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new new new new new

hi all
i am new...starting in a couple weeks, i nearly started before but couldn't cos i had to go away on business for a few months solid...
i am terrified. lol. really scared. not that i wont be able to stick to it. i know i will. i am worried about how ill i will feel at the start cos i when i have even done 1100 cals a day for a few few days i have ended up feeling sick weak panicky and had to stop...it's really ruined my life and upset me, i have been scared by how ill i feel. and felt very low.:(
however. this weight loss has to be done.:eek:
i have chatted to my will be counsellor and she really seems very nice and open and that is great.
how i will do this traveling all over the world every other week as i do with my work i don't know either, but it has to be done.
my GPs view is very challenging. i trust him. he is nice. he said if you really want to do lighter life then do it but i don't think much of very low cal diets cos you ll end up putting it all on then some more cos you wont have changed your eating habits. but i am hoping against hope this is not true. i seem to have become addicted to food and allergic to movement and these do need to change. hence cutting back doesn't work. its like cutting back on heroin.
also.. exercise needs to happen. i used to be super fit i think this is apart of the problem. i am an all or nothing person and i think now i am a bit of a couch potato when i am at home
anyhow i have to do this as its got to a point of no return for me
love to you all:wave_cry:
i hope i m welcome on here and that its ok to ask questions etc.
i will certainly look in from time to
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i totally cant find my way round this web site yet but will do my best...it took me ages to find my own thread again. lol
also, i forgot to say, i need lots of encouragement , did i mention how scared i was? xx

Looby Lew

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Hi Secret Squirrel
and welcome to Lighterlife !
I too had a very sceptical GP who actually refused to sign my medical forms so I had to go elsewhere. I went ahead and did the plan and am ever so glad I did. I am more than 4 stones lighter and healthier, fitter & happier for it! Although I have only been maintaining since christmas, I have learned loads to help me not return to my bad habits. It is important you do the classes which help you to understand why you overeat and to do the gradual reintroduction to conventional food to identify which food groups may be triggers for you. That seems to be the general advice on here and certainly true for me.
There are lots of people who no doubt have put back the weight they lost - as with every diet - but there are plenty of inspiratonal people on here who have lost life changing amounts of weight with LL and have successfully maintained. I'm sure some of the more experienced members will be along soon to give you the benefit of some of their excellent advice ...it certainly helped me, especially in the early days.
Good luck - I'm sure once you get into it you'll be a real loser in no time:D

Blonde Logic

Yes. You can.
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Welcome and good luck.

It is quite normal to feel fear at the onset of this - it is a huge commitment and a pretty hardcore diet. Especially since those of us that do it tend to ahve a lifelong relationship (bad) with food - saying goodbye to our best freind IS daunting.

But you will soon see rewards, and that will spur you on. You will be amazed after your first week, and shold feel enthused and that will strengthen your commitment. Which is essential - you must remain committed.

It should be no problem at all for you traveling. Many of us have endured the deit on holidays, both long and short. You can bring your packs with you, and you can bring a little blender and international plug transformers - and you are set.

Your doctor is among many who feel that. But I have maintained pretty consistantly - certainly FAR FAR better then any other diet - for over a year and a half so far. (recent blip due to a very traumatic time) - but when life was normal, it is quite easy to maintain, if it means enough to you. ;)

Good luck to you! Just commit, and follow through - don't bend the rules - it will only give you agro. It is very easy to follow this 110% without any lapsing. And it will go so much faster.

Go for it.
i just wanna thank you for being so good to me, both of you. i am really scared, as i say, but only really about the feeling ill part. not the rest. how long should that last? the reason i am doing this extreme diet is cos...i was always slim which meant i could eat whatever i wanted and not gain. now. then my circumstances changed and i started to gain...fast...i started dieting at 9 stone 10 and ''dieted'' my way up to 15 stone 7.i have concluded therefore that my efforts at dieting made me gain weight. i think if i cut food out ALTOGETHER for a while, whilst i work out what's going on with me...at least i wont be in such self hate that i don't go out. i have really had 6 years of my life marred now and my confidence is rock bottom.
so i really truly appreciate your helping me. thank you and well done, what a couple of stars xx
ps. i travel almost weekly and live mostly in italy. i am going to have to find a way of doing this whilst traveling. i think i t might make it harder but i have to do it. so there it is

Blonde Logic

Yes. You can.
S: 258lb C: 228lb G: 168lb BMI: 35.7 Loss: 30lb(11.63%)
to find posts you have psoted on, click on USER CP in the blue band across the top of the page - its on the left hand side. That will show you what threads you are participating in if there is anything new posted since the last time you were there. :)

Blonde Logic

Yes. You can.
S: 258lb C: 228lb G: 168lb BMI: 35.7 Loss: 30lb(11.63%)
See the big blue band, across the page at the top, below the MiniMins logo....three bands of blue, with a bunch of white links...

User CP is on the top row, on the left hand side. :)

While you are there, click on the Inspirational Slideshow too - that will get you excited! :D



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Hi Secret Suirrel
Good luck.
If it helps any - i have lost 49lb in 10wks and have never ever ever been able to stick to a diet without cheating. It is the best diet ever :D
thanks blonde logic

iwillgetthere...YOU HAVE DONE AMAZINGLY WELL what an inspiration
i wish... i wish ...i wish...
you r progress would suit me fine xx well done xx
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Determined to succeed
S: 18st11lb C: 8st0lb G: 8st0lb BMI: 19.8 Loss: 10st11lb(57.41%)
U will do it too. U just gotta believe in youself. Havent set myself a final goal yet - just take it a day at a time. This is your time - u will be grand


Determined to succeed
S: 18st11lb C: 8st0lb G: 8st0lb BMI: 19.8 Loss: 10st11lb(57.41%)
Weigh in nite 2mro and im keeping my fingers crossed the scales say 14st something. Ooooooh i wud be sooooooo ecstatic :8855:
thank you. i just told my best mate about you. she is naturally skinny. i said omg...this girl has lost...she said i dont believe it...i said well i do. she is violently about lighter life and thinks that its unhealthy to lose weight so fast. but i say...what would she know about losing weight fast or slow? i dunno...how long did it take you to get over feeling ill? she has begged me not to do this, telling me my hair will fall out etc...but i am desperate.i am lucky to be able to afford it. its come at the right time for me financially...
do you thin it's cos you had a bit to lose that thats why its gone so lightening fast for you...cos i am worried i am going to lose slowly... my BMI is 32 and i want it to be 22.5...i am so scared i am gonna freak out...when i feel so empty and faint and sick at the start...i am highly sensitive xx