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New magazine....

I've only bought one (only just started sw a couple weeks ago)... it's the 40th birthday issue... is that the new one? Or is another one due next week? xx
Another one will be out next week yippee!!


Too big to fail
Few mags do live up to the promise of their ffront cover....I think is okay as a magazine but am kind of ashamed to say that at the grand old age of 29 my fave magazine nowadays is Woman and Home. I'm not even married with children!!


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Few mags do live up to the promise of their ffront cover....I think is okay as a magazine but am kind of ashamed to say that at the grand old age of 29 my fave magazine nowadays is Woman and Home. I'm not even married with children!!
I tend to avoid most magazines, if I'm honest - the only ones I buy are cat ones (yes, I'm a sad cat lady) or weird ones like the Fortean Times (I am also a nerd!)

I feel like I should buy the SW one for support, but I find that the inspirational stories are not as inspirational as once they were.
I do look forward to the new mag coming out, wish it was monthly not every other month, I actually bought some old ones from a charity shop the other day!
Im a magazine freak, i think its cos at the mo i cant afford books so i compensate with mags. Sad thing is if i didnt get the mags id probably be able to get at least one a month.
*sob* I miss my books :(

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I really love it when the new magazine comes out (that's if my current consultant gets around to bringing them to group ........ LOL) - I enjoy reading the before and after stories and seeing the difference the weightloss has made to them all!

The recipes are always pretty good and by collecting them I've noticed that they tend to end up in one or other of the SW recipe books at some point or another.

The body magic features are all very inspirational too!

This isn't an ad for the SW mag ............ but I really DO just love it .......... looking forward to getting my copy soon!

I'll just need to look at some of the back copies I've got meanwhile and the website for inspiration in the meantime!


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Yes they use the recipes from the books, which when you've bought them is a bit annoying. But I get it every time it's out! I asked one of the managers why the magazine wasn't every month and she said it was because they wanted to maintain the high standard and didn't think they could if it was monthly. Sounded pretty lame to me, every other magazine manages it.
I'd love to see some... work in progress stories i.e. in Take a break, they follow thestories of women through IVF/cancer. Why can't slimming world get a members with various weights and follow their stories, so it doesn't make us all feel like the mag is only achieveable for target members i.e.

Lynn is 20stone and you follow her journey and the reason she is loosing weight i.e. a wedding and then have a story about her wedding too! Make it abit more personal and also shows that some weeks you will put on or have REALLY bad days etc i.e. last month I put 3lbs on, but I got back on track etc

Because I feel the current mag is like fashion mags in the sense you have to be at target to be "shown". What about those people that still have a long way to go but have achieved so much? i.e. 2,3,4,5,6 ... stone weight losses!

I also wish the adverts for new products would include the syn values! and also wish the EE recipes would list the Green and Red syn values!
Couldn't agree more about leniloo's idea of "work in progress" stories! I hardly ever read the 'before and after' stories - I just don't seem to relate to them at all - and hubby NEVER reads them.

I also agree that syn values should be shown for EVERYTHING that's included. If an advertiser wants to reach SW readers, then the syn value should be compulsory!

It doesn't bother us that some recipes are duplicated from the existing books - lots of people don't go to class, so don't have ready access to the books - but I do wish that all the recipes were guaranteed to have been TESTED before publication! I well remember the one recipe we followed to the letter that turned out like paint stripper, because of far too much balsamic vinegar, and our Consultant tried one which was inedible because of vastly too much mustard. If you contact SW about this, they simply do not reply!

Hubby would also like the INDEX to the recipes included in each magazine to appear in the same place each time, to save hunting through for the list. On the last page would be ideal...

All we can hope is that someone from HQ actually sees this! In the meantime, we'll certainly continue to buy our copies. When all's said and done, it's good value for money in this day and age!!!

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