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New mum with a LOT to lose!

Afternoon ladies, after another day bingeing I've decided it's time to get back to SW. Last January I started and lost 2 stone in 6 weeks then found out I was pregnant. Happy days! I wanted to continue but my midwife wouldn't support me staying to group and I lack the discipline to follow the plan without group therapy. Since then I've gained 4 stone! My beautiful baby girl is now 3 months old and although the doctors tell me I must lose weight they won't sign the consent forms for me to return to group. I'm still nursing but won't tell my team lead that in case they don't let me stay! Would love your support as I'm keen to get to a healthy weight so I can move more freely for my daughter and feel good about myself again! Looking forward to getting to know you! Hannahpot xx
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Hey and welcome to the forums :) my baby boy is 4 months old now so your intro stood out to me x
Irene is right. With weight watchers, you can join once you have your 6 week check and everything is fine :) as a nursing mummy, you are allowed extra points too x

Each to their own though and I hope your weight loss plan goes well :) maybe if you would like, since we both have little ones, we can support each other? I know I could do with a kick up the bum at the best of times lol x
Ugh, it's so annoying. It goes like this:

Dr: you need to lose weight.
Me: I know. I struggle on my own and would love to join SW which has helped me lose weight healthily in the past.
Dr: you shouldn't diet when you're breastfeeding. Just reduce your portions, eat healthy foods and exercise.
Me: thanks dr, I understand the science but like many other overweight people my size is as much an emotional issue as a maths issue. Groups really help.

SW want sign off from your dr when breastfeeding as nutritional requirements are different I think so I would need more HEA. But I'm not 100% sure! So, to fess up and risk SW rejecting me, or lie and definitely be accepted? The consultant I lost weight with (in order to be a healthy weight when pregnant!) has now left and been replaced so I can't even think how he will react! Some members of group may recognise me and also I'm a terrible liar! Decisions, decisions!

I know I need group as I've tried following the plan on my own but without the weigh in and group therapy I just fall off the wagon after a week or two!
Ooh Micky, it took me so long to write that last reply I missed your post! I have tried WW too but it was a LONG time ago! I like the 'free foods' from SW so much and I remember with WW there was a lot of weighing so I'd end up buying their range for convenience = expensive! As a vege I know I can eat as much quorn etc as I like which always worked out easy for me and got me cooking loads. But I have heard that WW has changed recently - is there lots of weighing still? I'm open to anything and can be my an B if SW reject me!

Either way I'm well up for buddying up! I'm using the minimins app and wonder what the easiest way is to support each other?

Congrats on your bubs - ain't motherhood brilliant?! Stetchmarks and all!
By Micky I mean Nicky! Apologies for typo!

Irene, neither Dr, midwife or health visitor will support me. Unfortunately I have a history of starve-binge-purge cycle which I'm glad to say I'm nowhere near at the moment but I am disappointed that this has not been taken into account as it always starts when I feel desperate. I feel like they're saying - you're obese and that's not healthy, but then leave me to face my old demons! Particularly when I know my healthiest relationship to food has always been whilst on SW. :eek:(

I just wish I could do it without group, but I've tried and failed every week this year!


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S: 17st11.5lb C: 17st11.5lb G: 11st6lb BMI: 39.1 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
No worries about the typo ... it made me giggle :) It sounds a bit rubbish the situation you are in. I'm sorry that the health team are being so unsupportive. I have just had a little idea though. Do you think that maybe you could go to the SW meetings, but agree with the leader not to get weighed?

When I was carrying and during that first six weeks, my leader allowed me to do do that (not get weighed but attend meetings) and I didn't have to pay :p I don't know if they would let you, but maybe that way, you can way yourself at home and get the best of both worlds? Maybe it's worth asking?

The new WW plan (ProPoints) is still all about weighing and measuring out portions, though pretty much all fruit and veg is free. That part of it is sssooooooo much better. The points value of food have gone up as they now work them out by the protein, fibre, carbohydrate and fat content, but you do get your daily allowance and then 49 points to spend over the week, and you can earn exercise points. But I admit, it can be a pain in the bum!!

In terms of supporting each other, could it be an idea to inbox one another every other day? and when when we need a pick up?

What is your little girl called? I bet she is the adorable baby ever (other than mine :p - but that is me being biased hehe :)) Zach was 4 months old yesterday (is 17 weeks old).
That sounds good Nicki! I'm not sure if I've earned enough credits to private message anyone yet but I will try! I'll update this thread if I can't!

Sometimes I don't get much time to eat, let alone weigh so I think I'll give SW a go first, but will defo keep WW in mind now I know fruit and veg are free. I'm sure you understand! I just don't know where the day goes with Bethwyn - somedays all I seem to do is run around not eating a thing, then dad comes home and I stuff my face silly with all the wrong foods! The weather doesn't help when it's so tough to get out with the pram in the rain. Bring on the sun!

LOVE the name Zach. We were going to call "Bethwyn Lavender" Edward if she were a boy, but we would have called him "Ted" for short. I swore bump was a boy throughout the pregnancy but bump was stubborn and shy and didn't show us! Weirdly, in the 3rd trimester whenever I dreamed of the baby it was a girl! Spooky!

Bethwyn will be 14 weeks tomorrow so you can give me lots of advice!!! Any tips on teething?! I have baby bonjela, Nelsons teetha powder and Calpol but sometimes even all 3 can't soothe her! It's so sad to see her in pain! And she hates teething rings, preferring to chew on my finger! (or boob - ouch!)


♥ Bride - to - be ♥
S: 17st11.5lb C: 17st11.5lb G: 11st6lb BMI: 39.1 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Bethwyn Lavender ... that is an unusual but beautiful name :)

If you want to give SW a try then that is definitely something that you should do. You need to do what works for you best as this is how you will manage to get a better weight loss. Don't worry, I completely understand :)

I didn't think of the number of posts you need sorry but yeah we can use this thread if you would like.

Any time you need advice, that is fine :) Fortunately when it comes to teething, it hasn't really affected Zach. Granted, he has been chewing anything and everything like mad and dribbling loads! Maybe some thing you could try is, I don't remember what it is called, but I now you can get it from Tesco and probably Asda in the baby aisle (by the bottles and dummies). It is like a teething bag thing. It has a white kind of net which is fastened on to a handle, and it is so that you can put ice or frozen bits of fruit in it for your little one to chew on. Maybe Bethwyn would enjoy this? Keep an eye out for it and see what you think. It might be something that not all parents are sure of. Also, does Bethwyn use a dummy as you could put a couple in the freezer for her? Or maybe just in the fridge. That way they will be chilled / cold for her to have a little chew on.

Maybe for your boob, I don't know if you have tried them or not, but you can get nipple shields ... they could make it a bit more comfortable for when she is trying to chew? not too sure. Think at this point that I will mention that I was able to breast feed Zach up until 10 weeks, and sadly we had to stop as I wasn't able to provide enough milk for my little man.
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I discovered I was pregnant after joining slimming world last year and my midwife was all for me carrying on with the plan, she never filled in the form I needed off her but my consultant was so easy going about it. When I rejoined after my son was born she just said ideally I should have waited till my 6 week check to come back and that I would need extra a or b choices but it was fine for me to do the eating plan. Discuss it with your consultant and I'm sure they will be able to help you out xx


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S: 17st11.5lb C: 17st11.5lb G: 11st6lb BMI: 39.1 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Hey Hannah ... how are you getting on ?

My week is rubbish! Thursday was great ... was 10 points under ... then friday had a generally good day, saturday and sunday also. Though I didn't point my 3 curries I had for tea friday to sunday :eek:

Then since yesterday, I am feeling so groggy and have been eating rubbish and picking :( I am dreading weigh in tomorrow night, but then if I am still feeling like this I'm not sure if I will be going or not :confused:

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