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New Life, New Journey, New ME- New Goal !

Hello Folks
I started a diary a year ago but have had a silly year during which I put my foot through a rotten floorboard (torn ligaments on foot), got crushed by a cow (broken, cracked and bruised ribs), moved from 1 farm to another (including all animals etc),saw a steady disintegration of my 11 yr relationship with OH, followed in last 6 months by total collapse of relationship (depression and general apathy).
Decided a month ago to leave relationship and immediately felt better. Will miss my best friend (but still feel better), Will have no money, furniture or friends (still feel better), see myself in the mirror…….feel crap !!!
I am looking on all this as a chance for a completely new life which I can build exactly as I like. I will be in charge of my own fate and my first thought was to lose all the weight I gained living with a chef who cooks giant portions (not good for greedy piglet like myself).
Normally I lose weight by calorie counting, healthy eating and lots of exercise BUT 6 weeks ago my right hip started hurting and has now got so bad that I can only walk for about 5 mins and have to take lots of painkillers (not good for my ulcer).
So no exercise, and, as I lose weight VERY slowly at the best of times, I am a bit stumped as to what to do.
I have an x-ray on wed but will have to wait 2 weeks for result and need to do something now as I am sick of my double chins, my wobbly belly and my face looking 10 yrs older.
I will try the exercise bike and see if that helps, or swimming (crawl only).
I can do sit ups and arm exercises, and I will be busy planning, decorating, packing and moving so hopefully won’t be sitting around feeling sorry for myself and comfort eating.
I am aware that any weight loss will be very slow and was going to try for 1lb a week.
Any one have any other suggestions ?
I have spent all morning reading about the Cambridge diet and am thinking about that.
I have 6 weeks before I have to go back to work and would love to give myself a bit of a boost by losing some weight. My self confidence is really low and seeing my face bones start to reappear would help me a bit.
I don’t enjoy thinking about food and will just eat the same thing over and over so it may suit me.
Anyone any experience of CD ?
I think that will do as a first diary entry lol. I know you lot are friendly and helpful so look forward to catching up with all your journeys
Sarah x
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On A Mission!
Hi Farmgirl! Lots of people here are doing CD, i havnt done it myself but my sister in law lost 6stone in 6 months on it last year, and she is the worst dieter in teh world. Its great if you feel safest taking food totally out of the equation, as everything you eat on Cd is carefully planned and measured for you. It might give you a great start certainly if you can handle that, but the downside is that it can be pretty expensive.

You say you lose weight slowly, it may be that a low carb diet will suit you better as even slow losers will lose well on low carb (CD is also low carb).

Sounds like you have had lots of upheavals and problems, but if you can start losing some weight you will start to feel fabulous too!

Good luck with whatever you decide dietwise and keep up with the diary, thats almost as important as going on a diet in teh first place!
Just got back home after working away for 2 weeks and very glad to be back.
Spent the time thinking very hard about what I want out of life and how to get it.
I'm going for an x-ray on my hip tomorrow to try and find out why it hurts so much but results will take 2 weeks and in the mean time I'm in alot of pain and can barely walk, let alone exercise.
I will be busy over the next 6 weeks decorating new cottage, and packing my things to leave my beloved farm.
Although leaving my OH is a positive thing in the long run I know its going to be a very difficult few weeks so prime time for comfort eating.
I can be very lazy with food, don't like cooking or thinking about food and will happily eat the same thing every day.
With this in mind, plus the fact that losing some weight would really give me a boost, I am thinking seriously about trying the Cambridge diet. I've researched it thoroughly and spoken to my local counsellor and she is coming to see me thursday morning so I will probably start CD thursday.
I know it will be hard but no harder than the rest of my life at the moment and I would love to look in the mirror and see something of 'the ME' that I know is in there waiting to be let out.
Its the first time I have been working away and come back to an empty house and feeling a bit low and weird so didn't bother eating.
At least my cats were pleased to see me and will probably spen all night jumping on my head as a sign of affection !
Take care xx
Just weighed myself and I've put on 1 lb over last 2 weeks :cry:
I work as a baby nanny i.e I go and live in peoples houses when they bring baby home from hospital and help take care of it and teach them all the things I've learnt over last 17 yrs. I work 24 hrs a day for 14 days which can be pretty intensive.
I normally have 2 hrs off a day and go for long walks or run but can't even manage 20 min walk before hip gets really bad.
Basically I have stayed indoors for 2 weeks and, though I've tried not to eat junk its hard because when someone has a baby the visitors bring chocs, muffins, brownies etc.
Whatever is wrong with my hip, I can't see it being fixed quickly and can't stand the thought of putting more weight on so think the Cambridge diet is my only hope at the moment.
Roll on thursday when counsellor comes and I can get started.
Today I have x-ray at 9 am and a meeting with my prospective landlord. My lovely little black and white cottage is at the bottom of the drive on his estate so he wants to meet me to make sure we will get on ok. This shouldn't be a problem but he is a Lord, and I have to drive my battered Freelander up to his very grand house so am a bit nervous :eek:
Morning ive been on CD and lost 4.5 stones now i am now maintaining my weight im now 10 stones, CD is a fab diet to stick to 100%.
Good luck visit the CD board so many of us there and very helpful,having a cdc is great too.Make sure u ask any question's you have on thursday.
Good luck to you, the lbs will be off in noooooooo time.x
Thank you the encouragement Shanny, it helps.
I did think of having 1 last pig-out but decided not to as that would probably leave me with lots of carbs in my system, amd would slow down the ketosis and I'm so desperate for this to work (even though part of me believes that it WON'T work, and that I will be fat forever).
Instead, I've bought lots of fizzy water and will cut out the 8 cups of coffee and tea I usually drink (with 2.5 sugars in :eek:) and drink water/juice.
I do have a galaxy bar to eat and mushroom risotto but nothing excessive. As I have been away the fridge and cupboards are empty of anything naughty so no temptation there, but I think I will really struggle without my sweet tea and coffee (can't drink it black and hate sweeteners).
Oh well, I'm sure it will pass.
I am lucky in that being home alone for 8 days I won't affect anyone else if I get grumpy, and can keep busy, go to bed, have baths etc whenever I want depending on how I feel.
Going to take painkillers now as hip is bad. Had my x-ray which they will now pin to a tortoise and send it on the 4 miles from hospital to doctors, to arrive in 2 weeks time !!!:mad:


On A Mission!
Clearing the cupboard out is so important, its just too easy to have a moment of weakness and eat something you shouldnt. Im really wishing you loads of success with CD, i know it can work fantastically well. So good luck with your new start tomorrow and enjoy your chocolate and rissotto!
Thanks for popping by Lynn, your support is very welcome.
I've just read your whole diary so far and you are doing amazingly well, a real inspiration.
I didn't enjoy the risotto but the choc was yummy. Ready now for tomorrow and weird to think I won't be eating again for a few weeks :eek:
I am suddenly very tired and head-achy and I thought I had to actually start the diet to get symptoms lol :D
Its funny, I am going to give CD 100% for at least 4 weeks but don't actually believe it will work. Don't believe I will ever lose weight. My body hangs onto weight so well I think it is preparing for the next ice age !!!
I was reading Lynns diary, and also White tulip's and they were both talking about trying on old clothes that now fit, and buying new clothes. They sounded so happy and excited and I realised it was a totally alien feeling.
Nothing fits, and the thought of shopping is totally depressing. I can't believe that will ever change for me.
Oh just ignore me being miserable, don't know what has got into me.
Went to meet my new landlord who was very nice, and got to see my lovely little cottage again. Although I am looking forward to decorating and moving in etc and am perfectly happy on my own, I think it has brought home the reality that in a few weeks 11 yrs of my life with my best friend will be over.
I feel a bit empty and can't wait for bedtime to make it all go away.
Oh well, lets see what tomorrow, and day 1 of my CD brings. xx
Farmgirl none of that rubbish talk girl........ 100% you will see the lbs go forever if you read stories ppl have lost 14lbs in 4 weeks.
All VLCD diets work hun.!! (once 100%) it's good to read diaries of other's that's what i did last year and now im size 10/10 stones never been happier.
farmgirl you will be fine the first few days will be hard but by day 7 you should feel alot better.

Good luck hun.x
Oh Shanny, what a sweetheart you are, Thank you, I've gone all sniffly :eek:
I promise I will give it 100% and wait to see what happens.
I get like this sometimes (usually then I reach for food to make it all better) but feel better after a good nights sleep.
I feel better already.
Thanks again xx
watch this space lol shanny will be looking forward to your first weeks weigh in results farmgirl. stay strong chuck, i told myself when ssing for the first time that 'food' will still be here once ive finished dieting lol x
Had my CD counsellor round this morning and she ASSURES me that i WILL lose weight as long as I stick to it 100%.
I still find it hard to believe that I can lose weight (not doubting the diet, just me) but I said I'd be very happy to lose 1 or 2 lbs a week. She laughed and said I will lose more than that, even with only needing to lose 38lbs.
She is so sure about it that I am starting to feel a little more positive and look forward to my 1st weigh in.
I have tried a chicken and mushroom soup which I liked, and a choc tetra which was yummy :D. I am drinking lots of flavoured water and am not hungry yet, but there are strange gurgling noises from my stomach that keep waking my cats up !
There is so much going on in my life at the moment and ended up last night with one of my very nasty stress headaches where painkillers don't work and all I can do is have a very hot bath and go to bed with a mini electric heat pad on my pillow.
It was still hanging around this morning and I was feeling awful so decided to give myself a day off and have spent most of the day in bed reading and dozing (although I did get up to go and build an outdoor pen with paddling pool pond for my 4 young runner ducks which they loved).
Headache is mostly gone and am feeling better so can use computer again and am reading through peoples diarys on here. People are so open and inspiring whether they bare losing lots or a little, struggling or succeeding. It really helps to know there are others on the same journey.
My 'soon to be' ex OH was going to be away all sept (I move out Oct 1st) which would have made things alot easier as I wouldn't have to smell his food cooking etc but he is now coming home on the 2nd sept so things will be harder.
Its strange but I don't know who he is anymore so he could see my food sachets etc and be supportive, or he could just sya 'how much did that cost then ?' (his usual response whenever I spent anything without telling him first, even though it is my money:sigh:)
At least now we don't have to pretend to be nice if we annoy each other, I can just take my laptop and go to my room. I might have to do this if cooking smells get too much.
He was very over weight but has lost 4 st over last 5 months working long hrs in hot temps out in turkey, and eating salads. I have not lost anything despite having tried and I have a week before he gets back so it would be nice if I have managed to lose a few lbs.
Have a ridiculous urge to get on scales to see if I've lost anything since this morning so had better go and find something to do xx
Just asked Pierce to move my dairy from the main section as this is well and truly my home from now on so a big HELLO FOLKS :D
I am loving reading through all your diaries and am gradually working my way through them all (keeps me out of trouble)
When is this diet supposed to get difficult ???? I am on day 2 and having a whale of a time.
Not tired, not hungry, not grumpy, no headaches.
Took less than 24 hrs to hit ketosis (2nd one up after the control.
Feel quite happy, giddy, in fact.
Berry water flavour - yum
vanilla shake - yum
apple porridge - very yum
choc tetra - double yum
chick+mush soup - yum
veg water flavour - yum
Have I just been lucky and found the perfect diet for me or am I doomed to be hit by misery and terrible side affects in a couple of days ?:p
Oh well, don't care. Starting to believe this might really work.
I was a bit fed up when CDC weighed me in at 12st 10 and a quarter as thought I was 12st 7 but it will soon go, I hope.
I am keeping busy trying to sort out my new life in little cottage so have been investigating sky, phone and broadband.
Also applied for a loan but think i will get turned down due to being self employed and having moved house too often. I can just about manage without it but will have to sleep on blow up mattress and sit on bean bag for a couple of months. I am looking on all this as an adventure so it doesn't bother me :)
Am going now to research best electricity deals xx
I'm glad you are finding it easy. It proves you are mentally ready and well motivated, which isn't always easy to do. To be honest, I found it easy from day 1 this time around. Last time was just a headache on day 3, but otherwise was the same. Seems like the perfect diet for me as well. :)
Thanks FBS, I think mental attitude IS the key and you seem to have really nailed it, but I am also lucky in that I am on my own, at home, for the first week, with empty cupboards and nothing and no one to tempt me. I don't know how I would do if I had kids to feed, or social events. I am being a recluse to give myself the best start possible.
Unfortunatley on thursday My soon-to-be-Ex is coming home with his daughter so there will be lots more temptation around. The fact that people can survive around people cooking breakfasts and family meals etc gives me hope I can stay strong.
This is day 3 and still feel good. Last night I felt very empty but not hungry which was a bit weird until I really thought about it.
My biggest problem has always been the battle between my mouth and stomach.
Stomach says 'not really hungry', or 'I'm full now, please stop' BUT greedy mouth says 'yes, but think how nice this will taste, it will be yummy'and 'I don't care if you are full, I want more NOW so stuff that food inside me so I can nomnomnom !!!!'
Something about this diet is making my mouth shut up so I can feel empty, but not hungry, and mouth doesn't want to eat so not tempted. Mind you it still makes quiet little suggestions when it sees food in adverts. Just made me realise how many adverts actually contain food. I just reach for my water and fast forward through the ads (thank you Sky plus ).
Was awake for several hrs in the night but don't know if that was diet or the million things buzzing around in my head at the moment.
Woke up feeling good, not hungry, but really missed my milky sweet tea to start the day.
Its all about creating new habits I suppose, so I will just have to find a replacement and get on with it :sigh:
Good luck for the weekend everyone, hope you can resist temptations ( something to be said for being a recluse:eek:)
Hi farmgirl,

Congratulations on a great start! I can't wait until your first weigh in. I am also a tea and coffee girl, how are you managing without these? Have a good day!
Hi Minusfour. If I keep topped up with water its not too bad but I used to have up to 8 cups of milky sweet tea or coffee a day and every now and again my brain starts thinking about how nice it would be.
I don't like drinking water (even flavoured) but am really trying to have 3 litres a day and it leaves no room for coffee or tea so its worth it.
How is your diet going ? Do you have a dairy ?
My determined attitude is because of a now or never type of situation. Although I could try again if I do fail at reaching my goal, I've told myself that this is going to be the last time I attempt to get there. I'm also doing it to prove certain people wrong.

Staying clear of temptation really can help a lot of people. I'm sort of in a fairly good position, because I don't have to subject myself to some of what is going on at home. There are moments when I could be tempted, but luckily nothing is really tempting me at the moment.

I think this forum can be quite testing for some. I know we are all in the same boat and there is some great help and advice, but at the same time, what others post can have a big effect on some people. It's obviously not intentional, but I can see how some could be demoralised by certain things.

I miss my Pepsi Max. But I know it will still be around when I’m done on Cambridge. I’ve said in another post that, in the grand scheme of things, this diet is just for a very short period of time, if done properly of course. There are certain things we do enjoy which we will return to, some of which we will need to limit to a sensible amount, but there is nothing that we really have to stop having completely.

If anyone can stick to Cambridge 100% until they lose the weight, then it proves they can control what they eat. This same control needs to be used when moving on to “normal” healthy eating. We won’t actually need to be on a diet for the rest of our lives, just be in control of what we eat and keep it to around the right amount of calories. Moving up the steps is also a big part of re-programming our brains when it comes to calorie intake and portion sizes. Hopefully this all adds up to us not listening to those voices that we used to keep feeding.