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New & need help please

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I introduced myself on here yesterday but just need some help getting started. Have trawled through the previous threads but think i sometimes miss bits out with so many people responding. Anyway, here goes
1. if you add sweetner to the shakes, how many can you add?
2. is it any kind of coffee you can add?
3. how can you have them hot, my shaker says not for hot water?

Sorry for sounding thick but really don't want to go wrong in my first week.

Thanks guys

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Well I'm not sure which diet you're on honey, but in answer to the hot shake question, many of us have stick hand blenders... they will blend your shake to a much nicer consistancy and you can use it to make hot shakes also... I got mine for about £25 from Tesco which came with a measuring glass to make the shake in, and it all pops in the dishwasher when you're finished... but I know you can pick up a bog standard one for about a fiver :D

I personally wouldn't advocate adding sweetneers to shakes... but again I'm not sure which plan/diet you're on.

And adding coffee, I do that with chocolate ones, I make up the amount of water I want in my shake with some good quality instant coffee, add the shake powder to it and whizz away... yummy :)

Good luck on whatever diet you're on hun, and welcome to minimins :D


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Hiya Stevesgirl and welcome to minimins :wavey:

I think you are Lipotrim? I'll move the thread to the lipotrim forum where someone will be able to help you :)
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If you are on Lipotrim you can use tablet sweetners not powder/granules. I don't think there is a limit to how many you can have in each shake. I used to make filter coffee and then use that to make up my vanilla shake. I used 2 sweetners in each 'coffee' I made. I only used half a sachet of vanilla in the coffee and so I got two 'milky' coffees out of one shake.

I also have a hand blender which I used for 'hot' and cold shakes. If you have a 'beaker' type shaker, just make sure that the water is not boiling when you put it in.

Hope this helps:D


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welcome! to make the shakes hot i normally blend with cold water first then top up with boiling :) good luck xx


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I'd agree with all that.
I use the tiny little hermesetas sweeteners, smaller and less overpowering than some others like canderel :)

re. coffee - any coffee's fine, i like espresso powder as it's great quality, fab taste and mixes in dead easily.

re. hot shakes. you can get electric whisks for under £5 from Argos. this is what i use to make my soups up, rather than the shaker.
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i use a hand whisk when making mine hot but thats electric one as id be there forever with a normal one lol trying to get the lumps out you can have as many sweetner tablets as you like i prefer my shakes as they are but with loads and loads of crushed up ice done in the blender its just like a maccies milkshake then and really fills you up good luck xx
i blend mine in my shaker for the shakes and soup and use powder coffee.. Dont shake anything hot in your shaker just blend as if you shake it will explode....


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Hi and welcome to the board. Loads of great advice here.
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Hi All
Thanks for the advice but I'm still confused!!!
Forgot to say, will be starting Lipotrim from Tuesday.
Got my information pack from my pharmacy when I bought my shakes but nowhere does it say how to make them up, I only bought the plastic shaker but now you all seem to have blenders,whisks etc. Can I just shake them in the plastic beaker or is it best to purchase some kind of whisk?
Am feeling a bit disheartened already!

Stevesgirl xx


Here we go again!
Don't be disheartened already. This diet is great.

You need to mix the shakes with at least 250ml (I think) of water. If they're cold shakes you can use the shaker but if it's soup or a hot choc say, you can't cos the shaker will explode! I use an electric stick whisk I got from Tescos for a fiver, it's great and makes the shakes really smooth and much better.

Good luck, not that you will need it once you get the first week done, your first weigh in will really spur you on and the weight losses are great!
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Hi Bev
Thank you so much for your advice, it's just what I was looking for.
Am going to go to Tesco and get my whisk ready the 'big day' on Tuesday.
Will keep everyone informed of how it's going.
Thanks and have a lovely easter.

Steves girl xx


Here we go again!
Good luck for Tuesday, like I said just get that first week out the way and it's a lot easier. Have a lovely easter and I look forward to seeing your first lot of weigh in results a week Tuesday.


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I'm afraid I've failed with my shaker as the top doesn't seem to fit very well so it makes a complete mess.

I use an old liquidiser for shakes and soups at home becuase you can whizz up ice cubes.

Having covered a hotel conference room in vanilla shake by using my shaker, I now use an Evian 50cl water bottle, half full, shake really hard then top up with water. Works a treat and reminds me to drink my water too.
hi stevesgirl, i put around 300 water in my shaker cold, add the powder in then and i also add a teaspoon of powder coffee and whisk with a hand blender. I do the same for the soup too, put water in shaker and just use hand blender, they taste nice using that.

When i am in work i can't use a hand blender so i just shake them in the shake and only use the cold shakes as you can not shake the soup in the mixer as it will explode and burn you.

hope all goes well for you, good luck x


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Hope all your questions have been answered. Good luck on your weight loss this week.


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I didn't buy or get offered a shaker when I started LT, so I just use my blender for both soup and shakes. I am thinking of getting a stick blender for work though so will look into that thanks.


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I wasn't offered a shaker either but they did have them - I didn't see them. I bought a celebrity slim shaker from my closest chemist but it's not very good. My daughter-in-law then lent me her Cambridge shaker which was much better and big enough to mix my soups in with the stick blender which I find the best for that.
While we were away the other week we sheltered from the rain in a Lakeland shop (never a cheap idea I love little gadgets!!) and in there I got a FAB shaker. It's got a metal 'thing' you put inside which is great for getting rid of the lumps! It was dear though at over £8 but I haven't regretted buying it!

Best of luck Stevesgirl .... you can't get disheartened that easily I'm afraid - you need to be focussed and determined!!

YOU CAN DO IT!!!!!!! X
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Hi Everyone

Again, thanks so much for the help and advice, I do appreciate it.
Am raring to go for 1st shake EVER tomorrow, am a bit concerned re how it's going to work while I'm at work but I'm only in for the next 4 days then off for a week on annual leave so can persevere for this week, it's only for 4 shakes so it will have to be 'like it or lump it' literally!!!!
Been and bought my hand blender from Tesco so that should help, other than that. . . .roll on next Tuesday ( am wishing my life away).
Everyone on here has fab advice and you are all really inspiring, I only hope I can become like you lot.
Will report back next week after my first weigh in.
Take care

Steves girl xx


maintaining since June'09
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Look forward to hearing how you get on!! x

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