new - lissyps weight loss diary


i think i will start a diary, so i can keep track of how im feeling and look back and think.. i cant believe i felt like this etc...

so.. today.. 1/1/09 im to scared to weigh.. before xmas in 9 weeks i lost 19lb.. and i think ive put loads on in 2 weeks..ive been having really bad tummy ache for a few days which prooves to me that what im eatting is really bad for me.

my 1st goal is to loose 4 stone.. taken in 7lb mini goals, im going to the gym 2-3 times a week..and i want to train for the race for life in the summer..i figure to be able to jog again i first need to loose 2.5 -3 stone.

race for life is usually in july.. so thats 7 months.. i hope to be past my 4 stone goal by then and perhaps onto another.
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ok.. so i was crap yesterday!

i weighed ive gained 6lb in 3 weeks...:cry:
todays food diary
1 med banana
1 salmon fillet
1/2 a roasted butternut squash
250gs of mushrooms
all cooked in the george forman
my 6 year old is party dieting/ healthy eatting with me to.. so will keep her weigh progress to.. she is currently 5st8lb..128cms tall


Bouncing back
Hi Lissy!
Welcome to Minimins!
Don't sweat the 6lbs put on over the holidays... everyone puts on at Christmas and they'll come straight off with a bit of hard work.
Good luck with your diet!!! Let us know how you get on and give us a yell if you need any help, support and encouragement.



awh thanks :) i haven't been so bad this past month. i have lost 12lb all together, and 4lb since the 1st of jan.. which isnt very good.. i have been start stop for a few weeks. i had lost 8lb but gained 4..but i am determined to get back on here goes :)