breakfast type product. All exciting new editions to the range, and I think it's great that they continue to produce new things for followers of the programmes to try :cool:
The orange spice sounds ghastly

The Orange Winter Spice was out a couple of years ago.

It is IMHO one of the nicest seasonal flavours. Served hot is reminds me of Christmas pud, cointreau and whipped cream. If you do not like Christmassy flavours you will not like it otherwise it is really lovely. I have not tried it but have been told it makes a great mousse.

The Leek and potato is a nice smooth thicker texture and having tried a few variations of this the final I think will be a favourite.

Tetras, the vanilla is all ready tried, shelf life tested but this was for the 250ml version which had to be shelved due to production problems in Denmark. So no guarantees it will be vanilla, could be strawberry so matter of waiting I'm afraid.

A readybrek/porridge breakfast alternative is also under review.

Savoury bar is being worked on. The CCCC Cambridge Counsellor Coordinating Commitee, (must be a better name for this) have tried one variation sorry but it was Blurghhhh to say the least so back to the drawing board.

Also available soon, shakers, tape measures, breath fresheners and other bits and bobs dates yet to be released.

The new CD Inspiration Mag should soon be out with all details so nag your counsellor for a copy ALL CDC's can get this RRP is £1.00 some charge some don't (back copies are also available).

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